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  1. QUOTE(aka @ Dec 2 2007, 08:49 PM) Hi Alex,the delay you are using adds up to the time LV needs to read (and draw) the frame, so it is better to use the metronome (Wait Until Next ms Multiple). As far as I understand your last test, 25 frames/sec is the fastest speed you can process your frames, if you want to go faster, for e.g. an avi with a framerate of 50 fps, you could set the fps to 25 and the skip every other frame to keek the timing intact. Good luck, TNT
  2. still nobody out there who knows how to "beautify" the array scrollbar?? (see previous post) THX, TNT
  3. QUOTE(DaveKielpinski @ Nov 7 2007, 01:33 PM) Hi,did you take a look at the picture plot (see LV examples)? The graph is plotted completely into a picture control so virtualy everything becomes possible... TNT
  4. QUOTE(Michael_Aivaliotis @ Oct 11 2007, 09:39 AM) Hi Michael, I hope this clarifies my question: http://lavag.org/old_files/monthly_10_2007/post-2311-1192091181.png' target="_blank"> Actually I'm already happier if the scrollbar had the same color as the BG, but I'd prefer the easy coloring of the 3D-LV listbox-scrollbar. Grtz, TNT
  5. Hi, just to stay in the GUI-customisation area... Does anyone have an idea on how to get a "LV"-scrollbar on an array control? I would like to get the slider (horizontal/vertical) to look like the listbox-scrollbar, that one has a nice 3D-look (similar to the rest of my GUI) and has a changeable color. Grtz, TNT
  6. Hi, I remember that on my PC the ports only showed up after installing NI-VISA. In MAX (4.3) it looks like this: Good luck, TNT
  7. QUOTE(Jeff Plotzke @ Mar 16 2007, 05:38 AM) Hi Jeff, I'm not familiar with RT, but why don't you define your own timeformat on both PC and RT (and NOT using %T) ?? For writing to logfiles for example I always use a custom timestamp to be independant from local settings like AM/PM, day/month order, ... http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=5209''>http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=5209'>http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=5209 BTW, why don't you transfer the timestamp as a value (seconds in U32/DBL) in stead of as a string? Good luck, TNT
  8. QUOTE(Val Brown @ Feb 14 2007, 09:13 AM) The screenshot was taken in LV8.0 and I verified that the Serial.llb is also present in LV8.20 Could you explain more what goes wrong when you are using VISA?
  9. QUOTE(Val Brown @ Feb 14 2007, 01:14 AM) Hi, when upgrading older projects to LV7 or LV8, I did not have any troubles using the old-style RS232 vi's, only now they use VISA under the hood, but I haven't noticed a difference in behaviour. If you are more familiar with the old-style RS232, you could keep on using them, these are located in in the vi.lib\Instr\Serial.llb but are not present on the default palettes. http://lavag.org/old_files/monthly_02_2007/post-2311-1171439697.gif' target="_blank"> good luck... TNT
  10. Hi Dave, I had a similar problem a while ago. In my case installing the dynamicpallette_15 seemed to install properly on LV8.0, but on another machine where I had upgraded to LV8.0.1 first, I also got the "PostInstall"-error. I hope some LAVA/OpenG-guy can explain what goes wrong... greetz... TNT
  11. Hi, I noticed that since LV7.1 the behaviour of the continuous-button had changed. e.g. the first call is always TRUE when in LV 7.1 it was only TRUE the first loop. I'm curious if you could repeat your tests while running your vi conyinuously using a while/for-loop and not using the continuous-button... Keep us updated... TNT
  12. Update... it seemed that closing a LabVIEW "window"/ "function pallette" / "help window" generated a Microsoft C++ exception in the DLL :thumbdown: . The only work-around that worked was by adding a try {} catch(...) {} (in my wrapper-DLL) around each call to the suppliers DLL. I just can't figure out how such things can happen, my wrapper is farly straight-forward and using the suppliers-DLL directly from LabVIEW (the useable functions), I have no problems either... Another strange things was that when I placed an "unhandled exception" MessageBox in the catch(...), it became even impossible to close a LabVIEW window, the Messagebox "unhandled exception" popped up but the window remained open. I know this a LV-forum :thumbup: , but are there perhaps any VS6-programmers out there who know how to get the thrown exception in a Catch (...)?? Thanks, tnt
  13. Hi all, I've made a DLL-wrapper (using MS Visual Studio 6) to make a suppliers dll callable from within LV. The original DLL contained some functions which returned a struct and unfortunately LV only supports Void, Numeric and String as returnvalue. I have a polling loop which continuously reads data from the dll (this loop runs for several hours w/o any problem, NO stops and NO memoryleaks). When I go to the block-diagram and add a probe to the block diagram, the DLL crashes (see attachment) The location of the probe on the block-diagram makes no difference, even closing an unreacheable probe causes the same effect. EDIT1: closing a probe that is placed on a non-running VI causes the same errormessage EDIT2: opening a new vi and closing it again also generates this errormessage, so closing a LV-owned window causes the DLL-call to stop Does anyone has seen this behaviour before and/or knows how this can be caused? Thanks, TNT
  14. Hi,I've tested your "Essai multi1 (Poly).vi" in LV 7.1.1f2 FDS and didn't have a problem with it (right-click to select the instance was also OK), so maybe it's because you are using LV 7.0 ?? One strange thing in your "Essai multi1 (Poly).vi" is that you've included "Essai multi2 (Boolean).vi", I've had to browse for it when opening the toplevel polymorph vi. Good luck with creating polymorphic vi's in LV FDS (instead of PDS) ... TNT
  15. Hi, this one worked for me, just send a shift down/up (=click) every e.g. 5 minutes Good luck, TNT Download File:post-2311-1160133311.zip
  16. Hi,maybe a stupid question, but have you tried the openG vi's?? I think - Cluster to Array of VData (Variant as input) - Get Cluster Element by name - Get Cluster Element names come close to your "other possibility" good luck. TNT (In the past I've once made a logging/debugging vi with a variant input which filtered out any variant input into a readable string-format)
  17. Hi,just place a for loop wire 256 to N multiply i with 0x010101 (radix = hex) [ = 65793 (Radix = decimal) ] leave auto-indexing enabled and you got a 256-colortable good luck, TNT
  18. Hi, take a look at http://www.vi-lib.com/user.lib/OpenFileDialogBox.html this worked for me Good luck, TNT EDIT: the only problem I have is that I want to pass the owner to the dialogbox, because otherwise the vi could appear on top of the dialogbox and not always on top... This means a labview windowhandle is needed of the type Iwin32window (.NET) and I haven't figured out yet how to accomplish this
  19. Hi, I tried downloading your msi/zip/tar but all without success. Maybe you should verify your server/access rights?? Greetz, TNT
  20. Hi, also see "LAVA Forums > Software & Hardware Support. > LabVIEW (By Category) > LabVIEW VI Scripting" just add SuperPrivateScriptingFeatureVisible=True SuperSecretPrivateSpecialStuff=True to your labview.ini I myself are very fond of the "funkyErrClustWire=True" which turns the errorclusterwires green in stead of pink to have a clearer overview when using lots of clusters/strings Good luck, TNT
  21. On my Nokia I also have the current date just below the selected profile, so i have a "LAVA"-conflict
  22. Hi Seoul, I think Guenther only posted the screenshot in stead of a a LV8-vi, so everyone without LV8 could see what he means. BTW: the "Plot bound"-property also exists in LV 7 I have scripting enabled in the LV INI-file so I'm not 100% sure if this property is available by default Grtz
  23. Hi, in LV 6 probes don't display more than two digits, If you would like to see more you could create a custom control with engineering notation or more than 2 digits of precision. If you the select custom probe and select the control you just created, you get more precision. As far as the save to file concerns: have you wired the precision input? Or accidently wired a %.2f to the array to spreadsheet string? I never had problems when saving data to disk, the system only writes as much digits as you select... (I,ve added a screenshot of what could be a solution...) good luck, TNT
  24. Hi, as far as I know, LV does support transparancy in the picture control. The normal way to go would be to make a copy of the frame, resize the frame to the right size, insert the "middle" picture into the frame (overwrite the transparent part of the frame), you even don't need GIFs anymore For the UI you could consider of using two picturecontrols (without border) on top of eachother to let the user choose his/her border and then afterwards saving the result to disk... goodluck, TNT
  25. Hi Mezga, starting from the screenshot, you can rebuild this VI in a few clicks... BTW, why R U requesting for 5.1 when you also have 7.1 ?? Don't disgrace the Belgian flag :ninja: TNT
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