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  1. BramJ

    LabVIEW 2018 SP1 Released

    All my downloads are extremely slow at approx. 65 kb/sec.... multiple downloads will also run at 65kb/sec each. The server seems to be slowing things down...
  2. BramJ

    LabVIEW 2018 SP1 Released

    Just compared the MD5 checksums of the 32 and 64bit 2018 SP1 I downloaded yesterday, they don't match what is listed on the download page now (with the new release date) Also, the buildInfo.txt content of both the 32 and 64bit is exactly the same as the version I downloaded last month (I must say, I have been running the 2018 SP1 the last weeks, have not run into any problems)
  3. BramJ

    LabVIEW 2018 SP1 Released

    Looks like it is actually released now: http://www.ni.com/download/labview-development-system-2018-sp1/7843/en/ http://www.ni.com/download/labview-development-system-2018-sp1/7849/en/ I see the release data is still 11/14/18, hmm...
  4. BramJ

    Any cool new features of LabVIEW or toolkit?

    Did anyone find the download for the Vision Development Module Run-Time 2015? I am always lost on the NI site... Why did they close the public FTP? I was always able to find my downloads there
  5. Too bad it doesn't transport VI's *hint*
  6. Changing a void constant with lots of dimensions to control and then back to constant causes a crash for me
  7. Hmm, just tried it with the LV versions that I have and I can reproduce it in all versions 7.1.1 8 2010 32bit 2013 32bit 2013 64bit 2014 32bit 2013 64bit
  8. BramJ

    LabVIEW 2013 - a step backwards?

    Just tried it on my work machine running LV 2013 64-bit, don't notice anything slowing down. Also adding it to a project caused no problems
  9. Sounds very familiar I do the same thing
  10. You are not alone.... and its CDO!
  11. Check if "RunState.Root.Locals.UUT.UUTLoopIndex" is 1
  12. BramJ

    Only DIGITAL OUTPUT device!

    If I remember correctly there are freewheeling diodes inside the ULN2803 a while ago I used a USB6501 with some 7400-series logic chips and ULN2803's to control relais, worked great this way I could control 16 relais with 4 outputs on teh USB6501
  13. BramJ

    Flat Sequence

    right click frame -> add frame after/before ?

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