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  1. Would be nice if NXG, like CG, would support the horizontal scroll options available on many mice these days. In NXG that is somehow bound to zoom if the Zoom Control option is set to "Ctrl + Mouse Wheel" if Zoom control is set to "Mouse Wheel" the scroll left/right is bound to scrolling up and down, makes no sense.
  2. Have the topics been converted to the lava forum with the same topic id? If so, you can just enter the topic-id in the url and add a - with anything behind it https://lavag.org/topic/1524-anything-you-want works just fine
  3. I can also confirm, I get about 25% CPU load on a quad core i5
  4. hmpf... thank you If I only disable the overlay function of TSVN it also doesn't crash.
  5. Searched a bit further and it seems the crash is caused by the Viewpoint TSVN toolkit. Removed it and it works just fine. re-install it and it crashes again. Odd thing is... we have one system with the same set of toolkits, including TSVN, and that system doesn't crash
  6. Not the cleanest solution, I agree, but it is not the problem here. An new project with new empty virtual folders also crashes.
  7. Thank you for testing, On our systems it usually happens well before the 500 deletions using this VI, when doing it manually in the project explorer it usually within 10 attempts The application this is used in is a sequencer application that fills a virtual folder with VI's that are used in the sequence to add them to the build specification. After the build we need to clean the project so we need the folder empty. First we removed all the members of the folder one-by-one but we ran into problems when a VI used in the sequence was also used in the sequencer application itself, it co
  8. The following VI creates virtual folders and then deletes them from the project. Running this VI results in LabVIEW crashing on multiple systems in our company. The systems are running LabVIEW 2017, 2017 SP1 or 2018 (32 and 64bit) on Windows 7 and Windows 10. We also have some systems that don't crash. Would be nice if some people here can try it, it would give us some additional data to send to NI. The VI is saved in LV2017, I could save it for a previous version if needed. LabVIEW Crasher Virtual Folders.vi Virtual Folder Test.lvproj
  9. Ok, thank you Virtual folders are proving to quite a bit of trouble, simply deleting one from the project can result in labview 2017 crashing (only on Windows 10 it seems) Edit: and in Windows 7 as well, just seems less likely to happen
  10. @Gribo Did you ever figure this out? I am trying to do the same thing
  11. All my downloads are extremely slow at approx. 65 kb/sec.... multiple downloads will also run at 65kb/sec each. The server seems to be slowing things down...
  12. Just compared the MD5 checksums of the 32 and 64bit 2018 SP1 I downloaded yesterday, they don't match what is listed on the download page now (with the new release date) Also, the buildInfo.txt content of both the 32 and 64bit is exactly the same as the version I downloaded last month (I must say, I have been running the 2018 SP1 the last weeks, have not run into any problems)
  13. Looks like it is actually released now: http://www.ni.com/download/labview-development-system-2018-sp1/7843/en/ http://www.ni.com/download/labview-development-system-2018-sp1/7849/en/ I see the release data is still 11/14/18, hmm...
  14. Did anyone find the download for the Vision Development Module Run-Time 2015? I am always lost on the NI site... Why did they close the public FTP? I was always able to find my downloads there
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