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  1. Hello everybody! @hooovahhwe are glad to see you have released some tools on VIPM.io and we have added the ability to include larger images Just to clear things up about the uploaded packages: we received various requests from users (like @Antoine Chalons and others) to make a few packages with homepages on LAVA available within the VIPM Community repo. The BSD (or other) licensing terms of those packages permit redistribution, so our team did a quality inspection of the packages and then published them to VIPM. Of course we did this with the intention of making those tools easier to find via VIPM, but if any of the authors of those packages doesn't want this please let me know and we can remove them. Have a great weekend!
  2. VIPM.io now allows you to post LabVIEW Resources, Ideas, and Tools. For example, you could post a link to a video tutorial or blog article about a package. You can also post ideas, like feature requests or new tools. Best of all, package developers are notified when you post your ideas and resources, and you can comment and discuss posts with the community. Take a look at this video to learn more: https://www.vipm.io/posts/664960df-f111-4e13-989a-24be8207182d/
  3. Thanks @Antoine Chalons and @drjdpowell for the discussion. Unlisted allows you to have a link you can share with people but don't show the list publicly on vipm.io. Private allows you to keep the list visible ONLY to you. One use case is keeping the list Private while you are working on it so there's no link available for people to see. At the moment, if you have a VIPM Pro license you can upload a VIPC to a Package List. @Antoine Chalons are you thinking of Package Lists as "web" VI Package Configurations?
  4. Hi @Porter, we have one of our team members review it against a check list. Of course if we know and trust the publisher things are easier .
  5. Thanks @Porter for the comment. Yes! We want to make it easier for developers to publish (post) open source packages. We still review them and make sure the quality is there, but we aim to make this a much faster process. As a package owner you'll see different features on VIPM.io that will help you promote it (and there are various cool new features coming soon!). Please share your experience after your package is approved as well
  6. Hi @X___, Thanks for the message. I think your comment is very useful. At the moment VIPM.io makes it significantly faster to search for packages and allows anyone to publish a package to be available on the VIPM Community repo. We have added Package Lists which can behave similar to a VIPC on the web. We are also adding several more features in the coming weeks so if you have more feedback please share it here
  7. Hi @Mads Toppe, Thanks for the message. Can you expand on "If the web interface offered more information about each package"? What type of information would you be interested in seeing? I guess one question for you would be, what if the web interface allowed you to find more packages/resources faster than the app?
  8. Hi @Antoine Chalons, private lists are ONLY accessible to you. Can I ask more about your use case?
  9. Hello everybody! Wondering how many people have tried the new vipm.io site. We have added a ton of features to make it easy to Discover LabVIEW Tools and there are some cool ones coming soon. Check it out and let me know what you think 😀 Javier
  10. Hello all, I have a VI in LabVIEW 8.2 that includes more than 400 Xcontrols in nested tabs, which opens in seconds (very fast). The code was upgraded to LabVIEW 2013 and now the VI takes minutes to open and in the meantime LabVIEW is unusable with the CPU at 100%. I am wondering if anybody has experienced this behavior with Xcontrols. Thanks. Cross-posted to NI Forums
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