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  1. I've seen errors like this in a few different situations: When I was using a cheap USB->RS232 adapter, and either the adapter hardware was no good or the drivers were no good. The solution was to try a different (and usually more expensive) adapter. When I was running a USB->RS232 adapter at a higher baud rate than it actually supported, and didn't realize it. The solution was to change the speed of the port. When the CPU my program was running on was really heavily loaded. (this is probably not your problem; I mean really heavily loaded, like 100% CPU usage for 30 minutes straight) I suppose it could also be a problem with your sensor device, but that's unlikely.
  2. QUOTE (BobHamburger @ Dec 21 2008, 06:01 AM) There is nothing you could possibly do to the forum guidelines or user agreement that would actually cause it to be read (& followed) by the kinds of people who post HH questions. It's tilting at windmills. I actually think we handle the HHs pretty well here. Personally, I ignore most of them, or if I have a few minutes I'll write a "show us what you've got so far" response. If I'm having a really bad day, I occasionally take a rhetorical swing at one of them to make myself feel better. And here's the thing: we want people with homework problems in LabVIEW to be successful, so they'll have a great experience with LabVIEW. And we want LAVA to be the friendly, cool place where LabVIEW users congregate. If there are users here who occasionally want to do people's homework for them, then that honestly doesn't bother me too much. And now that I'm rereading the Forum Guidelines section you linked above, I think it's too strict. People should be able to come here with simple, newb-level LabVIEW questions for their job, so why not the same kind of questions for their school work? (provided they show some initiative, which is the way we currently handle most of it)
  3. QUOTE (jdunham @ Dec 17 2008, 04:04 PM) ...and instead write confused posts in a far more public forum such as LAVA .
  4. I think we've got a pretty significant language barrier here, because I don't think it's clear to any of us what the real meat of your question is. QUOTE (lal @ Dec 12 2008, 02:20 PM) It is correct that if you put code outside the loop, you will only get the values from the loop after all iterations of the loop have completed. If you want to use the values in each loop iteration as soon as they're produced, you must put the code inside the loop. QUOTE It is something like the VI that user Maca sent me before some days.. The difference with that i am trying to make is that the loop could create the switches state automatically. Instead of changing the switches one by one i can send a number(like a code).For example i send the number 16 instead of changing the 5 switches with the word '10000'. There are at least two things you may not be aware of, which may help you: There is a pair of functions called Boolean Array to Number and Number to Boolean Array that will convert an integer to & from an array of boolean values. You can display any integer in boolean or hex by right-clicking on it and selecting Display Format.... I'm sorry we're not able to be more helpful. It's just really, really unclear what you're after.
  5. I'm just glad I'm not in any of those pictures.
  6. I am so fascinated by all of this. Thank God for teh Intarnets. Yes, God, I mean you.
  7. I only wish this app was written in LabVIEW, so I could try to envision what kind of block diagram a person who thinks this is a good user interface would come up with. And yes, there's more where that came from.
  8. QUOTE (crelf @ Dec 8 2008, 05:14 PM) I'll take it. 3779 posts and you still haven't gotten it. This seems like an appropriate place to mention the http://www.boingboing.net/2004/07/27/elizabot-passes-sexc.html' rel='nofollow' target="_blank">horny 18-year-old girl chat bot that made a rather convincing run at Turing a few years ago. (link is safe for work, 2nd-order links may not be).
  9. The idea of this being automated also occurred to me. It's interesting that it struck both Stephen & I the same way. EDIT: This is delightfully meta.
  10. QUOTE (shoneill @ Dec 8 2008, 01:30 AM) I suspect that it's our flawed human language which is ill-equipped to completely capture the mysteries of God's communication and properly express the nuance of Truth*. God Himself speaks, and you would question His Almighty Grammar?! *Also, amplify the synergies (for you, crelf).
  11. Does anybody have a recommendation for a good presentation remote for controlling PowerPoint/Keynote/etc. presentations? I need one that's Mac-compatible, so Bluetooth, maybe? And I need it by Tuesday, so I'm looking for something I can get at an ugly, impersonal, overpriced big box store . Anybody got a favorite?
  12. Are you doing this with hardware, or is it just a programming exercise? The solution will be very different depending on whether you're operating any "real" hardware or whether you're just doing a demonstration that displays things to a front panel window. Also, have you looked through the intro materials in the LabVIEW Help? They're probably the best introduction to the basic tools available to you.
  13. QUOTE (lal @ Dec 7 2008, 10:01 AM) What have you come up with so far? If you show us what you've got, we can definitely help you figure out what's wrong with it.
  14. QUOTE (Michael_Aivaliotis @ Dec 6 2008, 11:08 PM) None, but I can't accidentally modify a typedef by just mistargeting an item in the right-click menu.
  15. QUOTE (God @ Dec 7 2008, 07:22 AM) Yes, I've always been quite proud of my user number. Thanks for noticing . Note, also, that if you add up the digits you get "2+9" and "9+2" which equals "1111". The prime factorization of 1111 is {11, 101}. All of these numbers are palindromes, too! If you like palindromes, I have a song for you:
  16. QUOTE (Darren @ Dec 6 2008, 10:12 AM) Having it in the context menu would save several clicks over the Find-Replace mambo. That's a huge improvement. Also, I would prefer having a confirmation dialog of some sort because Relink All Instances is an operation that can potentially change several hundred VIs whose windows I don't have open. I understand why Michael abhors dialogs, but in general an operation that's going to affect hundreds of files I'm not even looking at should both warn me before it does something and give me the chance to back out.
  17. I, for one, welcome our new Supreme Being. Oh God and Creator, I beseech thee, give us your opinions on String Theory! Also, have you read this book? How accurate is it? QUOTE (God @ Dec 6 2008, 05:27 PM) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_numbers' rel='nofollow' target="_blank">The Reals?
  18. I'd go for a new context menu item, right below Relink to subVI, called Relink All Instances. It would need to have a confirmation popup of some sort, maybe like Rolf mentioned: "There are 500 instances of this VI in memory. Do you really want to relink all of them? This operation cannot be undone." When selected it could just automagically do a replace, like Michael discovered.
  19. QUOTE (crelf @ Nov 26 2008, 09:24 PM) Congrats, Jim! :beer: Frankly, the honor is so overdue that when I checked Chris's link my first thought was, "Which name is new? Wasn't Jim already a TALM?!" :ninja: EDIT: crelf fixed his post to make it look like I can't read. Thanks!
  20. Can anyone explain this? A Picture Control that has been painted transparent has a different Erase First behavior in the context menu. Regular picture control, dropped right off the palettes: Note that the Erase First item is enabled, and checked by default. But, if we use the paintbrush to paint the interior of the Picture Control transparent and then bring up the context menu again: Note that now Erase First is checked and disabled so it cannot be unchecked. But there's more. If you try to set the Erase First behavior programmatically, LabVIEW doesn't generate an error and seems to accept the setting, but the change isn't reflected in the context menu: Attached VI: Download File:post-2992-1228161220.vi It also appears that, regardless of the behavior shown, a Picture Control that's been painted transparent ignores all programmatic Erase First settings and behaves as though it's set to Always Erase. This, in turn, means that if you set a Picture Control's background to transparent, it will always tend to flicker as you draw more stuff to it, unless you take special precautions (like deferring panel updates). Why does a transparent-background Picture Control behave differently from a Picture Control with an opaque background?
  21. QUOTE (Yair @ Dec 1 2008, 08:56 AM) Somebody should put that on a t-shirt with one of those OMG-spaghetti-block-diagrams we like to talk about.
  22. QUOTE (vultac @ Nov 29 2008, 06:43 PM) The tools you need are in the Programming >> Boolean and Programming >> Numeric >> Data Manipulation palettes. The boolean logic functions (AND/OR/XOR/etc.) will all operate bitwise if you pass in U32/I32/etc. data, and there are also shift and rotate functions.
  23. QUOTE (jdunham @ Nov 26 2008, 09:15 AM) It's not recursive? Hmmph. I always assumed it was. That does simplify it. QUOTE If you're trying to run the EXE, you can always just run it and if it works, great, if not, you handle the error from System Exec and branch off into whatever you had planned to do if "which" had returned nothing. (I assume you already thought of this, but you never know). Ya, that's an interesting thing. Turns out the program I'm looking at doing this with shows its "About" dialog if you call it with either no arguments or invalid arguments. So that's delightfully unhelpful . For 99% of the other command-line utilties in the world, that would work.
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