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  1. Well, I tried to open serial port outside of the loop, but the result was the same. OK, I will look at Continuous Serial Write and Read and I will see if there something which I can use.
  2. Hello, I need a little help. I want to send from LabVIEW to Arduino via serial port the string for example "ABC" and so on. The problem is that when I send the string from LabVIEW .......the Arduino do nothing. Sometimes shows some kind of sign. When I send the string via Visual Studio it works perfectly. Is there someone who can help me. I attached picture of vi and Arduino code Thank you very much. Arduino code.txt
  3. OK, first of all I will try to measure output signal from myDAQ on real scope and I will see what happen. The worst thing is that I was hopping that I can use this device on generate and measure 100kHz and 150kHz. Is it a way how to increase the sample frequency or can I use frequency multiplier?
  4. Well, I would like to sample much faster, but mydaq device is able sample only 200k samples/s. And I can´t reduce the frequency because this frequency (50kHz) is very important because I use this frequency on bio-electrical impedance analysis.
  5. Absolutely nothing. It is the same.
  6. Hi guys, why when I generate triangle output signal through the myDAQ I have received something else. I am attaching my block scheme and oscilloscope picture. Thank you very much for your help
  7. OK, I asked for source code, but I can´t find anything like pyvisa. Maybe when I ask him, he would finish it, but I don´t think so. I can send to you this code and you can have a look on it if I was not wrong.
  8. Well, I have no idea but I think that no. Is it possible when I start official SW and the dongle start to measure signal receive these data's parallel into the LV or it is impossible? I meant that official SW would go into background and I would import parallel data´s into the LV.
  9. Hi guys, I have a device which consists of probe and dongle. They are communicating together through the wireless. I control this device in the SW which was programmed in the python. I didn't program this so I decided that I would like to create my own control SW. How exactly I can do this? Do I have to use VISA because the dongle is connected in to the USB. Can I use that old script? If yes, where I have to put it? I am new with this. I have never done communication in the LV before. So, therefore I would be appreciate every ideas. Thank you very much
  10. Hi guys, I have a little problem with this. I have a few numbers and I need to do a power spectral density with these numbers, but when I do this I have got something different like what I want. I don´t know what I am doing wrong. The picture is describing what I want to get. Could anybody help me? Thank you very much PSD.vi
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