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  1. QUOTE(Michael_Aivaliotis @ Mar 7 2007, 02:04 AM) How much bad is using reinitialize to default node? I just felt sometime it's hard to do things just because it may not be the best way to do. And how much differences would it make to use not the finest and most efficient way? It's like my husband told me that garage door opener has life cycles (how many times can we open it)? It kind of puts some psycho on me that I somtimes open only half way of the garage door for saving the life cycle. Irene
  2. The iUSBDAQ - U1208LOG is a dual mode USB data acquisition module which can work as a regular computer controlled USB DAQ, as well as standalone data logging system without a computer. Compare to our existing very low cost iUSBDAQ-U120816, it has almost the same pin functions, but with increased analog sampling throughput rate over 50ksamples/s, plus standalone data logging mode. Also some unique functions that you don't usually find in a data acquisition module hardware and software will be added. More details will be released when the product is available sometime in late April or early May, 2007. Stay tuned! Irene
  3. Hi, aren't you guys (I mean Michael and Jim) suppose to sit side by side in an office? Or you like to broadcast your office conversation? But I think we don't mind to hear . Just curious Irene
  4. QUOTE(Michael_Aivaliotis @ Mar 3 2007, 07:51 PM) I wish that I can help to translate some, but that was my last life, can't do it now. Have read few of the already translated words, pretty close, I think the translation tool does a pretty good job. Irene
  5. QUOTE(superslug @ Feb 22 2007, 07:04 PM) Since video window is not a native LabVIEW component, you can't put in just one tab like other LabVIEW controls. But you can work around this, by visible and invisible the video window. Only when the video tab is clicked, then video is show, otherwise unshow. IVision2.2 have vis to show/hide video window, but not in the demo version of IVision1.8. But you can always use windows managerment vis from NI to do the same thing since video window is just window. Irene
  6. QUOTE(superslug @ Feb 19 2007, 06:27 PM) Yes, you can run two avi files with two separate file session, this way you can control each one to jump to any location you want. No, you can't do "set Position" with blending two avi functions. Irene
  7. QUOTE(sachsm @ Feb 19 2007, 08:45 PM) Hi sachsm, It is because IVision uses some customized directshow filter which is a COM object that needs to be registered with regsrv32.exe. Winxp sp2 with hardware DEP enabled machine will have problem registering unless you disable the DEP on your machine or register the filter in safe mode. You may also meet the same problem if you have some ActiveX control that needs to be registered. The bottom line is regsrv32.exe can not run under DEP protection. But once you get over that, it should be easy to load up IVision in LabVIEW as many people have made it to work. Irene
  8. QUOTE(superslug @ Feb 15 2007, 07:44 PM) Hello Bernard, That is good that you figured out by yourself. There is another way to do, that is: Starting with the example "IVision_MediaFileExample2.vi", this vi has a button to let you jump to any frame you set, but will continuously run. So in order to run frame by frame, you can first pause the media file with the vi "IVision_PauseMediaFile.vi", this will pause the video clip. Now if you call the "IVision_MediaSetPosition.vi", it will jump one frame at one time or only jump to the frame that you specify and stop there. Irene
  9. Hello, Please read the IVision_FAQ, item No.6, it provides the solution. It's caused by DEP (data execution protection) enabled machine (only some Winxp sp2 machine that has hardware that is capable of DEP). Below is the link to IVision_FAQ: http://www.hytekautomation.com/Products/IV...IVision_FAQ.htm Irene
  10. Hi Don, maybe you can try to ask the question in info-labview. Rolf seems to be more active in info-labview. Or maybe you can send him a PM. Irene
  11. Hi Don, I know the way to pass in LabVIEW allocated array for C program to process, but never done the reversed way to pass in a C allocated array for LabVIEW to process, but I think there is a trick that you can use a C allocated input array (usually pass in as array pointer, the pointer can be treated like U32, so the pass in parameter maybe an integer, not an array directly) for LabVIEW to use, just I never need it, so I didn't bother to remember how, but I think Rolf has mentioned in info-labview some time, I didn't read very carefully :-(. But on the other hand, maybe there is a setting when you create LabVIEW DLL, that let you specify the input array as pointer, have you check this? Maybe then everything will be taken care of automatically. The output array is easier, I think, because you can allocate the output array in LabVIEW, then output the array pointer to C program, C program can make use of this pointer. I am not sure if I talked my mind clearly or not, anyway, something is better than nothing:-) Irene
  12. Hello, If you use IVision LabVIEW toolkit, it can capture video from ATI all-in wonder card. This card can be used as TV tuner as well as frame grabber card, so that you can connect analog video input to this ATI all-in wonder card. You can download IVision LabVIEW toolkit 1.8 from below link. Starts with the IVision_CameraDemo.vi, you will see the video right the way. (IVision treats ATI card as video device). IVision 2.2 has new functions to programmatically switch the ATI card between TV tuner mode and frame grabber mode and also route the sound source correspondently. This is where you get more information about IVision LabVIEW toolkit: http://www.hytekautomation.com/Products/IVision.html Irene
  13. Hello Marcel, There is no real runtime engine for IVision, at runtime you only need to distribute few DLLs which you will do anyway with any other toolkits or drivers. I think you may have confused and mixup the runtime engine with runtime license's fee. IVision charges runtime license fee, but only $20 each. Irene
  14. I am not sure if you pointed to the wrong link above?? To attach a file, please click on "Browse..." to select your file, then press "UPLOAD" at bottom when you write your post. Just scroll down and you will see. Irene
  15. Hello, What toolkit do you use for video in LabVIEW? It's possible to display video and processed video in separate windows, or in the same video window in picture in picture mode, for example, or in the same video window showing the selected dispay mode (raw video or processed video). It's all possible with correct toolkit. By the way, didn't see your application that you mentioned. Irene
  16. Hi Don, That is exactly what I meant, sorry for the confusing term. It's the function description (like vi, what does this function do and the input and output parameter's type and descriptions). Regards, Irene
  17. Hi linnx, I heard something that Chinese XP may not be optimized...but I am not sure. Why would ancle Bill doing that?
  18. Yes, your right, it outputs 4 images, but I did specify 5 images, starting from image 11 to image 15, see below parameter declaration. int numPCA=5; int startFrame=11; int endFrame=15; You can just give him the full installation (including the LV8.2 runtime engine) and the function calling document (you can also put that in the PCA.h file, commenting out with //). That should be enough. You can certainly also give him my very simple example project in C if you want. Regards, Irene
  19. Hi Don, I got your message and I have tested it. The lvanlys.dll has to be in the Data folder, then no popup window anymore (I think LV installer puts it there automatically), but I must have moved it to different location the first time for some reason, that was my mistake . Other than that, your DLL works great. Regards, Irene
  20. Hello, I don't think 4 byte character will be related to the slowness of the measurement especially your software is English version... Maybe you can ctrl+alt+delete to bring out the task manager to see the memory usage and CPU usage, see when the measurement slows down, what happens to the memory usuage and is CPU usage rising? Irene
  21. No problem, I have some time. Let me know the ftp site when you are ready. But just doubting if including the RT engine will change things than install it separately. But you never know. I can give a try. Regards, Irene
  22. Hi Don, I have tested the PCA.dll. Attached is the simple console C program. Here are few points for the testing: 1.Yes, you do need to distribute the LV8.2 runtime engine to C programmer. 2.In the example I have hardcoded the image path to "C:\\Downloads\\Labview Downloads\\Ivst - with sample" if you want to run the "TestingPCA.exe" in release folder. 3.It produces many PCA images, not just one if I set "the number of principal component images to calculate" to say 5, it gives me 5 PCA images. 4. It seems there is LabVIEW vi searching dialog window poping up when runing the calculation. I thought that was because I moved the "lvanlys.dll" file to different location, but when I put under the same directory as TestingPCA.exe and PCA.dll files, it still poping up. So maybe some other dependancy files not in the same directoy as when you created the PCA.dll? I hope this will help. Best Regards, Irene Download File:post-42-1165855048.zip
  23. This is the example that I sent to Darren to set the video format to 1600x1200. I will post the example here in case some other people has the same device. You need to download IVision LabVIEW toolkit 1.8 or up first. Thank you, Irene Download File:post-42-1165540937.llb
  24. Hi Don, I have downloaded the LV8.2 RTE. (thanks Ton). Will try out and let you know if I need more files. Regards, Irene
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