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  1. 1.Some people make web based application to consum web services, but you can also make desktop application, such as LabVIEW application to consum the web services. One user case of making LabVIEW based client app is that your LabVIEW desktop client application can access and control remote applications anywhere, everywhere as long as these remote applications provide web services. These remote applications can be LabVIEW applications or non LabVIEW applications. But doing desktop based client LabVIEW application needs runtime engine, but web based client application does not need LabVIEW runtime engine and can use web browser to open it, that is the difference. 2. Second, I think you mixed the web services provider and consumer. LabVIEW can create web services, can also consum web services as stated in point1. To put in short, LabVIEW web services locate in the computer that has LabVIEW (provider), if client application is web based, then it can locate in web hosting servers or intranet server, but if it is LabVIEW based client application, it is just regular LabVIEW application that calls the web services, it can be just your local computer with internet. There may need some readings to sort out all these relations. Irene
  2. Thank you Norm. I have to leave earlier now. I finally managed to get in the meeting after I relaxed (although late, but not totally missed ), then I got it to work (with google Chrome) and I also found my glasses (my monitor is a meter away on the wall) and was able to calm down to turn off the mic, so no screaming was leaked (I hoped not) . It is very cool, although I didn't undertand "all" of it. but I got the idea. It is cool that you were able to use it to tell LabVIEW what to do, but same idea can also be used to tell your LabVIEW Application what to do. Say a scenario that your end user don't always have a free hand to press a button on your LabVIEW application, then you can talk to the application to press the "start button" etc... probably with a bluetooth ear phone. then it can be operated in a distance. By the way, you have a nice working background. I triple checked that my video was not sent, very panic. Thank you! Irene
  3. OK, it didn't work with my browser, IE 7.0. I have tried at least 5 times to log in and it shows the meeting, but then I was "kicked out" back to the WebEx free trial window.
  4. I would like to hear the cool stuff you did too in less than half hour.
  5. I think this page explained IQ vs EQ very well: http://www.frugalmarketing.com/dtb/eq-iq.shtml in short: EQ gets you through life vs. IQ gets you through school . But I would rather have high IQ than EQ. Afterall, EQ is learnable, but only if you want to.
  6. There is IQ and EQ difference. Maybe engineers and scientists have high IQ, but not necessary high on EQ. Part of IQ are born with, but EQ is trained in life. Enginners/Scientists don't have time to train their EQ which is necessary for politics and people skills, they are just happy to play around with their high IQ, maybe? :-)
  7. She has very bright eyes! Congratulations! Irene
  8. I agree that the webpages are not the best, but we like simple. we spent lot of time doing dynamic things. If it was "still" webpages, you can get a lot of tools with great look. Regarding the "left half" only on screen, I knew this issues, due to IE8, but we should have fixed it and it displays correctly on my vista machine with IE8. So do you mind to tell me what browser do you use and what screen resolution do you use? I wished we have found an existing tool that get us what we want. Anybody knows other tools? Irene
  9. We happened to have been working on upgrading our company's website lately and had come cross the same needs as you said (more control), below were few options that we have considered: 1. Use yahoo site builder if you hosting in yahoo or similar tool from your webhosting provider: it is an easy to use tool to quickly setup a website with lot of templates, it is html based files. But we found out that it is easy to start first, but a lot of work later if you want to modify the webpage's look. You have to go over every pages to modify the layout. It does not have a master page layout that let you update all pages' layout at once. And it is "still" web pages, not dynamic, so no database etc. 2. If your business is product based, have lot of things to sell, you may want some online store type webpages. You can consider open source like Zen cart (http://www.zen-cart.com/), but it is php based and it could be a lot of work if you don't know php and you want to modify code, besides you don't have many options to change it's look. So it is good for online store (with database), but may not be best as normal webpages. After considering all these options, we decided to code up from scratch for our webpages, because we want it to look the way we want, yet are dynamic with database etc. So we have our dot net programmer to do the frame work, with asp.net, dreamweaver and MS access. And we have to find a webhosting that supports asp.net and MS access as database. Good of doing this is: we can get dynamic product list, news/events, shopping cart, flash, feedback form etc. Bad is: it is a lot of work, since we coded from scratch. But once we get the frame work done, then it is an easy job to add new products, news/events etc. And we have master pages, which means we can upgrade all pages' layout at once, just like LabVIEW templates. Sometimes I was wondering if we have made the wrong decision to spend too much time on webpages, but then I decided that we couldn't find a better way to satisfy all our needs if we didn't code up from scratch. At least now we have a frame work of webpages by ourself. So conclusion is: it is easy to get still webpages and costs free/less at first. But if you want dynamic pages and the way/look you want, it could be just like any other programming project, time consuming too. No shortcuts as far as I know. If you are curious, check out here for an example of our new webpages (in chinese), we copied the idea of using a flash in home page just like NI does . Our English webpages not yet upgraded, should be soon. Irene
  10. Thank you for your reply. I understand that without registration, I still own the right. But for one special case, I do need a paper certification to satisfy a process. It does not seem that copyright office accepts graphical programming languages' source code, they need something "readable". Isn't LabVIEW readable? (well at least for LabVIEW programmer ). I will check out the UK office as you suggested above. Thanks, Irene
  11. Hi, I am glad this post is not lost . I was kind of bothered by someone else claiming they were the "first" for 3D webcam (www.minoru3d.com, it floods google search engine with all kinds report of "3d webcam", wow!). At least this post proved that HYTEK iVCam was FIRST commercially available 3D Webcam back in 2006. The minoru one barely covers both webcams in an odd cartoon figure and that make them claim the "first" . There is no way they didn't know HYTEK iVCam, because they actually contacted HYTEK...Oh well, guess "cheap" not just come from China... Thank you Lava and I remembered there was another post here at lava earlier, we were discussing about 3D and that was part of my motive to create a 3D webcam... (we were talking about Polar express in 3D movie back then). Sorry for the rant, I thought this is the best comfortable place to complain. Irene
  12. Hi, I hope I don't have to bother doing this, but was asked have to do so for a case. Is it possible at all to file a copyright registration for a software written in LabVIEW? The copyright office needs some 10 pages source code, but only readable text based... how would LabVIEW application get a text based source code? I said what about AutoCAD, they said AutoCAD can convert into script... Has anyone tried this before? Thank you, Irene
  13. This shouldn't be too hard to do. By using the combination of "Get Date/Time in Seconds", "Format Date/Time String" or "Seconds to Date/Time" functions in LabVIEW "Time/Dialog" pallet, you can check if a new day starts or not, so that you will close previous file and create a new one until another new day begins. File name can just use the date/time string. Hope this will help a bit. Irene
  14. Welcome back LAVA and thank you for people working on it. So many things happening, seems everything comes to an end and LAVA died too? was worried, felt like last life. Glad LAVA comes back alive and it reminds me that we are still at current life. Thank you for the LAVA team for great work. Cheers, Irene
  15. QUOTE (2and4 @ Jan 13 2009, 05:46 PM) Maybe it is easier to find a composite to USB converter with DV format. Then you can find a toolkit, like IVision LabVIEW toolkit to capture the DV video and convert into IMAQ format for further analysis. Irene
  16. QUOTE (rolfk @ Jan 7 2009, 05:53 AM) Haven't you heard about that a person knows 20% is more couragable than a person knows 80%? I have a high school classmate, he makes multimedia chips, those used in MP4 etc. I kept asking him how did he get started and dare to try out. He said because he knew nothing. And he is quite successful. Best time to do things is when you think you know 20%. Am I wrong? Irene
  17. QUOTE (mattdl68 @ Jan 7 2009, 08:44 PM) There will be no obvious document for telling you what the order is...from my past experiences dealing with directshow or other msdn libraries. I would suggest to look at some existing C/C++ examples or even dot net example, you can either find it from the SDK or DDK download that uses the dll that is involved or you can always search at google. Maybe other people can tell you their own experiences about finding the order or logic of msdn, they are just not as easy and visible as LabVIEW. Irene
  18. This link is talking about how to get USB device. You will see someone got it to work with correct USB GUID ID. But then again, you still have to make up a GUID ID in LabVIEW. It is not an easy thing to do. http://www.codeguru.com/forum/archive/inde...p/t-331907.html static /*const*/ GUID GUID_DEVINTERFACE_USB_DEVICE = { 0xA5DCBF10L, 0x6530, 0x11D2, { 0x90, 0x1F, 0x00, 0xC0, 0x4F, 0xB9, 0x51, 0xED } }; Hope this is another tip. Irene
  19. Hi mattdl68, Can you post a diagram image? Not all people can open vi in LV8 or up. Thanks, Irene
  20. QUOTE (mattdl68 @ Jan 3 2009, 02:38 PM) Yes, there are orders that you call functions. I took a look at the link you provided above: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms792959.aspx it does not seem obvious to me which order to call. Maybe check out the functions below, they all take the parameter HDEVINFO that you got returned from SetupDiGetClassDevs: SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetail SetupDiDestroyDeviceInfoList For SetupDiGetCalssDevs, you may also need to check out what values are DIGCF_ALLCLASSES etc. Do they start with 0 in the enumerator? I took a quick look, haven't found the mapping values, but I am sure you will find it sooner or later, it is just a matter of time. Yes, I guess the link above is the document that you need to look at. Also to find out the GUID ID for a specific class, you also need to call some other function, like this one: HidD_GetHidGuid(guid), this gives you for example GUID ID for HID class devices (like mouse etc. devices). I know it is very painful... but that is microsoft document. Can you also find some example from their document or examples in C, VB etc? that maybe very helpful to translate into LabVIEW. Irene
  21. QUOTE (mattdl68 @ Jan 1 2009, 03:21 PM) Hello matdl68, Not all parameters in C/C++ is easy or visibly callable within LabVIEW, it maybe easy in LabWindow, since it is C. It would be easier if you write a C wrapper function around it, so that it only uses very basic parameter type, like int, string, cluster, array etc. The functions mentioned above still only return the handle (which is an integer) that you need to pass into another function to get device information... I would suggest just write wrapper function in C and return the final information of the device to LabVIEW as cluster. Let me know if you need help. Irene
  22. How was holiday for everyone? Hope you had a good one. For me, unbelievable, if you don't understand China, nor do I!! Just back with friends from a bar, in a very southern city of China (my home province) with temperature of over 20 degree celsus in Christmas time. The bar, totally western decorated, NBA game on TV, Philippine girls dancing on stage, Margarita in hand, loud music... It is a bar street, everything you can image, it has here, if not the taxi man explained to us, we might get to one that is so improper... Strange is this world, globalization? Who am I? A country mouse from Canada? How is your holiday story? PS: by the way, people still think that I am 25. It is hard to tell them that I can "draw" in LabVIEW. Irene
  23. QUOTE (crelf @ Dec 24 2008, 08:54 AM) Thanks Chris. Actually it is normal that man can make high pitch tone. Have you heard about Peking Opera? Traditionally all characters (men and women) are all played by men, so they look and sing like women. Check this one out, a very famous and touching love story between a white female snake (yes, a snake) and a human, a geek. Hope it is not too unbearable for you. Somehow I was not able to embed the video today, so I post the url here.
  24. QUOTE (Michael_Aivaliotis @ Dec 23 2008, 03:50 PM) That is a good idea, I probably will do it sooner or later. Although holiday does not always mean many free time.
  25. Dear LAVA Members, Holiday is approaching. I wish you all happy holiday and a prosperous brand new 2009! (9>8, has to be good). Irene
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