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  1. In the TestStand Variables view, insert an "Object Reference" variable. One thing to keep in mind, this terminology is confusing because it only stores a "copy" of the data in the variable (since LVOOP is by value). You must pass this variable in and out of all methods of the class. An example on the NI website: TestStand Using LabVIEW OOP Truck Example
  2. As hooovahh said, it doesn't change the behavior in this instance. It also makes the diagram cleaner. FYI, I always pass the error wire as a shift register with a loop. If the loop doesn't run (i.e. empty array auto-indexing), tunnels will "clear" any error on the wire. This is a very common bug I see in applications.
  3. Thanks soupy, this works very well. It also is properly reported via the Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit. To simplify the code, I used a constant "Generic Event" with a variant data type.
  4. Doesn't this make debugging true memory leaks a needle in the haystack situation?
  5. Thanks also, I should probably change my original post to state I am looking for the solution that requires the least amount of "coding" time but yet still performs everything in parallel. I think the best answer is to create a scripting VI. It would be nice if LabVIEW had a "close cluster of events" primitive.
  6. Thanks for taking a look. Your work-around seems to be more work than just adding the extra code to close the events.
  7. There has to be a better way of doing the following, so I thought I would query the hive mind of LAVA. Please note the user events have different data so the cluster to/from array functions will not work.
  8. Separated compiled code has been working well for our team over the last 3 years. There are two instances where we encountered issues: Packed Project Library build corrupting the VI Object CacheThe VI Object cache had to be cleared after PPL builds [*]TestStand with the LabVIEW Run-Time adapter requires uni-file code if distributed as source -Brian
  9. I highly suggest reading daklu's (Dave Snyder) various posts on Lava and the NI community. This is a good start: [NIWeek 2013] What a Software Architect Needs to Know When Using the Actor Framework -Brian
  10. My understanding is as follows: If your certification was "active" (not suspended) on March 3rd/4th, it will be extended. As crossrulz said, contact NI if you have any questions.
  11. So which private island will you be retiring to?
  12. MikaelH, Thanks for all of the hard work with GDS, you have officially contributed a substantial tool to LabVIEW!
  13. Yes, this is exactly what I am experiencing. Creating the child class from within a LabVIEW project window works fine in LabVIEW 2013. Creatind the child class from within a Class Project Window crashes LabVIEW 2013.
  14. jgcode, thanks for the info. Unfortunately LabVIEW 2013 is crashing when I try to create a child class with your latest test build.
  15. I am experiencing issues also. LabVIEW crashes when using the Create Child class feature.
  16. A few discussions related to identifying what hidden VIs are actually running: http://lavag.org/topic/16660-how-to-get-actual-vi-execution-state/ https://decibel.ni.com/content/thread/18687 Some work-arounds are to use the Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit or LabVIEW Profile Tool.
  17. Understood, but the auto-populating folders can automatically show new files that are not included within the lvlib.
  18. I'm not quite sure what you are asking as all files within a lvlib will be shown. However, you can use auto-populating folders to automatically add new files to a project.
  19. Packed project libraries include all dependencies except other packed project libraries and non-LabVIEW files (DLL, text files, ...). So yes, vi.lib is included. What does the error list say on the other computer? Are you attempting to run on the same version of LabVIEW?
  20. Please, please add a VI server call that properly reports which VI's are running! (See thread here)
  21. Did you try the following: https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/niweek-2013
  22. Thanks Mark, these videos are great.
  23. I get the following page when I attempt to visit the code repository:
  24. I haven't seen anything for session registration yet, but the sessions are listed: Main Conference Content Page - http://www.ni.com/niweek/conference-content/ My NI Week Page - https://niweek2013.activeevents.com/connect/ Sessions - https://niweek2013.activeevents.com/connect/search.ww#loadSearch-searchPhrase=&searchType=session&tc=1&sortBy=&p=
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