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  1. Rolfk, My attempts at using the Variant to data function are detailed in the NI forums post above. In my testing, every OLE variant type had the same type string values... (null)
  2. Just to follow-up on this topic, I added an entry in the idea exchange to provide access to the OLE Variant Type: http://forums.ni.com...s/idi-p/2140336
  3. Are you referring to "checking"? Most airlines charge $25 or more to check luggage now. I usually travel with carry-on luggage only for trips less than a week. Another option is to ship via FedEx/UPS, but I had lots going on at NI Week. (null)
  4. Thanks for another great BBQ! Had a great time meeting some new people. I think Justin was disappointed to find out I am a guy. Must have thought BrianAFischer was BrianaFischer... I updated my username to something a little less confusing. :-) One suggestion for prizes though: please give TSA carry on luggage friendly prizes! I was the proud winner of a Swiss army knife, but could not bring it home in my luggage. I donated it to a hard working NI employee in hopes that he can "carve" out one or two of my suggested LabVIEW features. (null)
  5. Just got LabVIEW installed but had to kill NI Error Reporting (NIER) using task manager. The LabVIEW install popped up a 1303 error. (null)
  6. Some additional links if you are looking for the NI Device Drivers August 2012 NI Device Drivers August 2012 LabVIEW 2012 for SSP Customers
  7. The iPhone App is now in the App Store. I would suggest giving this a try instead of the mobile website.
  8. Still no luck, trying to be patient!
  9. I tried that also by clicking on "Forgot Your Confirmation Number?". When I fill out my email and last name I get. "We could not find your information in the system."
  10. When I try to register, I get "We could not find your information in the system." It looks like part of the system may be up and running....
  11. Got my ticket. This time I am wearing shorts!
  12. Actually, the working link should be: http://secure.niweek.com/2012/scheduler/public.jsp
  13. There is a session list that is available now, but I don't see the option for attendees to register: https://secure.niweek.com/2012/scheduler/catalog.do
  14. I would suggest that anyone currently working with SVN install TortoiseHg and use it as a client to Subversion. You don't have to convert your existing SVN repositories. TortoiseHg can be used with your SVN repo instead of TortoiseSVN. This also allows "offline commits" with your SVN repo. http://mercurial.sel...ki/HgSubversion http://mercurial.sel...gWithSubversion Just hg clone with the "svn+" prefix. For example: hg clone svn+http://svn.python.org/projects/python python-hg After you get acquainted to Hg, make the jump to Hg repos...
  15. I hate to resurrect old posts, but this tool is not working on my Win7 32-bit system with LabVIEW 2011 SP1. Norm/Aitor - What version of LabVIEW and Windows did you have this working on?
  16. I have already jumped into scripting this tool. Wrapping the properties and methods should be easy. However, any suggestions on how to script the selection of a Type Library? It would be nice if the native Select Object From Type Library dialog could be launched, but I don't see much in scripting related to ActiveX and Automation Open functions. I found this related post on LAVA, but it does not create the ActiveX ref. It creates an array of I16.
  17. I would like to wrap an ActiveX interface in a LabVIEW class. This process is pretty tedious. Does anyone know of a tool similar to the "Import Shared Library" that would work for an ActiveX class (*.tlb; *.olb; *.ocx; *.dll)?
  18. It sounds like this would be a major addition (or would never happen), but it would be nice if the lvlib supported a presentation layer
  19. Because the VIs are still visible in the Packed Project Library (they are not hidden): Since they shouldn't be used, the user will question why they are visible. Isn't this a feature of the Packed Project library (that does not exist in other languages)? The PPL is used for "interface" and it would be nice to separate the "presentation" from the class itself. This would reduce a whole lot of "busy work" wrapping classes. Thanks, Brian
  20. Hence the reason for my post. Dynamic dispatch VIs seem like a catch 22 with lvlib scope. You are forced to wrap the class to hide just a single VI. For large projects, this seems like a lot of work to hide one or two dynamic dispatch VIs. It would be nice to control what VIs are visible/exported in the lvlib properties. Any thoughts? I may put this into the idea exchange...
  21. Is there a way to control which VIs of a LVOOP class are exported (visible) in a packed project library? I would like to expose only a few methods of a class. Note: Some of these are dynamic dispatch which cannot be set to Community or Private in the class.
  22. Where are the LV2 globals used in your code? How many of these devices will exist on a system? My advice would be that LV2 globals do not scale well to a system with "n" instruments. If it would be acceptable to store a fixed number of elements (rather than time-based), I would suggest using lossy queues.
  23. Out of curiosity, I usually run it before manually downloading updates. My experience has been that the NI Update service has both a lag from the NI support site and also misses some updates completely...
  24. A few updates from the NI support site caught my eye. Here is one: LabVIEW Development System 2011 SP1 - Platform Evaluation License Files It seems LabVIEW 2011 SP1 should be released soon...
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