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  1. Most of our company (if they're using any standard at all) for LabVIEW utilize templates quite similar to DQMH, that was started over a decade ago and refined/upgraded through the years. Of course, unlike the DQMH we don't have the level of documentation, scripting, and unit testing that the DQMH comes with... I did write a few examples though! 😏
  2. Also going, ready as always to discuss and learn!
  3. Well shoot. As soon as I posted that thought crossed my mind as well. Seems Firefox was causing some weird behavior. With Chrome it downloads fine!
  4. Is there a way to download the video files? When I click on most of them, it says "Download", but then it starts streaming.
  5. Thank you again Mark! Even though I attended this year, I still had a hard time choosing what to attend, there's almost always more sessions than there is time.
  6. Thank you Mark! Very helpful for those of us unable to attend!
  7. Agreed John Lokanis that all the good sessions seem to be in parallel, more so than last year. I have slots that I don't have interest really at all, and other slots with 3+ of interest...
  8. Hey Mark - I worked with you a bit last year, as I recorded a few sessions as well. While I did manage to record a few, it turns out the "1080p" camera I was using wasn't the best... so this year I'll probably forgo trying to record sessions. I did find your recording very helpful to remember what was discussed, enabling me to better pass along the information to others at my company and beyond. Since you're taking requests... TS3285 - Creating Highly Innovative User Interfaces with LabVIEW TS3017 - LabVIEW Champions Live: From Specification to Design (since this one is mostly discussion, I thought it would benefit greatly to record, if allowed) TS4242 - Tips and Tricks for Highly Productive Programming in LabVIEW (The recording last year was really helpful due to his "show and tell" approach) TS4318 - LabVIEW OOP: Computer Science for the G Programmer TS3427 - Implementing Gang of Four Design Patterns in LabVIEW I also second crossrulz and Yair's suggestions. Thank you again for doing this!
  9. Hi Tim_S, I have looked at that NI Community post. I don't think it answers the question about how, or if I can, get the paths to lvclasses inside an lvlib that is outside a built EXE. Is it possible? If so, how?
  10. Hello LAVA! Long time lurker, first time poster. I had posted this question on the NI LabVIEW forum, but I would like to hear from you all as well. I have an array of lvclasses inside an lvlib, as shown in the attachments below. I'm looking to get the reference (path) to the individual lvclass I need dynamically, at run time. This lvlib is not inside the EXE. The goal is to be able to modifiy or add classes to this lvlib without having to change the rest of my code, or rebuild the EXE. Particularly, the code snippet that loads the lvclass will be from a built EXE. How do I dynamically call these lvclasses inside that lvlib?
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