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  1. Hi Vivante

    I can't open your code because i'm always in LV 2011. But i have worked two days ago on same problem.

    Perhaps it's about the origine of the front panel (grey cross ) . Each controls positions are calculated from to this origine (and not the top-left corner of front panel).

    When you start with new vi , in general the origine and the top-left corner of front panel are similar. But when you copy the contents of vi to another,

    you can place it anywhere, and in this case the origine is certainly far from the top-left corner of front panel.

    The exact formule to know the good position of one control with the top-left corner of screen  is :

    for Top : ( FP: PanelBounds:Top) + (Control: MasterRectangle:Top) - (Pane: Origine: Vertical)  

    for Left : ( FP: PanelBounds:Left) + (Control: MasterRectangle:Left) - (Pane: Origine: Horizontal)


    You can find one very good paper about positions and dimensions here:: https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-22385


    Another things to know is the origine is defined for one pane. In general , you use only one, but sometimes you need to have several panes.

    To know the good position, you will need know from which pane your control are.

    For that you can use this vi : https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-8360


    Good week-end

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  2. Hi donkdonk

    Happy you use my tool.
    I looking about your request , and i think it's possible. But i think it will be better to use Warning symbol than color.


    One question for me too. i'm a bit surprise than you using my tool under LV2013. Normaly, RCF stop to run after LV2011. Do you Have found a way to run RCF under LV2013 ?

    I have developed one Quick Drop version and have upload it here http://forums.jki.net/topic/2416-qd-for-jki-stm/page__pid__5880#entry5880 , but like i haven't any reply about is functioning , i'm not sure than it run ok.

    Please can you try it, and tell me if it is ok.

  3. Thanks Darin

    But like i said in my question , i dont want  personnalize appearance of the boolean control, but the dialog  open when you click on it.


    Thanks Hooovahh

    I know your solution, and it's exactely what i have do, but my request was more generic about possibility of change the native timestamp control in Labview. I imagine than timestamp was like one Xcontrol and that you can modify (in deep) the native associate dialog. 

  4. Hi community

    I want to know if there is possibility to personnalize the button of time selection (the dialog, not the appareance)in timestamp control. I have found PickTime.vi (resourcedialogPickTime.vi) but when i modify it, there is no effect on Dialog in timestamp control. Is there a way to do that ?

    Best regards



  5. About xnodes - select N-inputs, i think than the best solution will be than NI creat it in future LV Version. Perhapse to promote this idea, you can start by Kudos my idea http://forums.ni.com...n/idi-p/1044365


    If you are looking for Xnode convertion to subvi, you can look here http://forums.ni.com/t5/Discussions-au-sujet-de-NI/Convertir-XNode-en-sous-VI/m-p/2633333

    Ouadji propose one discution about this. Sorry it's in french.



  6. Hi Roderic

    I don't think you can have unique event for all activity on your FP. But if  it's the same action that you want launch if there is one action on few controls, you can use "add" (Ajouter in French"). And obtein few sources for one event.

    Like in my example where i have add booleen3 and boolen2 as source for the same event.



    Bonjour de Bretagne

    Eric Bobillier

  7. Ton

    You are right, it's ADDQ (i don't have GOOP installed) who systematicaly modify the connector pane.

    To solve this:

    Go to Tools\G#IDE\Options and Define connector Pane.

    ADDQ seem have common configuration between all Labview versions installed, because i have made modification on LV2011 and that automaticaly solve this in LV2009 without any action of me.

    Thanks to all for your help.



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  8. Crelf: Are you saying the LabVIEW.ini file reverts after you make changes and save it?

    Eric: Yes it's true.

    Ned: Just to confirm, you're not trying to edit the LabVIEW.ini file while LabVIEW is running, right?

    Eric: No i stop Labview and modify labview ini and restart Labview.no effect if i creat new vi. Stop labview and look labview ini and then see conepane go back to old value.

    Just another details: i have samethings on LV2009 SP1 and LV2011 under Windowx XP sp3..

  9. Hi

    Perhapse i'm stupid :frusty: , but i don't find how define default conepane for CTRL-N short cut. Previously i have one "4815" conepane each time, and now it's "4834" . I have try to modify "defaultConPane" parameter in labview.ini but without effect, and when close Labview "defaultConPane" parameter go back to "4834" :wacko: .

    Any suggestion?



  10. One care may be take with low cost USB NI product. There isn't galvanic isolation through USB connection. Sometime it can be problem, because when the relay switch, current spike can activate USB protection on PC.

    In this case, restart your software is not enough, and you need to restart PC. I have experimented this. You can find low cost USB 2 galvanic isolator on web, or create one with http://www.analog.co...s/product.html.


  11. Hi

    Today i have write a trick to solve one old limitation of Labview. As you know , you can't create local for latched boolean. And sometimes

    it will be useful if we have one.(for example to propagate latch action between few parallels loops). My solution use event with dynamic registration. (see Trig on latch boolean action).


    Trig on latch boolean action .vi

    But it's not all. With this trick, If you modify Latch boolean ref input by another kind of ref type and/or modify the kind of registration, you can easily propagate any kind of action.

    However, i have one question about this trick.

    At start, i have write one first solution where event registration is do only at first run and aren't unregistered.


    And after i have modify this trick, and create registration if not exist and unregister it when latch arrived.

    In this case, you have new registration for every latch.


    My question is to know which solution is best, and if it's bad to not unregister dynamic event.


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