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  1. Hi all? I have a question about Shooting Electronic target im going to make a shooting electronic target with labview by TDOA whats your idea about this project?
  2. Benyamin.KH20

    get a value from other VI page

    thanks this example is very useful for me
  3. Benyamin.KH20

    get a value from other VI page

    Hello to all i want get a value control from other vi page how can i write this program tnx a lot
  4. Benyamin.KH20

    Event Structure - Events Missed

    why you use 2 while loop in a program ? did you see CPU in task manager when run program?
  5. Benyamin.KH20

    problem with array and text file

    thanks i wrote a program about this in this program i don't want text be by row i want be column like this code
  6. Benyamin.KH20

    problem with array and text file

    hi all i have two text file and i want send text in file into frist column a 2d array and next text file to second column please help me
  7. Benyamin.KH20

    repmat function implementation

    hello labview has functions math or plot like matlab if you write a formul script you can use formula node in labview
  8. Benyamin.KH20

    replace two 1D array into first and second 2D array

    please help me
  9. hello first excuse me for my bad english i want replace two 1D array into first and second 2D array how can i ? i want separated data and time tnk a lot
  10. Benyamin.KH20

    serial port with commg.dll

    hello all i going to connect to serial port with labview but not with VISA i want connect with DLL i wrote a program on labview but that have a probelm this commg.dll is for connecting to serial port please see! serial.vi commg.dll.txt
  11. Benyamin.KH20


    Thanks can you put a Picture from this program
  12. Benyamin.KH20


    Hello every Body I used a table control labview and I'm going to use 3 string controls when I use Build array in this program shown a ERORR WIRE WHY?
  13. Benyamin.KH20

    value Inside Array

    hello All i want put a value inside a array how can i put a value inside it
  14. Benyamin.KH20

    Event Structure and While Loop

    hello i use an event structure for menu but why Boolean 2 and Boolean 1 is Stop ? please help me
  15. Benyamin.KH20

    port serial


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