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  1. Hi You can use the standard NI OCR Training interface that comes with VDM. It is located in \Program Files (x86)\National\Instruments\Vision\Utility\OCR Training Interface\.. You train a OCR font file using the editor and load the OCR font file from LabVIEW. You can call the training interface from LabVIEW using command line and pass parameters to specifiy the font file path and the image You wan't to use for training. Regards New Bitmap Image.bmp
  2. Hi I am developing a LabVIEW based vision system. Though the front-end is to be developed in C#. The processed images should be displayed on the front-end. Has anyone experience in how to convert, pass and display IMAQ images in C# Thanks
  3. Hi Great tool. Considering using it for sharing data between vision functions in a plugin based architecture. Passing the variant repo reference as a DVR to the modules. Though I need some more datatypes Specifically from VDM (point, line, reference coordinate system, ROI etc.). Anyway to do that ? Thanks
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