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  1. I am experiencing numerous VISA Lock Errors (-1073807345) on resources I haven't explicitly locked. This is happening on TCPIP connections to keysight N6700 power supplies and keysight N5242 PNA fairly regularly. I have simultaneous loops in the application communicating to the different instruments, using a sequencer of sorts to pipe commands one at a time to each of my various loops. Has anyone seen the locking error pop before while not actually using the Lock and Unlock VIs? This issue has gotten worse lately and it has come time to find the root cause. My only thoughts are that it may have something to do with having NI MAX and Keysight Connection Expert both installed and possibly trying to "ping" these devices. Every once in a while me sending commands and these "pings" may clash and cause the locking error. Error reads as follows: "Specified type of lock cannot be obtained, or specified operation cannot be performed, because the resource is locked. VISA error code -1073807345 (0xBFFF000F)" We are using LabVIEW 2013 Thanks in advance!
  2. http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371093W-01/TOC25.htm http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371093V-01/nimclvfb/dt/eng/generated/stopmethods/ http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371093V-01/nimclvfb/dt/eng/generated/stopprops/
  3. When I was referring to a "Stop Move" I was referring to a SoftMotion move option. Just like a Straight-Line Move or Contour Move or Arc Move, the Stop Move can be created and have methods/properties called via invoke/property nodes. https://forums.ni.com/t5/NI-Labs-Toolkits/LabVIEW-NI-SoftMotion-Module-2009-SP1-Property-Invoke-Nodes/ta-p/3494129?profile.language=en ""Create—Use the Create polymorphic VI to create a reference to specific NI SoftMotion interface objects. You can select from the following options: Straight-Line Move Arc Move Contour Move Find Reference Move Position Capture Position Compare Stop Move Gearing Camming Time Sampled Read - See Known Issues"" Creating a stop move, and then using the invoke node to start the stop move tells the motor to stop moving. Sharing some of your code may help shed some light on what exactly you're doing, because there are a few different interfaces to SoftMotion, ie express vis, property nodes, or the subVIs they ship with.
  4. It has been a while since I've used SoftMotion, but I recall running into similar issues. The way to mitigate this is to create a stop move, much like a straight line move or contour move except its purpose is to stop. You then start the stop move and the motor should stop with whatever settings you have created your stop move with. It doesn't seem very intuitive, but if I'm remembering correctly it worked pretty perfectly. It always seemed like stopping a straight line or any other move didn't stop the motor because it was telling it to stop the move after it was already finished. This sort of thing was exhibited in the contour move where if you load up 1000 points, it would still go through all 1000 after stopping the contour move, but using the stop move would stop it immediately.
  5. Some more info on how the cRIO is setup would be useful, such as screenshots from MAX Have you looked at this link and followed some of the steps on setup? http://www.ni.com/product-documentation/10555/en/
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