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  1. windjmj

    HTML file

    Is the web publish tool only can publish the source vi ? Can I publish the vi that in the EXE? I want the exe is running and I can use the web brower to watch or control the interface. How to do this please?
  2. windjmj

    Debugging with Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit

    I'm sorry to posting the same question.Thank you for your answer.
  3. windjmj

    Memory leak in built application

    Can you tell me how to run the DETT on an exe? I just can run it on source code.
  4. windjmj

    Debugging with Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit

    How can I use the DETT 2016 to Debug the EXE(application)?
  5. windjmj

    Debug exe

    Can I use the DETT 2016 to trace the Application(exe)?
  6. But in Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit 2016, I can't found the %LocalAppData%\National Instruments\Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit\DETT.ini File.

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