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  1. My summer intern starts at NI today!

  2. Is LAVA offline? My browser can't seem to reach lavag.org.

  3. If you're trying to e-mail anyone at NI today, be aware that our servers are still having problems. #NoEmailForMe

  4. It's pretty disruptive to one's work day when the company's e-mail servers go down. :-(

  5. Does everyone know the difference between right-click Replace and Paste-Replace in #LabVIEW or would it be a good blog post?

  6. Just listened to @vishots podcast episode 5 about #LabVIEW Code Madness 2011 and winner Peter Kovacs. Good stuff! http://bit.ly/jNHPR6

  7. ARGH! I blame lack of sleep from having a 5 month old baby. Yes, the squiggle is supposed to include the "R" with the "I." The switcheroo tool would be cooler. Maybe if we made the text vertical? Yes! I actually toyed with the idea of a "Keep LabVIEW Weird" t-shirt for the R&D team, but never figured out what else I'd want on it. We could also use the "giant cow" that Stephen Mercer one day found staring at him while he was working on LVOOP VIs...
  8. Tomorrow's "Intro to XControls" virtual user group will be presented by my teammate Ramsey Nasir!

  9. But "almost caught up" for a >15 min wait seems dishonest. #stillwaiting #hungry #AppleGeniusBar

  10. I posted my half-baked LAVA NIWeek 2011 t-shirt idea: http://bit.ly/ipYK7k

  11. I have an idea, but I'd need help with it. Here's the concept for the front: And the back would have a real LabVIEW diagram that spells out "KEEP LAVA WIRED." Feel free to steal/modify/improve this idea for a submission of your own!
  12. I saw a demo of this education product. Very nice! RT @Measure: LabVIEW for LEGO® MINDSTORMS Robotics http://yhoo.it/gFiDFs

  13. I have an idea for the LAVA NIWeek t-shirt. Part of the design is a VI diagram. What should the VI do? Need something simple/funny.

  14. Congrats! RT @vishots: VI Shots listed as NI's blog of the Month! http://bit.ly/fmbXnf #happydance

  15. RT @lavag: Submissions for the 2011 NI-Week LAVA T-Shirt Design Competition are now open! http://tinyurl.com/4y9xhkv #labview

  16. Awesome. RT @engineeringmind: The new season of An Engineering Mind starts Monday. Here's our audition video: http://youtu.be/6LvYczQhlIQ

  17. Haha, this should be fun! RT @vishots: Write a caption for this image of an NI employee's visit to the CERN LHC. http://bit.ly/gdMnAq

  18. Cool use of radio cluster! RT @VIveLabVIEW Check out this wonderful LabVIEW front panel inspired by Ubuntu: http://bit.ly/fkUkm6

  19. Looks like I'll be presenting at #NIWeek 2011 on making UIs in #LabVIEW. Any requests for topics I should cover?

  20. NI Example Program Challenge 2011 is happening now! http://bit.ly/h7ZJ1u #LabVIEW #FabulousPrizes

  21. LabVIEW 2011 Beta software is now available for Beta program participants! Request to join at ni.com/beta

  22. I notice MaxGSWRecentProjects is also under Miscellaneous. Do you want to have duplicates?
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