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  1. Popular Mechanics and NI engineers use #LabVIEW to measure handling of shipped packages. http://bit.ly/hHBoDS

  2. The short answer is: "no, I think you're stuck with your workaround code." Longer answer: I found a CAR on this issue. It appears that the panel background images were never implemented to work with printing or the "Get Image" methods. There are some who argue that this is a reasonable behavior; after all, most web pages, when printed, will not print the background image by default. However, it seems to me that we should provide the option to print the background image. Unfortunately, adding such a printing option is not a trivial request, so I'm not optimistic about it being prioritized higher than other requests in the near future.
  3. Congrats to all the winners! RT @labview: Find out which #LVXCC entry Jeff Kodosky liked best. http://bit.ly/LVXCC10

  4. Last day to vote in the LabVIEW Example Code Contest 2010! http://bit.ly/d05I7P

  5. Eyes on VIs blog: "NI LabVIEW Web UI Builder" http://bit.ly/ds2wjL

  6. Don't forget to vote today... in the LabVIEW Example Code Contest! :-) http://ni.com/lvxcc10

  7. LabVIEW Example Code finalists are posted! Voting starts tomorrow! http://www.ni.com/lvxcc10

  8. Great example contest submissions! Help us pick the finalists by commenting on the entries by end of today: http://bit.ly/dC6nWU

  9. Six more weeks until baby is due. I found out the little rhythmic kicks I feel sometimes are when she has hiccups!

    1. Grampa_of_Oliva_n_Eden


      That is what they told us as well. Was more comforting than the theory it was Morse Code. (:<))

  10. Mac battery was fine. Genius reset power management and OS stopped telling me it needed service.

  11. Delicious lunch at Ryu of Japan! Recommended!

  12. RT @labview: Ready? Set? Code! Submit your #LabVIEW example code to the LabVIEW Example Code Contest today. http://bit.ly/LVXCC10 #LVXCC

  13. Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 uses their Content Aware Fill technology in its Spot Healing Brush! Can't wait to try it! http://bit.ly/cPlWJi

  14. You could win an iPad in the #LabVIEW Example Contest in October! http://www.ni.com/lvxcc10

  15. Another pretty LabVIEW UI from the talented @shogg - http://bit.ly/cg5bbX #LabVIEW

  16. Third trimester, baby! Living large. :-)

    1. David Boyd

      David Boyd

      Wow, I remember when you either just had, or were about to have, your first. (I was giving you bug reports about printing under LV6.0.2/Win98.) Can it really have been so long ago? Do you think of your kids by the LV version they're "released" under? :-)

  17. FaceTime comes to the new iPod Touch (which will have front AND rear cameras)!

  18. Eyes on VIs blog: "LabVIEW Radio Buttons without Frames" http://bit.ly/bS3XQQ #LabVIEW

  19. Eyes on VIs blog: "LabVIEW 2010 Help Links for Controls" http://bit.ly/a1qjWZ #LabVIEW

  20. Need system-style DAQmx controls in #LabVIEW? Found out we have them but they're not in the palette. http://bit.ly/bvvfKE

  21. Trying to be one of the cool kids - integrating my Twitter with my NI Community and LAVA accounts. #ni

  22. At Norm's request, video of his LabVIEW limericks: (I take no responsibility for this video, even though one of the limericks is dedicated to me!) :-) I had a great time at the BBQ! It was good to meet so many folks and see old friends as well!
  23. Thanks, Michael. I verified my settings, verified that I was logged in, and everything works perfectly. *scratches my head* The only thing I can see that's different from when it didn't work yesterday is I'm on my home wireless instead of NI's. *shrug* It's a nice app, and it's sure to come in handy next week!
  24. Christina Rogers

    Christina (Eyes on VIs) Album

    Pictures from Christina Rogers, member of LabVIEW R&D and author of the Eyes on VIs blog (blog.eyesonvis.com)
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