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  1. From the album: Christina (Eyes on VIs) Album

    At the NI main campus parking lot.
  2. Using the LAVA iPhone app!

  3. I've installed it, and I can see the forums, but I the picture icon (which I assume would let me upload images) is disabled and grayed. Do I have to create an album in the gallery first or something? ETA Creating album didn't help. Does it not upload photos on iPhone 4?
  4. The Getting Started Window will not reappear if there are any open or hidden LabVIEW windows. If your background-running VI never opens its front panel, or closes it using the FP.Close method, it should not prevent the return of the GSW. If your VI closes its window and the GSW is still failing to appear, you may have found a bug where LabVIEW is not checking the window list at a time that it should. If that's the case, PM me and we'll investigate.
  5. can't wait to see everyone at NI Week!

  6. There's something vaguely disturbing about that t-shirt image on the right...
  7. Sorry All, official word from NI is no transportation. I do have an NI contact name if you want help with price negotiation with the restaurant or with finding someplace closer.
  8. I think the Dillo got shut down with last year's CapMetro budget cuts. There are still bus options - from a quick Google Maps search, it looks like Bus 7 might be OK, but still a bit of walking in the Austin summer heat.I'll ask around at NI, but I have no idea who might be able to help us out with some official transportation.
  9. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I'm in. Is there going to be any group transportation from the convention center?
  10. Stephen, I'm sure the LabVIEW logo had no influence on you when you were picking the default color for class wires. Chris, I'm glad you liked the comic! So much of my website is stale... I should go add some new content.
  11. I've moved my blog to my own server (because some employers block blogspot.com). Is there any way to update existing LAVA links to point to the new location? eyesonvis.blogspot.com -> eyesonvis.com/blog e.g. Old URL: http://eyesonvis.blogspot.com/2009/08/improved-block-diagram-cleanup-in.html New URL: http://eyesonvis.com/blog/2009/08/improved-block-diagram-cleanup-in.html
  12. At the (fantastically awesome) LAVA/OpenG BBQ, someone (apologies to whoever it was, I forget who - sometimes I think I'm the Dory character from Finding Nemo) asked about getting more recent projects in the GSW. Stephen Mercer / Aristos Queue had provided modified versions of the VIs to do this in 8.6. I added a config token for this in LV2009, so you no longer need the modified VIs. It's MaxGSWRecentProjects=10 (or whatever other number you want. We never display more than 10 recent files, though). - Christina, aka "Miss Eyes on VIs," LabVIEW R&D
  13. Hmm, this pic came out a little blurry. Here's the pic I put on FB of the same bracelet. I think I'll write up some instructions on how to make these (pretty quick and easy with ink-jet printable Shrinky Dinks) so everyone can make them for the special ladies in their lives.
  14. I have a few spots still available for my NIWeek closed-door session. Interested in participating? Details are here: http://eyesonvis.blogspot.com/2009/07/niweek-2009.html
  15. is glad LAVA is back!

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