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  1. the while loop speed is associated with code and memory of computer, so can you show your source code?
  2. I use the sensor mapping vi to simulate the heat distribution of product. I import the 3D and display as shown in the below picture. I use a array as a input and use 3D picture as a output, but after run the vi , the 3D display is not as same as the shown in the sensor mapping vi. I think it a long time and use the scale object.vi and translate object.vi to debug it, but the it not reach the effect I want. can you give me a method to research it? I have no idea.
  3. same viewpoint with you.
  4. Can I understand that value of LED1 and LED2 are reversed after press the button? the logical should be NOT.
  5. yes, the method is good and simple to realize。
  6. hi. I call VI use the invoke node ,the source code is below picture, if run the source code, the VIs can be normal called, but if run the generated EXE, the VIs can not be called. the Chinese character "假" means false.
  7. Thanks, I had used the method that you tell me to solved the issue and found the keys about the blinking color of background and foreground in the labview INI file.
  8. hello everybody. I had changed the blinking background color of string in setting. if run the source code, it is OK, the blinking background colors is i set, but if run the generate the EXE file,the blinking background colors is default colors. how to solve the issue?
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