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  1. The task of intercepting WM_DDE_EXECUTE message has been around for a while here and there. Except that private OS Open Document event there are two more ways to get this done.

    1. Using Windows Message Queue Library

    2. Using DDEML of WinAPI and self-written callback library

    More details can be found in this thread. I now think that it could even be simplified a bit, if one could try to hack that internal LinkDdeCallback function and reuse it like LabVIEW does. But I feel too lazy to check it now.

  2. 4 hours ago, mcduff said:

    Does this token need to be added to the INI file of a compiled exe or does it automatically get included? 

    It's just a cosmetic token to get "Run At Any Loop" option visible in the IDE mode. After the flag is set, it's sticky to VIs, on which it was activated. No need to add the token to the EXE's settings.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Rolf Kalbermatter said:

    The Open VI Reference will block on UI Rootloop even in the first (top) one.

    There's obscure "Run At Any Loop" option, being activated with this ini token:


    Firstly mentioned by @Sparkette in this thread:

    I've just tested it with this quick-n-dirty sample, it works.


    Also some (all?) property and invoke nodes receive "Run At Any Loop" option if RMB clicking on them. But from what I remember, not all of them really support bypassing the UI thread, so it needs to be tested by trial and error, before using somewhere.

  4. On 11/19/2023 at 9:24 AM, Robert Maskell said:

    LabWindows 1 and 2

    I have seen LabWindows 2.1 on old-dos website. Don't know if it's of any interest for you tho'. As to BridgeVIEW's, I still didn't find anything, neither the scene release nor the customer distro. Seems to be very rare.

    On 11/19/2023 at 9:17 AM, Robert Maskell said:

    I have all the old LabVIEW 1 floppies and the original LV1 demo disk set. 

    Sure some collectors out there would appreciate, if you archive them somewhere on the Wayback Machine. 🙂

  5. 52 minutes ago, viSci said:

    Does lvserial acutally support regex termination strings?  How is that accomplished?

    It's utilizing the PCRE library, that is incorporated into the code. It's a first incarnation of PCRE, 8.35 for a 32-bit lvserial.dll and 8.45 for a 64-bit one. When configuring the serial port, you can choose between four variants of the termination:

    /*  CommTermination2
     *  Configures the termiation characters for the serial port.
     *  parameter
     *		hComm				serial port handle
     *		lTerminationMode	specifies the termination mode, this can be one of the
     *							following value:
     *								COMM_TERM_NONE		no termination
     *								COMM_TERM_CHAR		one or more termination characters
     *								COMM_TERM_STRING	a single termination string
     *								COMM_TERM_REGEX		a regular expression
     *		pcTermination		buffer containing the termination characters or string
     *		lNumberOfTermChar	number of characters in pcTermination
     *  return
     *		error code

    Now when you read the data from the port (lvCommRead -> CommRead function), it works this way:

    	//if any of the termination modes are enabled, we should take care
    	//of that. Otherwise, we can issue a single read operation (see below)
    	if (pComm->lTeminationMode != COMM_TERM_NONE)
    		//Read one character after each other and test for termination.
    		//So for each of these read operation we have to recalculate the
    		//remaining total timeout.
    		Finish = clock() +
    			pComm->ulReadTotalTimeoutMultiplier*ulBytesToRead +
    		//nothing received: initialize fTermReceived flag to false
    		fTermReceived = FALSE;
    		//read one byte after each other and test the termination
    		//condition. This continues until the termination condition
    		//matches, the maximum number bytes are received or an if 
    		//error occurred.
    		do {
    			//only for this iteration: no bytes received.
    			ulBytesRead = 0;
    			//calculate the remaining time out
    			ulRemainingTime = Finish - clock();
    			//read one byte from the serial port
    			lFnkRes = __CommRead(
    			//if we received a byte, we shold update the total number of 
    			//received bytes and test the termination condition.
    			if (ulBytesRead > 0)
    				//update the total number of received bytes
    				ulTotalBytesRead += ulBytesRead;
    				//test the termination condition
    				switch (pComm->lTeminationMode)
    					case COMM_TERM_CHAR: //one or more termination characters
    						//search the received character in the buffer of the
    						//termination characters.
    						fTermReceived = 
    								pComm->lNumberOfTermChar) != NULL;
    					case COMM_TERM_STRING: //termination string
    						//there must be at least the number of bytes of 
    						//the termination string.
    						if (ulTotalBytesRead >= (unsigned long)pComm->lNumberOfTermChar)
    							//we only test the last bytes of the receive buffer
    							fTermReceived = memcmp(
    								pcBuffer + ulTotalBytesRead - pComm->lNumberOfTermChar,
    								pComm->lNumberOfTermChar) == 0;
    					case COMM_TERM_REGEX: //regular expression
    						//execute the precompiled regular expression
    						fTermReceived = pcre_exec(
    							3) >= 0;
    						//huh ... unknown termination mode
    						fTermReceived = 1;
    			//Repeat this until 
    			// - an error occurred or
    			// - the termination condition is true or 
    			// - we timed out
    		} while (!lFnkRes && 
    				!fTermReceived &&
    				ulTotalBytesRead < ulBytesToRead &&
    				Finish > clock());
    		//adjust the result code according to the result of 
    		//the read operation.
    		if (lFnkRes == COMM_SUCCESS)
    			if (!fTermReceived)
    				//termination condition not matched, so we test, if the max
    				//number of bytes are received.
    				if (ulTotalBytesRead == ulBytesToRead)
    					lFnkRes = COMM_WARN_NYBTES;
    					lFnkRes = COMM_ERR_TERMCHAR;
    				//termination condition matched
    				lFnkRes = COMM_WARN_TERMCHAR;
    		//The termination is not activated. So we can read all
    		//requested bytes in a single step.
    		lFnkRes = __CommRead(
    			pComm->ulReadTotalTimeoutMultiplier*ulBytesToRead +


    1 hour ago, viSci said:

    Is that capability built into an interrupt service routine or is it just simulated in a polling loop under the hood?

    As shown in the code above, when the termination is activated, the library reads data one byte at a time in a do ... while loop and tests it against the term char / string / regular expression on every iteration. I can't say how good that PCRE engine is as I never really used it.

  6. 7 hours ago, mooner said:

    The pointer to the image in memory and the width of the image as well as the height are known

    And what's the image data type (U8, U16, RGB U32, ...)? You need to know this as well to calculate the buffer size to receive the image into. Now, I assume, you first call the CaptureScreenshot function and get the image pointer, width and height. Second, you allocate the array of proper size and call MoveBlock function - take a look at Dereferencing Pointers from C/C++ DLLs in LabVIEW ("Special Case: Dereferencing Arrays" section). If everything is done right, your array will have data and you can do further processing.

  7. 7 hours ago, Jeffrey Oon said:

    Can you teach me how to use below 2 files ?


    There's nothing special about these two VIs. They are just helpers for the higher level examples. You don't need to run them directly. In real life projects you won't need those VIs at all.

    7 hours ago, Jeffrey Oon said:

    For your information, i am a Labview beginner user so not so familiar with LABVIEW program.

    What about taking some image processing and machine vision courses?

  8. Technically related question: Insert bytes into middle of a file (in windows filesystem) without reading entire file (using File Allocation Table)? (Or closer, but not that informative). The extract is - theoretically possible, but so low level and hacky that easy to mess up with something, rendering the whole system inoperable. If this doesn't stop you, then you may try contacting Joakim Schicht, as he has made a bunch of NTFS tools incl. PowerMft for low level modifications and maybe he will give you some tips about how to proceed (or give it up and switch to traditional ways/workarounds).

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  9. 7 minutes ago, ShaunR said:

    You can use it to copy chunks like mcduff suggested

    It is what I was thinking of, just in case with Memory-Mapped Files it should be a way more productive, than with normal file operations. No need to load entire file into RAM. I have a machine with 8 GB of RAM and 8 GB files are mmap'ed just fine. So, general sequence is that: Open a file (with CreateFileA or as shown above) -> Map it into memory -> Move the data in chunks with Read-Write operations -> Unmap the file -> SetFilePointer(Ex) -> SetEndOfFile -> Close the file.

  10. I would suggest Memory-Mapped Files, but I'm a bit unsure whether all-ready instruments exist for such a task. There's @Rolf Kalbermatter's adaptation: https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Problem-Creating-File-Mapping-Object-in-Memory-Mapped-FIles/m-p/3753032#M1056761 But seems to need some tweaks to work with common files instead of file mapping objects. Not that hard to do though.

    A quick-n-dirty sample (reading 10 bytes only).



    Yes, I know I should use CreateFileA instead of Open/Create/Replace VI + FRefNumToFD, just was lazy and short on time. :)

  11. As I see, ww257x_32.dll statically depends on the following:

    • TE5351.dll
    • TeViEnet.dll
    • cvirt.dll

    The first two are in the same "WW-257X IVI Driver 1.1.14" archive and for the latter you may try installing LabWindows/CVI Runtime (Legacy) or LabWindows/CVI Runtime for 8.5 version as suggested on the driver page. Besides of that both TE5351.dll and TeViEnet.dll depend on VISA32.dll, so you should have NI-VISA 4.6 (or above) installed too. Plus there's IVI Compliance Package 3.2 requirement.

  12. On 9/5/2014 at 5:16 AM, flarn2006 said:

    If they are read by the same internal "CfgGetDefault" function, my script can find them.

    Since LV 2021 hooking CfgGetDefault is not enough. There are two new classes in the mgcore library: LazyConfigValue_Bool32 and LazyConfigValue_PathRef. I assume, they're introduced for faster access to the token values. I always used good ol' WinAPIOverride by Jacquelin Potier to catch API calls (including LV ones), but now it seems that it lacks some necessary functionality (e.g., custom actions on a BP hit). So I decided to adapt that Lua script.

    LVEXEPath = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\National Instruments\\LabVIEW 2023\\LabVIEW.exe"
    MGCore = "mgcore_SH_23_3.dll"
    FoundIt = false
    Tracing = false
    list = createStringlist()
    list.Sorted = true
    -- attach before any dynamically loaded modules, so break on EP (last arg)
    createProcess(LVEXEPath, "", true, true)
    CfgGetDefault = getAddress("LabVIEW.CfgGetDefault")
    LoadLibraryExA = getAddress("kernelbase.LoadLibraryExA")
    function debugger_onBreakpoint()
    if EIP == CfgGetDefault then
        local tType = readString(ESP+4, 4)
        local size = readBytes(readInteger(ESP+8), 1, false)
        local token = readString(readInteger(ESP+8) + 1, size)
        local addr = readInteger(ESP+12)
        if (list.IndexOf(token) == -1) then
            print(string.format("%s (0x%X) [%s]", token, addr, tType))
        return 1
    elseif EIP == LoadLibraryExA then
        local mod = readString(readInteger(ESP+4), 255)
        if (string.find(string.lower(mod),string.lower(MGCore))) then
            print("MGCore loaded")
            Tracing = true
            return 1
            return 1
    elseif EIP == mgc_f1 then --LazyConfigValue_Bool32::LazyConfigValue_Bool32
        local token = readString(readInteger(ESP+4), 50)
        if (list.IndexOf(token) == -1) then
            print(string.format("%s [Bool]", token))
        return 1
    elseif EIP == mgc_f2 then --LazyConfigValue_PathRef::LazyConfigValue_PathRef
        local token = readString(readInteger(ESP+4), 50)
        if (list.IndexOf(token) == -1) then
            print(string.format("%s [Path]", token))
        return 1
    elseif EIP == mgc_f3 then --LazyConfigValue_Bool32::FindExposedValue
        local token = readString(readInteger(ESP+4), 50)
        if (list.IndexOf(token) == -1) then
            print(string.format("%s [Bool]", token))
        return 1
    elseif EIP == mgc_f4 then --LazyConfigValue_Bool32::operator bool
        local token = readString(readInteger(ECX+4), 50)
        local tType = readString(ECX+8, 4)
        if (list.IndexOf(token) == -1) then
            print(string.format("%s (_) [%s]", token, tType))
        return 1
        if (Tracing) and (not FoundIt) then
            extra, opcode, bytes, addy = splitDisassembledString(disassemble(EIP))
            RetFound = string.find(opcode, "ret")
            if RetFound then
                print(string.format("RET found as %s", opcode))
                FoundIt = true
                Tracing = false
                mgc_f1 = getAddress("mgcore_SH_23_3.LazyConfigValue_Bool32::LazyConfigValue_Bool32")
                mgc_f2 = getAddress("mgcore_SH_23_3.LazyConfigValue_PathRef::LazyConfigValue_PathRef")
                mgc_f3 = getAddress("mgcore_SH_23_3.LazyConfigValue_Bool32::FindExposedValue")
                -- ! USE WITH CAUTION
                -- This func is called THOUSANDS of times
                -- LV becomes lagging and badly responsive
                mgc_f4 = getAddress("mgcore_SH_23_3.LazyConfigValue_Bool32::operator bool")
                return 1
            return 1

    Not that I'm a big fan of scripting languages, plus Lua in CE acts odd sometimes, so this script is far away from ideal. It also hooks only a few LazyConfigValue functions as the rest doesn't really matter. Now here's what I've got.

    Launching LabVIEW:


    ReportErrorsInCloseRefnumPre21 [Bool]
    useFasterSafeArrayAccess [Bool]
    DotNetAssemblyGeneration.UseClusterFieldNames [Bool]
    GVariantTDR.AllowVariantsWithPlaceholders [Bool]
    DETT.DumpInformationalMessages [Bool]
    RefObject.ValidityChecker.LogOnly [Bool]
    RefObject.CheckRefObjListSortedAndLog [Bool]
    NewAppBuilderCache.Enabled [Bool]
    NewAppBuilderCache.Forced [Bool]
    NewAppBuilderCache.AssertionsEnabled [Bool]
    NewAppBuilderCache.LEIFLibraryCachingEnabled [Bool]
    NewAppBuilderCache.LEIFVICachingEnabled [Bool]
    UseModdateToCheckSourceChanges.Enabled [Bool]
    PrepContextLoadedFromCacheCheck.Enabled [Bool]
    AppBuilder.ExportAlwaysIncludedItemsFromPPL [Bool]
    NewAppBuilderCache.AdditionalSanityChecks [Bool]
    NewAppBuilderCache.AdditionalTDNameSanityChecks [Bool]
    NewAppBuilderCache.FixTypesDuringBuild [Bool]
    Compiling.SkipCompileWhenNothingNeedsCompile [Bool]
    LVAddons.Enabled [Bool]
    CrossLoad.EnableRegisterLoadInProgress [Bool]
    TargetClassConfiguration.AlternateLibrariesConstru [Bool]
    TargetClassConfiguration.EnableDebugging [Bool]
    TargetExecBehavior.PrintPaths [Bool]
    ErrorInfo.ForceDWarnWhileUnattended [Bool]
    useTempBundleReplacement [Bool]
    MassCompile.LogBrokenVIErrors [Bool]
    CheckForNonMergedTunnels [Bool]
    DoubleClickWhenWiringCreation [Bool]
    Wiring.AggressiveDispose [Bool]
    SignalBPBreakAtNextNodeIfInSameClump [Bool]
    SignalBPBreakOnlyOnce [Bool]
    StepInWithHierarchicalHiliting [Bool]
    BreakpointMgr.SanityCheck.enabled [Bool]
    BreakpointMgr.showDebuggingConfigOptions [Bool]
    extFuncBreakOnGenNoWrapper [Bool]
    extFuncShowMagic [Bool]
    PythonNode.PythonObjectSupport [Bool]
    LVCompare.FuzzyUIDMatch [Bool]
    LVCompare.MatchUIDs [Bool]
    LiveMakeSpace [Bool]
    LiveGrow [Bool]
    LiveSelection [Bool]
    LiveDrag [Bool]
    DragAutoWire [Bool]
    GreedyRightToLeftSelection [Bool]
    EnableMS2016AccessProviderSupport [Bool]
    TurnOffAfterProbesOnReturn [Bool]
    Compiling.SkipCompileBeforeSaveAll [Bool]
    FeatureToggle.Editor.OpenUsesDocDirectory [Bool]
    SmoothLineDrawing [Bool]
    print.drawConsistentCrossHatching [Bool]
    StatePanel.Flat [Bool]
    StatePanel.TestAlternateResetButton [Bool]
    ButtonBar.SuppressContinuousRunButton [Bool]
    ExportVIStringsUTF8 [Bool]
    CachePseudoPathsOnRT [Bool]
    CallVIEntryPoint.PrintCalls [Bool]
    DragAdjustWires [Bool]
    VectorAST.visual.enable [Bool]
    ShowWireAddressMode [Bool]
    modernWireHover [Bool]
    VILoad.LocationLogging [Bool]
    Compiling.SkipVICompileOnOpen [Bool]
    ShowDeferDecisionDialog [Bool]
    BrokenVI.ShouldDWarn [Bool]
    BrokenVI.HeapObj.PrintHeapCheck [Bool]
    Linker.NotifyOnMissingExtFunc [Bool]
    ObjectManager.ShowDeprecated [Bool]
    shouldFixVIToPrivDataControlLinks [Bool]
    LoadPanel.allowIgnoreRNotFound [Bool]
    disableDialogVIsAndLatchButtonsForAutomation [Bool]
    RunWhenOpened.ConstrainEverywhere [Bool]
    FeatureToggle.Editor.ProjectSaveVersion [Bool]
    Project.DoNotSortProjectsDuringSaveLoad  [Bool]
    PythonNode.UsePythonExecutable [Bool]
    FPProtocol.EnableMessageLog [Bool]
    FPProtocol.PrintContextOnConnect [Bool]
    useFPObserverCache [Bool]
    DPrintCallCountChanges [Bool]
    VIServer.Server.AlwaysPostDestroy [Bool]
    AsyncRefs.Debug [Bool]
    AppBuilder.AlwaysCheckAccessorVITypes [Bool]
    ZoomToggleAnimates [Bool]
    FeatureToggle.Editor.Zoom [Bool]
    Editor.Zoom.BlockDiagram.Enabled [Bool]
    Editor.Zoom.MouseWheelGestureRequireShift [Bool]
    FasterTestSetInsert [Bool]
    IsValidVI.ReportTimings [Bool]
    useRangesForCloneNumber [Bool]
    i386_CacheAlign (0x5A60A0D) [I32 ]
    ImageDrawingUsesGDIP [Bool]
    allowMultipleInstances (0x4FF1C8) [Bool]
    mergeAdjVirtualAllocs (0x4FF1C8) [Bool]
    memoryChecking (0x4FF1C4) [Bool]
    CheckHighWaterMarks (0x4FF1C0) [Bool]
    DWarnOnOutOfMemory (0x4FF1BC) [Bool]
    debugging (0x38EEEE8) [Bool]
    debugkeys (0x38EEEEC) [Bool]
    Invert3DPictImage (0x3820690) [Bool]
    ole.AuthnLevel (0x4FF1C4) [I32 ]
    ole.ImpLevel (0x4FF1C8) [I32 ]
    useLocaleDecimalPt (0x38F01E4) [Bool]
    WindowsThemeChangeCompletionTimeoutInSeconds (0x381FAEC) [I32 ]
    useUnicode (0x4FF0B0) [Bool]
    enableHorizontalScrollWheel (0x38EEEC0) [Bool]
    useTaskBar (0x38F0204) [Bool]
    hideRootWindow (0x4FF1B8) [Bool]
    DontUseAltTab (0x4FF1AC) [Bool]
    throttleColorDepthCalls (0x381FE50) [Bool]
    enableThrottleDPrintfs (0x38EE768) [Bool]
    useMaskBlit (0x4FF194) [Bool]
    useAlphaBlend (0x4FF190) [Bool]
    WindowsLongPaths (_) [Bool]
    DWarnLogPath (0x4FED9C) [Path]
    DPrintfToFile (0x4FED98) [Bool]
    DebugDlgSkipList (0x5B764B4) [CPSt]
    DebugLogSkipList (0x5B764B4) [CPSt]
    MaxDWarnsLogged (0x378F170) [I32 ]
    NIERMaxDWarnDumps (0x378F14C) [I32 ]
    MaxDPrintfsLogged (0x378F174) [I32 ]
    MaxDDumpsLogged (0x378F178) [I32 ]
    DAbortDialog (0x378F130) [Bool]
    promoteDWarnInternals (0x4FEFCC) [Bool]
    DWarnDialog (0x378F120) [Bool]
    DWarnLogging (0x378F128) [Bool]
    DPrintfLogging (0x378F12C) [Bool]
    DWarnDialogMultiples (0x378F124) [Bool]
    neverShowLicensingStartupDialog (0x4FE138) [Bool]
    XNodeDevelopment_LabVIEWInternalTag (0x5E40160) [Bool]
    FPUpdateRate (0x378BB48) [I32 ]
    ZCompressLevel (0x378BEBC) [I32 ]
    DebugPathRef (0x4FE508) [Bool]
    UTF8Paths (0x4FE510) [Bool]
    DefaultDataFileLocation (0x5A00800) [Path]
    libdir (0x5A00818) [Path]
    rviDir (0x5A00840) [Path]
    examplesDir (0x5A00850) [Path]
    UserDefinedErrorsDir (0x5A00860) [Path]
    HiliteExecutionWhosePride (0x5A00868) [Path]
    defaultdir (0x5A00870) [Path]
    LVComponentLocationInfoDir (0x5A00890) [Path]
    tmpdir (0x5A008A8) [Path]
    UsePublicCacheForInstCache (0x37AFEB8) [Bool]
    PseudoPathRemappingsFilePath (0x4FE468) [Path]
    ServiceLocator.LazyInit (0x4FE47C) [Bool]
    serviceLocatorTimeout (0x4FE430) [I32 ]
    DNSLookupEnabled (0x3820770) [Bool]
    SocketSetReuseAddr (0x38F050C) [Bool]
    SocketSetReusePort (0x3820778) [Bool]
    SocketListenBacklog (0x382077C) [I32 ]
    SocketSendBufferSize (0x3820780) [I32 ]
    SocketRecvBufferSize (0x3820784) [I32 ]
    SocketSendChunkSize (0x3820788) [I32 ]
    IsolateListenerAccept (0x38F0510) [Bool]
    netconn (0x4FE178) [Bool]
    Max_Sockets (0x38218E4) [I32 ]
    hierarchy.stateFlags (0x37A9880) [I32 ]
    HierStateEdgeStyle (0x37A988C) [I32 ]
    HierarchyWindow.ShowPrivateApp (0x3881B30) [Bool]
    ReportMovingVIs (0x37B8558) [Bool]
    ReportMovingVILibVIs (0x3897114) [Bool]
    RelaxQualifiedNameMatching (0x3897118) [Bool]
    ReportExtLibCrossLink (0x3891B9C) [Bool]
    LVAddons.CustomLocation [Path]
    LVTargets (0x6B8AA10) [Path]
    LocalHost.LibraryPaths (0x4FE08C) [PRfL]
    server.tcp.port (0x4FE454) [I32 ]
    useXPFontsOnVista (0x38F0238) [Bool]
    FontCodePageList (0x5B76734) [CPSt]
    hardCodeFontNames (0x38F0240) [Bool]
    hardCodeFontSizes (0x38F023C) [Bool]
    TTFontSmallerMultiplier (0x381FF2C) [F32 ]
    BitmapFontSmallerMultiplier (0x381FF30) [F32 ]
    allowSetUnicodeStyle (0x38EEF30) [Bool]
    forceCharSetMapping (0x381FF28) [I32 ]
    pretendToUseCyrillicScript (0x38EEF40) [Bool]
    ForceCodePageMapping (0x38EEF4C) [I32 ]
    appFont (0x38F01C8) [Font]
    systemFont (0x38F01D0) [Font]
    dialogFont (0x38F01CC) [Font]
    UDRefnumDataIsCookie (0x3873E8C) [Bool]
    RTUseMutexOptimizations (0x38BF9C0) [Bool]
    RTMutexOptTableWidthLog2 (0x37B8F0C) [Bool]
    RTMutexOptTableHeightLog2 (0x37B8F10) [Bool]
    checkAvailDiskSpace (0x3881E06) [Bool]
    warnMin (0x3881E0E) [I32 ]
    abortMin (0x3881E0A) [I32 ]
    FlatLibChain (0x378E544) [Bool]
    usePaletteMenuOnMenuBar (0x38821C6) [Bool]
    RemotePanel.ServerTimeoutInSecs (0x38C9360) [I32 ]
    RemotePanel.MaxMsgBacklog (0x38C9364) [I32 ]
    RemotePanel.NetloadLogInterval (0x38C936C) [I32 ]
    RemotePanel.NetloadLogNumOfSamples (0x38C9370) [I32 ]
    RemotePanel.VIControlTimeLimit (0x38C937D) [I32 ]
    RemotePanel.InactivePingTimeout (0x38C9385) [I32 ]
    RemotePanel.InactiveCloseTimeout (0x38C9389) [I32 ]
    RemotePanel.InactiveTimeoutEnabled (0x38C9381) [Bool]
    VisaSelectionIndex (0x37BC024) [I32 ]
    doObjPathChecking (0x3882416) [Bool]
    simplePopups (0x3881EE6) [Bool]
    dithering (0x38F01C4) [Bool]
    independentImageDepth (0x38F0208) [I32 ]
    LVdebugKeys (0x38EEEEC) [Bool]
    KeepCodeStreamsForHeapPeek (0x387B408) [Bool]
    useWindowMenuBars (0x38053F8) [Bool]
    tileUpDown (0x3881E3A) [Bool]
    paintPixmap (0x3881E3E) [Bool]
    openInRun (0x3881E42) [Bool]
    useNativeColorPicker (0x37A2B60) [Bool]
    imagesCompressedInMem (0x38F2D68) [Bool]
    lvPictImagesSavedCompressed (0x3821018) [Bool]
    noBoxAroundName (0x3881E46) [Bool]
    transparentBDLabels (0x3881E4A) [Bool]
    transparentBDFreeLabels (0x38826DE) [Bool]
    copyDeleteFPDCOFromFPTerm (0x3881E76) [Bool]
    ctlEditNoQuestions (0x3884598) [Bool]
    doubleClickToEditControl (0x3881E16) [Bool]
    HiddenControlsVisibleWhileEditing (0x4FDF98) [Bool]
    LastErrorListSize (0x4FE42C) [Rect]
    overanxiousMemoryDeallocation (0x3881E1E) [Bool]
    showWireDots (0x3881E22) [Bool]
    nodeBreakPointMenuItem (0x4FE438) [Bool]
    nodeBreakPointGenCode (0x4FE438) [Bool]
    offscreenUpdates (0x3881E1A) [Bool]
    honorOffScreenSettings (0x37AA578) [Bool]
    scrollingStripCharts (0x38C354C) [Bool]
    keepIntensityBitmap (0x38C3550) [Bool]
    windowSize (0x3881DB8) [Rect]
    diagram.background (0x3881D94) [Colr]
    diagram.primColor (0x3881D84) [Colr]
    coercionDot (0x3881D9C) [Colr]
    sourceCoercionDot (0x3881DA0) [Colr]
    sourceUserCoercionDot (0x3881DA4) [Colr]
    panel.background (0x3881D90) [Colr]
    execPalette.foreground (0x3881DA8) [Colr]
    execPalette.background (0x3881DAC) [Colr]
    cursor.foreground (0x38F00E4) [Colr]
    cursor.background (0x38F00E8) [Colr]
    scrollbar.foreground (0x38F01AC) [Colr]
    scrollbar.background (0x38F01A8) [Colr]
    returnKeyAction (0x3881E12) [Bool]
    showWarnings (0x3881DF6) [Bool]
    showVILibWarnings (0x3881DFE) [Bool]
    simpleDiagramHelp (0x3881E62) [Bool]
    MaxHelpDescLength (0x3882676) [I32 ]
    prettyExecHilite (0x3881DCA) [Bool]
    autoProbe (0x3881DCE) [Bool]
    reqdTermsByDefault (0x38826EE) [Bool]
    useAllFKeys (0x38F01E0) [Bool]
    history.alwaysRecordChange (0x3881E26) [Bool]
    history.promptAtClose (0x3881E2A) [Bool]
    history.promptAtSave (0x3881E2E) [Bool]
    history.generateComments (0x3881E32) [Bool]
    history.whereToGetName (0x5B76774) [PStr]
    showEmptyHistoryEntries (0x3881E4E) [Bool]
    titlebarRevision (0x3881E52) [Bool]
    showSubVIName (0x3881E72) [Bool]
    showBDConstName (0x3881E92) [Bool]
    useNewPrintHeader (0x3881E96) [Bool]
    skipNavigatorDialog (0x3881EB6) [Bool]
    hotMenus (0x38F01E8) [Bool]
    dropThroughClicks (0x38F01EC) [Bool]
    hour24 (0x38F01F0) [Bool]
    dateDayFirst (0x38F01F4) [Bool]
    yearFirst (0x38F01F8) [Bool]
    timeSeparator (0x38F01FC) [I32 ]
    dateSeparator (0x38F0200) [I32 ]
    blinkSpeed (0x3881E6E) [I32 ]
    blinkFG (0x3881E66) [Colr]
    blinkBG (0x3881E6A) [Colr]
    showTipStrings (0x3881E82) [Bool]
    showTipStringsOnDiagram (0x3881E8A) [Bool]
    showTipStringsOnTerms (0x3881E7E) [Bool]
    showWireGuides (0x3881E8E) [Bool]
    showTipStringsOnFPControls (0x3881E86) [Bool]
    playAnimatedImages (0x38F0228) [Bool]
    MinMNGFrameDelay (0x4FE434) [I32 ]
    maxUndoSteps (0x3881EA2) [I32 ]
    confDiagEnabled (0x3881EA6) [Bool]
    preAllocateEnabled (0x3881EAA) [Bool]
    inlineSubVIEnabled (0x3881EAE) [Bool]
    mutateToPeriodDecimalPoint (0x3881EBE) [I32 ]
    readOnlyLock (0x3881EDE) [Bool]
    NoSavePromptForReadonlyLocked (0x3881EE2) [Bool]
    disableMenuEffects (0x38F020C) [Bool]
    enableShellExtension (0x38F0210) [Bool]
    EnableCursorScaling (0x38F0254) [Bool]
    UseMarketingSplash (0x388262E) [Bool]
    SimShowCompanionDiag (0x3882436) [Bool]
    DebugSimScripting (0x388243A) [Bool]
    DropSubsystemsAsXNode (0x388243E) [Bool]
    preloadSimScriptingVIs (0x3882442) [Bool]
    ExecEngineSelectPrompt (0x3881F26) [Bool]
    ExecHiliteTracing (0x388200A) [Bool]
    HiliteExecutionPride (0x388200E) [Bool]
    viTitleInPalettes (0x3881EC6) [Bool]
    viCaptionTipStrings (0x3881ECA) [Bool]
    RTTarget.IPAccess (0x5B7677C) [CPSt]
    RTTarget.ApplicationPath (0x6B8B308) [Path]
    RTTarget.VIPath (0x6B8B318) [Path]
    SnapGridShowsOnFrontPanel (0x3882016) [Bool]
    SnapGridSnapsOnFrontPanel (0x388201A) [Bool]
    SnapGridFrontPanelSize (0x388201E) [I32 ]
    SnapGridFrontPanelContrast (0x3882022) [I32 ]
    SnapGridShowsOnBlockDiagram (0x3882026) [Bool]
    SnapGridSnapsOnBlockDiagram (0x388202A) [Bool]
    SnapGridBlockDiagramSize (0x388202E) [I32 ]
    SnapGridBlockDiagramContrast (0x3882032) [I32 ]
    SnapGridDrawAsLines (0x3882036) [I32 ]
    SnapGridDrawLinesAndDots (0x38C0F70) [Bool]
    SnapGridMinorDivsInMajor (0x37BB3D8) [I32 ]
    SnapGridResizeWhenDropping (0x388203A) [Bool]
    defaultControlStyle (0x38821AE) [I32 ]
    PolySelectorEnabledAtDrop (0x38821B2) [Bool]
    DbgSkipAssertIdentsAndVIsMatch (0x3804234) [Bool]
    LVClassOutputsDynamicByDefault (0x37BC5F0) [Bool]
    ShowRedXOnWire (0x3881EB2) [Bool]
    UnitDialogGroups (0x388204A) [Bool]
    DisableTargetSyntaxChecking (0x3882042) [Bool]
    RTTarget.LaunchAppAtBoot (0x3881F62) [Bool]
    RTTarget.EnableFileSharing (0x3881F6A) [Bool]
    viSearchPath (0x5B7678C) [PLst]
    editRecentPaths (0x5B76790) [PLst]
    execRecentPaths (0x5B76798) [PLst]
    RecentFiles.showFullPath (0x4FDF98) [Bool]
    RecentFiles.maxNum (0x5A660A0) [I32 ]
    RecentFiles.pathList (0x5A66084) [PRfL]
    RecentFiles.projectPathList (0x5A66094) [PRfL]
    formulaBoxPrecision (0x5B767A0) [PStr]
    flushDrawing (0x3881DC6) [Bool]
    suppressPopups (0x3881F4E) [Bool]
    find.findTextFlags (0x4FDF94) [I32 ]
    find.viListFlags (0x3881AF0) [I32 ]
    find.nodeRsrcID (0x4FDF98) [I32 ]
    find.searchStr (0x5B767A0) [PStr]
    diff.tileVert (0x4FDF98) [Bool]
    diff.circles (0x4FDF98) [Bool]
    firstDiffMonitor (0x4FDF94) [I32 ]
    secondDiffMonitor (0x4FDF94) [I32 ]
    diff.showMatches (0x3881E9A) [Bool]
    useNativeFileDialog (0x3881E7A) [Bool]
    editRTMenusFromRsrc (0x3881E9E) [Bool]
    unattended (0x3891C7C) [Bool]
    FPFont (0x4FDF80) [Font]
    BDFont (0x4FDF80) [Font]
    IconFont (0x4FDF7C) [Font]
    SuperSecretPrivateSpecialStuff (0x38BFA3C) [Bool]
    SuperSecretListboxStuff (0x3881FEE) [Bool]
    EnableStrictTypedefConstantConfiguration (0x38825F6) [Bool]
    editor.liveUpdates (0x3881F2A) [Bool]
    editor.smartWiring (0x3881F2E) [Bool]
    menu.foreground (0x38F01B4) [Colr]
    trackTimeout (0x38F01DC) [I32 ]
    menu.background (0x38F01B0) [Colr]
    menubar.foreground (0x38F01BC) [Colr]
    menubar.background (0x38F01B8) [Colr]
    scrollGraphCursors (0x37BB1EC) [Bool]
    smoothGraphMarkers (0x3881EEE) [Bool]
    enableAutoScales (0x379C360) [Bool]
    enableMultiScales (0x379C35C) [Bool]
    enableAutoWire (0x3881F6E) [Bool]
    autoWireMax (0x3881F72) [I32 ]
    autoWireMin (0x3881F76) [I32 ]
    coerceFromVariant (0x3881F46) [Bool]
    funkyErrClustWire (0x3881F4A) [Bool]
    autoTool (0x3881F7A) [Bool]
    autoTool.wireWires (0x3881F7E) [Bool]
    autoTool.allowLabelOnFP (0x3881F82) [Bool]
    autoTool.allowLabelOnBD (0x3881F86) [Bool]
    autoTool.changeBoolValsOnFP (0x3881F8A) [Bool]
    autoTool.changeBoolValsOnBD (0x3881F8E) [Bool]
    autoTool.changeNumValsOnFP (0x3881F92) [Bool]
    autoTool.changeNumValsOnBD (0x3881F96) [Bool]
    autoTool.doubleClickLabels (0x3881F9A) [Bool]
    FancyFPTerms (0x3881F9E) [Bool]
    showDatatypeOnFancyTerms (0x3881FA2) [Bool]
    growSubVI.enabled (0x3881FA6) [Bool]
    growSubVI.defaultStyle (0x3881FAA) [I32 ]
    allowOpenFPOfInstanceVIs (0x3881FAE) [Bool]
    allowStaticVIRefInstanceDragDrop (0x3881FB2) [Bool]
    showFullPathOfInstanceVIs (0x3881FB6) [Bool]
    dontGiveInstanceVIsTitles (0x3881FBA) [Bool]
    expressLeaveWizardsOpenAfterLaunch (0x3881FBE) [Bool]
    LaunchConfigurationPageAfterDropExpressBlock (0x3881FC2) [Bool]
    EnableAutomaticErrorHandling (0x38823EE) [Bool]
    EnableAutomaticErrorHandlingRT (0x38823F2) [Bool]
    UseAbridgedMenus (0x38F0214) [Bool]
    StructuresAutoSizeByDefault (0x3881FCA) [Bool]
    structuresFadeToDiagramBeneath (0x3881FCE) [Bool]
    controlPropertyPages (0x3881FD2) [Bool]
    usePropPageForFormatting (0x3881FD6) [Bool]
    showDefaultErrorHandlingDebugBtn (0x3881FDA) [Bool]
    autoInsertFeedbackNode (0x3881FDE) [Bool]
    graphReadsAttributes (0x3881FE2) [Bool]
    defaultErrorHandlingForNewVIs (0x3881FC6) [Bool]
    requireAutoTool (0x3881FE6) [Bool]
    quickMenuProperties (0x3881FEA) [Bool]
    smartProbesEnabled (0x3881FF2) [Bool]
    closeConfVIOnBDClose (0x3881FF6) [Bool]
    drawFPTermArrow (0x3881FFA) [Bool]
    showConfVIFrontPanel (0x3881FFE) [Bool]
    allowNoLockingForEvents (0x3882002) [Bool]
    autoRouteWires (0x388204E) [Bool]
    WireRouteTime (0x3882052) [I32 ]
    preAllocateUIEnabled (0x3882056) [Bool]
    autoPreallocate (0x388205A) [Bool]
    DefaultPingDelay (0x388205E) [I32 ]
    DefaultPingTimeout (0x3882062) [I32 ]
    ExternalNodesEnabled (0x3882066) [Bool]
    ExternalNodeDebugging (0x388206A) [Bool]
    XNodeWizardMode (0x38825D2) [Bool]
    allowBrokenForeverAbsolution (0x38825D6) [Bool]
    DisableLazyLoadXNode (0x38825DA) [Bool]
    ForceLazyLoadXNode (0x38825DE) [Bool]
    TestXNodesReentrant (0x38825E2) [Bool]
    TestXNodesSharedReentrant (0x38825E6) [Bool]
    XTraceAll (0x388268A) [Bool]
    XTraceXNode (0x388268E) [Bool]
    CacheMyDrift (0x3882692) [Bool]
    AllowPPLMemberVIsToCompile (0x3882696) [Bool]
    FindSpaceOnCreate (0x3882406) [Bool]
    FindSpaceCreateZone (0x388240A) [I32 ]
    paletteAsyncLoad (0x3882076) [Bool]
    AssistantsUseStrictTypes (0x388207A) [Bool]
    debugVHDL (0x388207E) [Bool]
    paletteLazyLoad (0x3882082) [Bool]
    addBulletCastInWDTMutation (0x3882086) [Bool]
    InternetToolkitInstalled (0x388208A) [Bool]
    LoadGWSAtStart (0x388208E) [Bool]
    ShowGWS (0x3882092) [Bool]
    showNoNavDialog (0x3882196) [Bool]
    compileOptimizeFlags (0x388219E) [I32 ]
    int64Enabled (0x38821A2) [Bool]
    IsFirstLaunch (0x38821AA) [Bool]
    ActiveXContainerDefaultInDesignMode (0x38821B6) [Bool]
    ActiveXMoreContainerOptions (0x38821BA) [Bool]
    ActiveXPropertyBrowser.AutoHide (0x38F0234) [Bool]
    useIPInfoInLVEmbedded (0x38821BE) [Bool]
    useOldLibInterfaceInLVEmbedded (0x38821C2) [Bool]
    UnwiredRecomendedWarning (0x38821CA) [Bool]
    ListboxSelectionStyle (0x5B767A0) [PStr]
    ListboxSelectionVersion (0x5B767A0) [PStr]
    serviceLocatorEnabled (0x38821D2) [Bool]
    serviceLocatorLocalOnly (0x38821D6) [Bool]
    helpServerEnabled (0x38821DA) [Bool]
    numStatusItemsToLog (0x38821DE) [I32 ]
    statusLogPath (0x5A008C0) [Path]
    allowPreallocsInDll (0x38821E6) [Bool]
    AllowManualLoadUnloadCvtFile (0x3884588) [Bool]
    UseDefaultNumDisplayFormat (0x38821EA) [Bool]
    defaultIndicatorFormat (0x5B767A0) [PStr]
    defaultControlFormat (0x5B767A0) [PStr]
    AllowRunTimeFontChangeOnPaste (0x38823F6) [Bool]
    EnableTimedLoops (0x38823FE) [Bool]
    nonDirectionalSignals (0x388240E) [Bool]
    typeDefExternalSignals (0x3882412) [Bool]
    EnableTimeDataNodeHiddenElements (0x388241A) [Bool]
    suppressFileDlgForMissingVIs (0x3882422) [Bool]
    pinPlotLegendLeft (0x3882426) [Bool]
    preAllocateStringsUIEnabled (0x388242A) [Bool]
    PumpOSMsgsinCallback (0x388242E) [Bool]
    VirtualProtectGeneratedCode (0x388244E) [Bool]
    UseBitmapClipboard (0x3882452) [Bool]
    stressCompactObjHeap (0x388261A) [Bool]
    launchNewWorkspaceOnStart (0x3882466) [Bool]
    enableVIBasedProviders (0x3882702) [Bool]
    disableCrossLinkWarningDlgs (0x388273E) [I32 ]
    promptToSaveNewProjects (0x3882742) [Bool]
    projectInternalOptions (0x388246A) [I32 ]
    NitPickCntxtRefs (0x4FE43C) [Bool]
    moveDefaultContextVIsToProjContext (0x4FE468) [Bool]
    useSingleTree (0x4FE468) [Bool]
    disableBatchAdd (0x4FE468) [Bool]
    createDefaultProject (0x4FE468) [Bool]
    addProjectOptionsToFileNewDlg (0x4FE468) [Bool]
    projectDebugPumpOSMsgs (0x4FE468) [Bool]
    populateLibs (0x4FE468) [Bool]
    editInMultipleContexts (0x38825EA) [Bool]
    autoDeployOnVIRun (0x3882602) [Bool]
    ShowPathInProjectWindow (0x38825F2) [Bool]
    showExePathInWindowTitle (0x3882462) [Bool]
    skipAllLaunchVIs (0x3882802) [Bool]
    SnapToPresetsFP (0x3882472) [Bool]
    SnapToPresetsBD (0x3882476) [Bool]
    DefaultLabelLockFP (0x388247A) [Bool]
    DefaultLabelLockBD (0x388247E) [Bool]
    DefaultLabelPositionFP (0x3882482) [I32 ]
    DefaultLabelPositionBD (0x3882486) [I32 ]
    ShowProjectsInSeparateList (0x38829B2) [Bool]
    UndoAfterSave (0x38829B6) [Bool]
    AlwaysShowConnectorPane (0x38829BA) [Bool]
    AllowSlicesIntoBundles (0x3882A8E) [Bool]
    AllowSlicesIntoBundleBorderNode (0x3882A92) [Bool]
    sourceOnlyDefaultForNewVIs (0x38829CE) [Bool]
    sourceOnlyTransactionFrequency (0x38829D2) [I32 ]
    CustomShortcuts (0x5B767A4) [ECPS]
    AllowDeprecateUDProps (0x388245E) [Bool]
    AllowUDPropRerunAsDefaultValue (0x388245A) [Bool]
    PlotHitThreshold (0x3882432) [I32 ]
    SortPaletteItems (0x388246E) [Bool]
    FXPDefaultWordLength (0x388248A) [I32 ]
    FXPDefaultIntWordLength (0x388248E) [I32 ]
    FXPDefaultSigned (0x3882492) [Bool]
    ClassBrowserEnabled (0x3882496) [Bool]
    SCCProjectName (0x388249A) [LStr]
    SCCLocalPath (0x5A00910) [Path]
    SCCConfigData (0x38824A2) [LStr]
    SCCProviderName (0x38824A6) [LStr]
    SCCProviderLocation (0x38824AA) [LStr]
    SCCDisplayOnlySelected (0x38824AE) [Bool]
    SCCSelectHierarchyWhenAdd (0x38824B2) [Bool]
    SCCSelectCallersWhenCheckedOut (0x38824B6) [Bool]
    SCCDisplayWarningIfCheckedOut (0x38824BA) [Bool]
    SCCUseDialogBox (0x38824BE) [Bool]
    SCCPromptToCheckOut (0x38824C2) [Bool]
    SCCPromptToAddToProject (0x38824C6) [Bool]
    SCCPromptToAddToAddSubVIs (0x38824CA) [Bool]
    SCCIncludeVILibInGetDependents (0x38826A6) [Bool]
    SCCIncludeInstrLibInGetDependents (0x38826AA) [Bool]
    extFuncGenNoWrapperEnabled (0x38825FA) [Bool]
    extFuncExtendedOptionsEnabled (0x38825FE) [Bool]
    extFuncArgTypeOnlyEnabled (0x3882B2A) [Bool]
    NISecurityTimeout (0x3882606) [I32 ]
    keyboardAccelerateSave (0x388260A) [Bool]
    DontShowProjectRemoveDialog (0x388260E) [Bool]
    DontShowProjectRemoveDialogNonFile (0x3882612) [Bool]
    DontShowProjectAddDialog (0x3882636) [Bool]
    DontShowProjectAddDialogDoNotAdd (0x388263A) [Bool]
    DontShowProjectAddDialog2 (0x388263E) [Bool]
    security.loginMode (0x388261E) [Bool]
    security.keyboardACL (0x3882622) [LStr]
    security.SVELoginMode (0x388267A) [Bool]
    security.SVEUsername (0x388267E) [LStr]
    security.SVEDomain (0x3882682) [LStr]
    RunWhenOpened.Behavior (0x3882B4A) [I32 ]
    asynchWiresEnabled (0x3882642) [I32 ]
    recursiveTypesEnabled (0x388269E) [Bool]
    subTypeSubVIInputsEnabled (0x388219A) [I32 ]
    AutoSaveEnabled (0x3882646) [Bool]
    AutoSaveTimerEnabled (0x388264E) [Bool]
    AutoSaveTimeoutMinutes (0x388264A) [I32 ]
    keepDotNetDomainAlive (0x3882652) [Bool]
    AppDomainSetup_CachePath (0x5A00918) [Path]
    AppDomainSetup_DisallowBindingRedirects (0x388265A) [Bool]
    AppDomainSetup_DisallowCodeDownload (0x388265E) [Bool]
    AppDomainSetup_DisallowPublisherPolicy (0x3882662) [Bool]
    AppDomainSetup_DynamicBase (0x5A00920) [Path]
    AppDomainSetup_LicenseFile (0x5A00928) [Path]
    AppDomainSetup_ShadowCopyFiles (0x388266E) [Bool]
    suppressAssemblyChangedWarnMessages (0x3882672) [Bool]
    SaveChanges_ApplyToAll (0x4FE428) [Bool]
    SaveChanges_ExpandedAffectedFileList (0x4FE424) [Bool]
    TimeTriggeredVariableEnabled (0x3882686) [Bool]
    showHiddenUserDefinedRefnumClasses (0x38826A2) [Bool]
    scriptNodeWait (0x38826E2) [I32 ]
    showGridTipStrips (0x38826EA) [Bool]
    allowDragDropFromFileDlg (0x38826F2) [Bool]
    enableRelativeSharedVariableNodes (0x38826F6) [Bool]
    enableCreateSharedVariableFromTerm (0x38826FA) [Bool]
    mathScriptPath (0x5B767A8) [PLst]
    preloadSCScriptingVIs (0x388270A) [Bool]
    runSCSemanticCheck (0x388270E) [Bool]
    ShowTransitionNodeLabel (0x388271A) [Bool]
    enableStatechartInCore (0x3882716) [Bool]
    ShowCustomIconSCNodes (0x388271E) [Bool]
    ShowConfigurationSCNodes (0x3882722) [Bool]
    StatechartNodeBeingConfiguredColor (0x388272E) [Bool]
    scCodeGenUseCaseStructure (0x3882726) [Bool]
    ShowPathConfigIsInSCNode (0x388272A) [Bool]
    scInlineTopLevelGraphAttr (0x3882732) [Bool]
    ShowHiddenLibraryItems (0x3882736) [Bool]
    ShowAllVIsInErrorWindow (0x388273A) [Bool]
    fpgaProfileContext (0x3882746) [Bool]
    fpgaSeparateCompileForEmulation (0x38829E2) [Bool]
    AllowVILibMods (0x388274A) [Bool]
    AllowItemsViewDelete (0x388274E) [Bool]
    AdvancedPlotLegendMenu (0x388277E) [Bool]
    ignoreTypeLibraryTimeStamps (0x3882752) [Bool]
    UnveilLVClassesRT (0x3882756) [Bool]
    suppressAllProgressProcs (0x388275A) [Bool]
    loadLibsInProjects (0x388275E) [Bool]
    updateDependenciesAutomatically (0x3882762) [Bool]
    suppressResolveLoadConflictDlg (0x3882766) [Bool]
    suppressInitialProjectDependencyConflictDlg (0x388276A) [Bool]
    suppressNormalProjectDependencyConflictDlg (0x388276E) [Bool]
    suppressInternalHierarchyConflictDlg (0x3882772) [Bool]
    dWarnWhenCrossLinkDialogsAreShown (0x3882776) [Bool]
    showMissingDependenciesOfInMemoryItems (0x388277A) [Bool]
    ignoreXControlTimeStamps (0x3882782) [Bool]
    MathScriptOperatorsColor (0x3882786) [Colr]
    MathScriptKeywordsColor (0x388278A) [Colr]
    MathScriptVariablesColor (0x388278E) [Colr]
    MathScriptConstantsColor (0x3882792) [Colr]
    MathScriptFunctionsColor (0x3882796) [Colr]
    MathScriptUDFColor (0x388279A) [Colr]
    MathScriptUnknownColor (0x388279E) [Colr]
    MathScriptNumericColor (0x38827A2) [Colr]
    MathScriptStringColor (0x38827A6) [Colr]
    MathScriptCommentsColor (0x38827AA) [Colr]
    MathScriptHighlightingEnabled (0x38827AE) [Bool]
    VariableQtDialog (0x38827B2) [Bool]
    viewLadderBD (0x38827B6) [Bool]
    enableWireTracing (0x38827BA) [Bool]
    maxSizeToPutInConglomerate (0x38827C6) [I32 ]
    showFlagsInProjectTree (0x38827CA) [Bool]
    showSaveAllWithChangesInProject (0x38827CE) [Bool]
    fastTypeProp (0x38827C2) [Bool]
    reorderUIDsAtSave (0x38827BE) [Bool]
    whileLoopSharedCloneOptions (0x38827D2) [Bool]
    viewHiddenLib (0x38827D6) [Bool]
    enableLadder (0x38827DA) [Bool]
    enableWCharPathCaching (0x38827DE) [Bool]
    enableCFileHashCaching (0x38827E2) [Bool]
    enablePsuedoPathCaching (0x38827E6) [Bool]
    enableFileRedirection (0x38827EA) [Bool]
    allowSlightlyFutureXMutationTriggers (0x38827EE) [Bool]
    allowConvertToStub (0x38827F2) [Bool]
    resizeObjectsOnBlockDiagram (0x38827F6) [Bool]
    allowDeferredXNodeCodeGen (0x38827FA) [Bool]
    MathScriptEnableUndo (0x38827FE) [Bool]
    extFuncCatching (0x378BDC8) [I32 ]
    GenericsAreGo (0x3882806) [Bool]
    ShowLoadProgressDialog (0x388280A) [Bool]
    useNumbersForNewVIIcons (0x38826FE) [Bool]
    MathScriptIntegerColor (0x388280E) [Colr]
    MathScriptDoubleColor (0x3882812) [Colr]
    MathScriptComplexColor (0x3882816) [Colr]
    MathScriptCharColor (0x388281A) [Colr]
    MathScriptBooleanColor (0x388281E) [Colr]
    MathScriptUnknownVarColor (0x3882822) [Colr]
    MathScriptPluginColor (0x3882826) [Colr]
    MathScriptScalarShape (0x388282A) [I32 ]
    MathScriptVectorShape (0x388282E) [I32 ]
    MathScriptMatrixShape (0x3882832) [I32 ]
    MSNSkipDiagram (0x3882836) [Bool]
    MathScriptVariantColor (0x388283E) [I32 ]
    TotallySecretAndPrivateMSNCompanionDiagram (0x3882626) [Bool]
    DialogBoolsOnlyUseWindowsKeys (0x38826AE) [Bool]
    SaveBackIntoOriginalFile (0x37A3F74) [Bool]
    RecompileOnLibChange (0x388241E) [Bool]
    GSW_RSSCheckEnabled (0x388283A) [Bool]
    enableSecretPopups (0x3882842) [Bool]
    noShowHideFloaters (0x3882B0E) [Bool]
    MathScriptFastPropTypes (0x3882846) [Bool]
    EnableMSCompilerFastLoad (0x388284A) [Bool]
    openProbesInOwnWindows (0x3882966) [Bool]
    dataAddressProbes (0x388296A) [Bool]
    activeXUseStandardExecSystem (0x3882852) [Bool]
    skipSCCFolders (0x4FE41C) [P255]
    skipSVNFolders (0x3882856) [Bool]
    testStandOptions (0x388295A) [I32 ]
    showHardwareDetails (0x3882962) [Bool]
    autoResizeScrollbars (0x388295E) [Bool]
    sourceOnlyEnabled (0x388299A) [Bool]
    sourceOnlyEnvironment (0x388299E) [Bool]
    sourceOnlyRemoveAdjacentObjFile (0x38829A2) [Bool]
    server.viscripting.showScriptingOperationsInEditor (0x3882992) [Bool]
    server.viscripting.showScriptingOperationsInContextHelp (0x3882996) [Bool]
    server.viscripting.showRiskyScriptingItems (0x38829A6) [Bool]
    LVNotebookBehaviorEnabled (0x38829AA) [Bool]
    LVNotebookCrappyWindowSuppressionEnabled (0x38829AE) [Bool]
    useCacheForDeployment (0x38829BE) [Bool]
    rtDownloadPackedLibraries (0x38829C2) [Bool]
    UseAppBuilderCache (0x38829C6) [Bool]
    RTCloseVIsOnDocMod (0x38829CA) [Bool]
    MathScriptStructColor (0x38829D6) [Colr]
    MultiSelectPopUp (0x3882A0E) [Bool]
    LazyLoadIcons (0x38829DA) [Bool]
    VisWithIcons (0x38829DE) [LStr]
    DropSubdiagramLabelByDefault (0x38829E6) [Bool]
    DefaultSubdiagramLabelJustification (0x38829EA) [I32 ]
    ShowRawCodeComplexity (0x38829EE) [Bool]
    CompilerCodeComplexityThreshold (0x38829F2) [I32 ]
    skipLoadingProjectProviderInBlackList (0x38829F6) [Bool]
    UDCInstallID (0x38829FA) [LStr]
    UDCConfig (0x38829FE) [LStr]
    DisableUDCEngagement (0x3882B6A) [Bool]
    DefaultLabelPositionIndFP (0x3882A02) [I32 ]
    DefaultLabelPositionIndBD (0x3882A06) [I32 ]
    DefaultLabelPositionOtherBD (0x3882A0A) [I32 ]
    AllowStackVariables (0x3882A12) [Colr]
    MathScriptCellArrayColor (0x3882A1A) [Colr]
    RT.DeployInlineSubVIs (0x3882A1E) [Bool]
    operateCursorRunningVIs (0x3882A22) [Bool]
    CoerceWrongPlatformPathInput (0x3882A26) [Bool]
    useSmallerMapLimit (0x3882A2A) [Bool]
    useLargerMapLimit (0x3882AF2) [Bool]
    Bookending.Enabled (0x3882A32) [Bool]
    Bookending.MinThreshold (0x3882A36) [I32 ]
    Bookending.Step1Threshold (0x3882A3A) [I32 ]
    Bookending.Step2Threshold (0x3882A3E) [I32 ]
    Bookending.MaxThreshold (0x3882A42) [I32 ]
    Bookending.WaitCoefficient (0x3882A46) [I32 ]
    UDCAlwaysQueryRemoteHardware (0x3882A4A) [Bool]
    GenerateInteropAssemblyDotNetFx20 (0x3882A4E) [Bool]
    AllowCLFNTakeSlice (0x3882A52) [Bool]
    CrashBeforeHardBreakPoint (0x3882A56) [Bool]
    EnableGenCodeDebugInfo (0x3882A5A) [Bool]
    EnableDebugInfoDumper (0x3882A5E) [Bool]
    UseZipDirCacheForLVLibp (0x3882A62) [Bool]
    EnableLibraryScopeOptimization (0x3882A66) [Bool]
    QuickBold (0x3882A6A) [Bool]
    DefaultNewControlVIType (0x3882B06) [I32 ]
    EnableAppBuilderLoadCodeOptimization (0x3882A6E) [Bool]
    MakeMultiThreadedLoadSourceOnlyAware (0x3882A72) [Bool]
    FitProbes (0x3882ABA) [Bool]
    ShowLabelAffordances (0x3882A7E) [Bool]
    disablePathCorrectionInBoundFile (0x3882A82) [Bool]
    disableBoundVIsInMultiThreadLoad (0x3882A86) [Bool]
    disableErrorDlgSearchHyperlink (0x3882A8A) [Bool]
    EnableCocoaLogging (0x3882A96) [Bool]
    SubPanelDiagramEditing (0x3882A9A) [Bool]
    SmarterAutomaticTunnelCreation (0x3882A9E) [Bool]
    AutomaticShiftRegisterCreation (0x3882AA2) [Bool]
    SelectiveDeallocation (0x3882AA6) [Bool]
    SelectiveDeallocation.EnableForAllVIs (0x3882AAA) [Bool]
    SelectiveDeallocation.LargeBufferThreshold (0x3882AAE) [I32 ]
    SelectiveDeallocation.UseBufferCache (0x3882AB2) [Bool]
    EnableLoadAndSaveWarningsLink (0x3882AB6) [Bool]
    DontCopyMissingVIIcon (0x3882ABE) [Bool]
    VIPurgeDisposesIcons (0x3882AC2) [Bool]
    TargetStructureNodeEnabled (0x3882B56) [Bool]
    TargetStructureShowScriptedDiagram (0x3882B5A) [Bool]
    TargetStructureSyntaxCheck (0x3882B5E) [Bool]
    TargetStructureNodeDetectNestedEnabled (0x3882B62) [Bool]
    TargetStructureNodeShowLocationTerminal (0x3882B66) [Bool]
    RaceStructureNodeEnabled (0x3882ACE) [Bool]
    ClosureStructureNodeEnabled (0x3882AD2) [Bool]
    EnableInheritanceLinkRefs (0x3882AC6) [Bool]
    EnableInheritanceLinkRefAddition (0x3882ACA) [Bool]
    EnableInheritanceLinkRefSanityCheck (0x3882AD6) [Bool]
    ModernBD (0x3882ADA) [Bool]
    EnableInheritanceLinkRefsSignatureCheck (0x3882ADE) [Bool]
    LoadBinaryCompatibleCodeWithoutRecompile (0x3882AE2) [Bool]
    EnableExcursionFreeExecSystems (0x3882AE6) [Bool]
    PPLLoadInCompatibleLVVersionDefaultValue (0x3882AEA) [Bool]
    Treat2016AsBinaryCompatible (0x3882AEE) [Bool]
    ShowConsoleForPythonNode (0x3882B0A) [Bool]
    Python27SharedLibraryName (0x5A00940) [Path]
    Python36SharedLibraryName (0x5A00948) [Path]
    SaveChangesAutoSelection (0x4FE420) [P255]
    SuppressMathScriptDeprecatedWarning (0x3882B32) [Bool]
    AppBuilderExcludeLVRTShippedLibs (0x3882B1E) [Bool]
    UseGeneratedCopyProcsForUDClasses (0x3882B22) [Bool]
    UseSelectiveDeallocationForAsynchronousCallByRef (0x3882B26) [Bool]
    UseLVTracingEnvoyToGenerateDETTEvent (0x3882B2E) [Bool]
    SuppressIntermediateBuildContextTypeProp (0x3882B36) [Bool]
    AllowFreezingTypePropInBuildContext (0x3882B3E) [Bool]
    ApplicationAMQPWebServices (0x3882B3A) [LStr]
    AllowAsyncCBRChannels (0x3882B42) [Bool]
    DisconnectPrivateTypedefsInPPLs (0x3882B46) [Bool]
    AllowMarshalToNamedTuple (0x3882B4E) [Bool]
    ShowCommandWindowForMATLABNode (0x3882B52) [Bool]
    NoTypeBanner (0x3882632) [Bool]
    DataValueReferenceTypeCheckingEnabled (0x4FE46C) [Bool]
    checkQElements (0x38F660C) [Bool]
    execThreadStackOffsetIncr (0x37B034C) [I32 ]
    MaxCPUsSystemPool (0x4FE458) [I32 ]
    ESys.StdNParallel (0x38F6564) [I32 ]
    AddExecThreadsDynamically (0x4FE454) [Bool]
    ExecThreadGrowCapacity (0x3821D24) [I32 ]
    DPrintWhenThreadsAreAdded (0x4FE450) [Bool]
    DPrintExtraESystemChanges (0x4FE45C) [Bool]
    Use_Background_Priority_Threads (0x3821B58) [Bool]
    CDIntervalTicks (0x382104C) [I32 ]
    useDefaultTimer (0x38F2D74) [Bool]
    FilterExec (0x3821B54) [Bool]
    ShowDSCFeaturePacks (0x4FE31C) [Bool]
    ShowRTFeaturePacks (0x4FE31C) [Bool]
    AlphabetizeVIServerClassMenu (0x4FDF70) [Bool]
    genDualInterface (0x378A7F0) [Bool]
    enableCustomInterface (0x378A7F4) [Bool]
    OleVariantList (0x3872470) [Bool]
    BigSavingsFormat (0x5B767D4) [PStr]
    paletteStyle (0x5B767D8) [PStr]
    PaletteNavBarStyle (0x5B767D8) [PStr]
    colorHistoryItemA (0x4FE3F4) [Colr]
    colorHistoryItemB (0x4FE3F4) [Colr]
    colorHistoryItemC (0x4FE3F4) [Colr]
    colorHistoryItemD (0x4FE3F4) [Colr]
    colorHistoryItemE (0x4FE3F4) [Colr]
    colorHistoryItemF (0x4FE3F4) [Colr]
    colorHistoryItemG (0x4FE3F4) [Colr]
    colorHistoryItemH (0x4FE3F4) [Colr]
    colorHistoryItemI (0x4FE3F4) [Colr]
    colorHistoryItemJ (0x4FE3F4) [Colr]
    colorHistoryItemK (0x4FE3F4) [Colr]
    colorUserItem (0x5B76C7C) [CPSt]
    ImageDrawingMergeSolidIcons [Bool]
    LogFileSaved (0x388C9F0) [Bool]
    enableGroupLock (0x4FE2EC) [Bool]
    ignoreHelpAndProjDirs (0x4FE31C) [Bool]
    userVIsAppearFirst (0x4FDB88) [Bool]
    weakModDateCheck (0x37AD258) [Bool]
    ObjCacheNextToDist (0x4FB4FC) [Bool]
    CompiledObjCacheRoot (0x4FB4F8) [Pthp]
    MaxCompileThreads (0x380C944) [I32 ]
    EnableLLVM (0x380C940) [Bool]
    LLVMOptLevel (0x380C948) [I32 ]
    LLVMFuncOpts (0x38DA798) [LStr]
    LLVMModuleOpts (0x38DA79C) [LStr]
    ARMTargetHardFloatABI (0x38DA7A0) [Bool]
    LLVMSepUFP (0x380C954) [Bool]
    LLVMFastJIT (0x38DA7B8) [Bool]
    LLVMDSAlloc (0x38DA7A8) [I32 ]
    LLVMVerbose (0x38DA78C) [Bool]
    LLVMUseOldGVN (0x380C950) [Bool]
    LLVMAllocaVR (0x38DA794) [Bool]
    LLVMDebugOutput (0x38DABC4) [Bool]
    LLVMNodeExecDebug (0x38DA790) [I32 ]
    LLVMVerify (0x380C958) [Bool]
    LLVMDebugLoc (0x38DA788) [Bool]
    LLVMSplitProc (0x380C94C) [Bool]
    LLVMDumpBitcode (0x38DA7AC) [Bool]
    LLVMDumpDot (0x38DA7B0) [Bool]
    EnableLegacyCompilerFallback (0x38DA7C0) [Bool]
    LargeVIsUseLLVMBasicRegAlloc (0x38DA7BC) [Bool]
    LLVMNoOptEmitThreshold (0x38DA7C4) [I32 ]
    TDSanityChecking (0x4FB304) [Bool]
    CorrectLinkerPathCapitalization (0x37B7BCC) [Bool]
    EnableVerboseProgressOutput (0x3897404) [Bool]
    MenuMRUItems (0x4FE330) [LStr]
    convert4xData (0x37942A4) [Bool]
    genDFIRFiles (0x4FE468) [I32 ]
    gCachedArc.extreme (0x38843C2) [Bool]
    autoToolOn (0x4FE47C) [Bool]
    ContextHelpLoc (0x4FE474) [Rect]
    ScaledToFitVisible (0x38915C8) [Bool]
    cleanupVisa (0x3881ECE) [Bool]
    WebServer.Enabled (0x3881EF2) [Bool]
    WebServer.TcpAccess (0x5B79430) [CPSt]
    WebServer.ViAccess (0x5B79440) [CPSt]
    WebServer.ImageType (0x5B79448) [PStr]
    WebServer.ImageDepth (0x3881F0A) [I32 ]
    WebServer.ImageQuality (0x3881F0E) [I32 ]
    WebServer.ImageCompression (0x3881F12) [I32 ]
    WebServer.ImageLifeSpan (0x3881F16) [I32 ]
    WebServer.ImageFullPanel (0x3881F1A) [Bool]
    WebServer.ConfigFilePath (0xD523BE0) [Path]
    tcpServer.logDetails (0x38CA2E4) [Bool]
    tcpServer.log (0x4FE46C) [Bool]
    tcpServer.logPath (0xD523C40) [Path]
    RegisterExtensions (0x4FE47C) [Bool]
    DSWriteTimeout (0x378AFB4) [I32 ]
    DSWriteACKBeginInterval (0x378AFB8) [I32 ]
    FPDSConnectTimeout (0x37B9F24) [I32 ]
    SymbolicPaths.ResolvePath.ReportNonExisting [Bool]
    dumpLoadLog (0x4FE47C) [Bool]
    SanityCheckMode (0x37AF7E4) [I32 ]
    defaultConPane (0x4FE1D4) [I32 ]
    RemoteVIObjReady (0x3822240) [Bool]
    RemotePanelRemoteVIObjReady (0x38F669C) [Bool]
    EnableSSEOptimization (0x378BCF0) [Bool]
    showSystemVIs (0x388BD0C) [Bool]
    ClipboardDebugOutput (0x38EED34) [Bool]
    skipAutoLaunchVIs (0x4FE560) [Bool]
    EnableReusableCode (0x378BC9C) [Bool]
    EnableReusableCodeVAST (0x378BCA0) [Bool]
    EnableReusableCodeCPUExt (0x378BCA4) [Bool]
    EnableReusableCodeAVX512 (0x3873B28) [Bool]
    LipoCodeGenerateAll (0x3873B2C) [Bool]
    CodeRegistryVerbose (0x3873AAC) [Bool]
    CodeRegistryMaxCacheEntries (0x378BC8C) [I32 ]
    CodeRegistryMaxCacheMem (0x378BC90) [I32 ]
    SIMDExtLimit (0x378BC98) [I32 ]
    checkFontSize (0x38C1244) [Bool]
    EnableMultiThreadedLoad (0x4FD304) [Bool]
    LoadFromLEIFIfPresent (0x37B670C) [Bool]
    WriteLEIFInfoFile (0x3895570) [Bool]
    LEIFThreadCount (0x37B6710) [I32 ]
    AppFileFormat (0x3895574) [I32 ]
    DoLEIFAppLoadSanityChecks (0x3895578) [Bool]
    readAllOpDataInLoadProc (0x38F6678) [Bool]
    DWarnForUnreservedOrUnClonedVI (0x38F667C) [Bool]
    simpleCloneSuffixes (0x38CEC94) [Bool]
    shareDefaultsAmongClones (0x37AFB20) [Bool]
    BrokenVI.DisableLogging [Bool]
    BrokenVI.LogEveryTimeInIDE [Bool]
    projectProviderSearchPaths (0x5B79618) [PLst]
    LvProvider.fakeRootLoop (0x55312708) [Bool]
    initialClonePoolSize (0x38071E0) [I32 ]
    InplacerFindArraySlices (0x379D2F4) [Bool]
    ExtFuncStackCheck (0x378BE0C) [Bool]
    CIntSimulatedFlags (0x38C9068) [I32 ]
    GarbageCollectOnVIDispose (0x3804084) [Bool]
    RTHostVIMethodSynchrousDoRunCommand (0x37C3BB8) [Bool]
    useOCXLicensing (0x38724DC) [Bool]
    checkActiveXLibs (0x3881EEA) [Bool]
    shouldClearStartupLeaks (0x4FE728) [Bool]
    autoerr (0xF4B2A10) []
    writeToStatusLogFile (0x37A2E90) [Bool]
    useOldData (0x378BB50) [Bool]
    useOldDataOnArrays (0x378BB4C) [Bool]
    NI_GSWContentIndex (0xF816F24) []
    NI_GSWContentExpanded (0xF4B66E0) []
    NI_GSWPosition (0xF4B8B34) [ ]
    Editor.Zoom.BlockDiagram.MinFactor (0x4FDF90) [F32 ]
    Editor.Zoom.BlockDiagram.MaxFactor (0x4FDF8C) [F32 ]
    TargetHelpMenu (0x38747D8) [Bool]
    TargetToolsMenu (0x38747F0) [Bool]
    GSW_filter (0xF816F24) []
    GSW_Pinned_Files (0x5B7FE44) [PLst]
    NewProj.maxNum (0xF816F24) []
    GSW_Pinned_Templates (0x5B7FE44) [PLst]
    GSW_Pinned_Templates_names (0xF7C8CE0) [ ]
    NewProj.RecentLocationPaths (0x5B7FE3C) [PLst]
    dWarnOnUndoReset (0x37AF840) [Bool]
    Editor.WatermarkTesting [Bool]
    LaunchTimeBenchmarking (0xF4B66E0) []

    Creating a new VI:


    EnableDFIRSanity (0x3880104) [Bool]
    EnableDFIRProptypes (0x3880108) [Bool]
    EnableDFIRDOT (0x388010C) [Bool]
    EnableDFIRBriefDOT (0x3880110) [Bool]
    EnableDFIRCodeGen (0x379D2C0) [Bool]
    EnableDFIRTest (0x3880114) [Bool]
    EnableInPlaceViewing (0x3880118) [Bool]
    EnableDFIRTransformFrameworkDebug (0x388011C) [Bool]
    EnableDFIRAutoInlining (0x3880120) [Bool]
    EnableDFIRAggressiveAutoInlining (0x3880124) [Bool]
    EnableDFIRInlineAndDisconnectAll (0x3880128) [Bool]
    EnableMSPartialDebugging (0x379D2D0) [Bool]
    EnableMSMinimalDebugging (0x388012C) [Bool]
    ParallelLoop.PrevNumLoopInstances (0x379D2C4) [I32 ]
    ParallelLoop.MaxNumLoopInstances (0x379D2C8) [I32 ]
    ParallelLoop.EnableErrorIORegisters (0x379D2CC) [Bool]
    shareVIInvariantDataSpace (0x378F860) [Bool]
    VectorAST.log.enable (0x387B40C) [Bool]
    EnableDFIRInplacePathIndentifier (0x378FA6C) [Bool]
    EnableDFIRSpeculativeInplacePathIdentifier (0x378FA70) [Bool]
    InplacerPhases (0x4FD140) [Bool]
    generateInflateDeflateEtc (0x38DAEC8) [Bool]
    generateDefaultsUnflattenEtc (0x38DAECC) [Bool]
    generateDeflates (0x38DAEC4) [Bool]
    generateFlagsShortcut (0x380CF3C) [Bool]
    EnableRegisterCandidateIntegers (0x378F864) [Bool]
    EnableRegisterCandidateFloats (0x378FB94) [Bool]
    EnableLLVMSSE1 (0x380C8BC) [Bool]
    EnableLLVMSSE2 (0x380C8B8) [Bool]
    stripNamesFromDSTM (0x378DCD0) [I32 ]
    showAllPalettes (0x3884AA4) [Bool]
    leftClickPopupPalette (0x3884A8C) [Bool]
    hideEmptySubPalettes (0x3884AB4) [Bool]
    PaletteHidddenFunctionlCategories_LocalHost (0x4FDE5C) [LStr]
    PaletteHidddenControlCategories_LocalHost (0x4FDE5C) [LStr]
    saveFloaterLocations (0x4FDFC4) [Bool]
    toolPaletteLoc (0x4FDFBC) [Rect]
    menu.1 (0x12FF8340) [Path]
    CallistoAutoReload (0x387B77C) [Bool]
    CallistoSimpleWires (0x387B780) [Bool]
    CallistoDebug (0x387B784) [Bool]
    autoLayoutAutoTune (0x387B7D4) [Bool]
    autoLayoutStrictness (0x387B7B8) [I32 ]
    autoLayoutMaxSimplex (0x387B7C0) [I32 ]
    autoLayoutMaxHeuristics (0x387B7BC) [I32 ]
    autoLayoutBlockPaddingX (0x387B7C4) [I32 ]
    autoLayoutBlockPaddingY (0x387B7C8) [I32 ]
    autoLayoutWirePaddingX (0x387B7CC) [I32 ]
    autoLayoutWirePaddingY (0x387B7D0) [I32 ]
    autoLayoutFineTuneY (0x387B7D5) [Bool]
    autoLayoutFixControls (0x387B7D6) [Bool]
    autoLayoutFixIndicators (0x387B7D7) [Bool]
    autoLayoutAlignment (0x387B7B4) [I32 ]
    grayOutMethod (0x5B6E360) [PStr]

    Doing various stuff in there (incl. building an EXE as the last operation):


    EnableExternalDataValueReference (0x378BC0C) [Bool]
    defPrecision (0x5B5B4D0) [PStr]
    BetterWireColors (0x38CB018) [Bool]
    fadeEphemeralWires (0x387B888) [Bool]
    PopupMenus.ElevateCreation [Bool]
    customizeFPPopupMenus (0x38919CC) [Bool]
    hideBDPopupMenus (0x38919D0) [Bool]
    propPageDebug (0xFA40AB4) [ ]
    PropPageBounds (0xFA8B8C0) [ ]
    MalleablesPretendApplyChanges (0x387BE0C) [Bool]
    VISignature.ActiveDiagOnly (0x387FEEC) [Bool]
    VISignature.SkipLinkRefs (0x387FEFC) [Bool]
    VISignature.SkipFPDCO (0x387FF00) [Bool]
    VISignature.SkipCPTM (0x387FF04) [Bool]
    CloseHeapsAfterVISignatureCalc (0x387FEF4) [Bool]
    EnableSyntaxCheckrogressOutput (0x3874B0C) [Bool]
    VectorAST.visual.frameWidth (0x37B4694) [I32 ]
    VectorAST.visual.highlightColor (0x37B4698) [Colr]
    EnableRegisterCandidateDebugging (0x387B5C0) [Bool]
    EditEventsDlgSize (0x4FB140) [Rect]
    failAutoRouter (0x37A1BF8) [Bool]
    EventInspectorPosition.0 (0x11C6BA34) [ ]
    resettingDlgDelay (0x37A2CB4) [I32 ]
    LoadCompiledVIForDifferentCodeID (0x37BB83C) [Bool]
    UserDefinedRefObj.BinarySearch.LinearThreshhold (0x378BF28) [I32 ]
    CaseDiagramInplaceSharingEnabled (0x378F9DC) [Bool]
    cacheAlignmentStrategy (0x4FA9CC) [I32 ]
    cacheAlignmentComplexityLimit (0x378F6A0) [I32 ]
    cacheAlignmentUseReadsAndWrites (0x4FA9C8) [Bool]
    enableVariableClassSpec (0x37C5FC0) [Bool]
    QuickChangeEnabled [Bool]
    QuickDropDefObjShortcutsLoaded (0x11C2D360) []
    QuickDropTransparency (0x12878980) [ ]
    QuickDropFastSearch (0x11C2D360) []
    QuickDropPosition (0x12878188) [ ]
    QuickDropDiagramShortcuts (0x14089AE8) [ ]
    menuKeywordExtra (0x4F71D4) [I32 ]
    OverrideDisabledCLFNs (0x3873CC8) [Bool]
    clnNoConfigParamWarning (0x4F90BC) [Bool]
    ShowRTTargetWebDocRoot (0x131F1A60) []
    RegExpMatchLimitRecursion (0x100EF804) [I32 ]
    ShowRemoteWindowsTargetWebDocRoot (0x131F1A60) []
    windowsDialog.settings (0x5B4D7C4) [PStr]
    EditPalettePreviewChanges (0x4FBF80) [Bool]
    defaultCtrlPalPos (0x4FBF84) [Rect]
    defaultFuncPalPos (0x4FBF84) [Rect]
    ScaledToFitWindowState (0x11843E90) [ ]
    NavigationWindowScrollInterval (0x12E1A29C) [ ]
    ScaledToFitLocation (0x12E1A340) [ ]
    LLBMgr_RecentPath (0x5B4EBD8) [PLst]
    LLBMgr_FavoritePaths (0x5B69120) [PLst]
    LLBMgr_ActivePlugins (0x5B69120) [PLst]
    LLBMgr_FavoriteNames (0x5B69120) [PLst]
    NewDlgRecentMainTemplates.pathList (0x155C73B0) [PLst]
    NewDlgLastSelected (0x12451C40) [ ]
    NewDlgBounds (0x119EC040) [ ]
    NewDlgCollapsed (0x119EBEC4) [ ]
    NewDlgRecentTemplates.pathList (0x5B585C8) [PLst]
    BookmarkManager.DoNotShowChooser (0x12E655A0) []
    BookmarkManager.Preferred (0x1288D41C) [ ]
    BookmarkManager.Choices (0x1288D0F4) [ ]
    BookmarkManager.GroupByVI (0x12E655A0) []
    BookmarkManagerWindow.position (0x1288B6D8) [ ]
    BookmarkManager.ShowRESOURCE (0x12E655A0) []
    BookmarkManager.ShowVILIB (0x12E655A0) []
    useNewProjWiz (0x4FC320) [Bool]
    IconEditor.Position (0x121DA7C0) [ ]
    IconEditor.TextFont (0x1288C524) [ ]
    IconEditor.TextAlignment (0x1354C3A4) []
    IconEditor.TextSize (0x1354C3A4) []
    IconEditor.Save3rdPartyTemplates (0x1354F7E0) []
    IconEditor.3rdPartyTemplatesFolderName (0x1288C708) [ ]
    IconEditor.TextTab.Color1stBodyLine (0x1354C3A4) []
    IconEditor.TextTab.Color2ndBodyLine (0x1354C3A4) []
    IconEditor.TextTab.Color3tdBodyLine (0x1354C3A4) []
    IconEditor.TextTab.Color4thBodyLine (0x1354C3A4) []
    IconEditor.TextTab.TextFont (0x1288C978) [ ]
    IconEditor.TextTab.TextAlignment (0x1354C3A4) []
    IconEditor.TextTab.TextSize (0x1354C3A4) []
    IconEditor.TextTab.Options (0x1354C3A4) []
    IconEditor.FillColor (0x1354C3A4) []
    IconEditor.EdgeColor (0x1354C3A4) []
    IconEditor.Tool (0x1354C3A4) []
    IconEditor.ShowLayerTab (0x1354F7E0) []
    IconEditor.ShowTerminals (0x1354F7E0) []
    IconEditor.SaveLayersWithVI (0x1354F7E0) []
    IconEditor.MostRecentTab (0x1354C3A4) []
    IconEditor.DisableUserLayers (0x1354F7E0) []
    IconEditor.FirstLaunch (0x1354F7E0) []
    EnableRegisterCandidateLoopIndex (0x378FB98) [Bool]
    diff.specFlags (0x1B5A13CC) [ ]
    profileHiddenContexts (0x37AF1AD) [Bool]
    ShowBufferAllocationsArrays (0x1C8E8A60) []
    ShowBufferAllocationsClusters (0x1C8E8A60) []
    ShowBufferAllocationsStrings (0x1C8E8A60) []
    ShowBufferAllocationsPaths (0x1C8E8A60) []
    ShowBufferAllocationsScalars (0x1C8E8A60) []
    ShowBufferAllocationsVariants (0x1C8E8A60) []
    ShowBufferAllocationsOther (0x1C8E8A60) []
    ShowBufferAllocationsDynDisp (0x1C8E8A60) []
    ViewInPlaceness (0x387BCD4) [Bool]
    enableQuadCaseStruct (0x4F8EAC) [Bool]
    recentUserName (0x5B0CDE4) [PStr]
    FindVIsOnDiskPosition (0x19EFC3C8) [ ]
    FindVIsOnDiskLastDir (0x1C94CFEC) [PLst]
    SmoothPlotsWithRM [Bool]
    BYOB_RecentBlocks (0x143BB318) [PLst]
    XNodeAvoidTPCompiles [Bool]
    TargetFileLocator.LookForFile.Debugging [Bool]
    TargetFileLocator.LookForFile.AcrossParallelDirs [Bool]
    loadAlwaysSearches (0x4FB0BD) []
    DeepestAllowableRecursion (0x38071DC) [I32 ]
    NI.LV.RemoveNoError (0x1C8EA9A0) []
    LocalHost (0x15424CB8) [Path]
    ProjectExplorer.ProjectItemsColWidth (0x5D85E77) [I32 ]
    project.DependenciesViewActive (0x5D85D4D) [Bool]
    project.BuildsViewActive (0x5D85D51) [Bool]
    ToolbarState (0x4FBBDC) [LStr]
    ProjectExplorer.ClassicPosition (0x4FBF7C) [Rect]
    SelectiveDeallocation.CacheRefreshStrategy.RefreshCycle (0x3822288) [I32 ]
    SelectiveDeallocation.CacheRefreshStrategy.MaxNumCallsWithEmptyCache (0x382228C) [I32 ]
    SelectiveDeallocation.CacheRefreshStrategy.RefreshCycleMultiplier (0x3822290) [I32 ]
    SelectiveDeallocation.CacheRefreshStrategy.MaxRefreshCycle (0x3822294) [I32 ]
    NI_AppBuilder_Logging (0x12EE1B20) []
    NI_AppBuilder_SaveMode (0xF450E64) []
    NI_AppBuilder_SDist_ExcludeEditTime (0x12EE1B20) []
    NI_AppBuilder_UseLLBForApp (0x12EE1B20) []
    NI_AppBuilder_CheckVIState_Copy (0x12EE1B20) []
    NI_AppBuilder_KeepInternalLLB (0x12EE1B20) []
    NI_AppBuilder_SaveTwice (0x12EE1B20) []
    NI_AppBuilder_DoRepeatReadLinkInfo (0x12EE1B20) []
    AppBuilderCacheRoot (0x4FEA1C) [Pthp]
    EDVRCacheSize (0x378BC3C) [I32 ]
    SkipIconLoadDuringBuild (0x12EE1B20) []
    NI_AppBuilder_SkipCloseReference (0x12EE1B20) []
    ProjectWindowCanSave (0x4FC6D0) [Bool]

    No new tokens on the VI close or LabVIEW exit. Did I grab them all? Very unlikely. But I think, tokens for most common scenarios are on the list. And there are some interesting ones. :rolleyes:

  13. I would post here a link to LabVIEW 2.5.2 distro as well, but I don't know if I'm allowed to. I found it in the web archive years ago, there was no registration number or any owner's information. It was just LabVIEW + Advanced Analysis Library, without extra toolkits. Latest OS where it works is Windows 98 (with few non-fatal errors). It should have worked with some hardware too as daqdrv, gpibdrv and serpdrv plus ther VI wrappers are included, but as I've been running it in a VM, no such tests have been done.


    Even in such a minimalistic form it was quite an interesting version. For example, the cintools folder did contain more sources than in later versions. Many internal Managers, such as Dialog Manager or Window Manager, were exposed there. Some of them still exist in the modern code base, although NI has started to clean up the obsoleted functions few years ago.

    Also this is the only Windows version with most Mac OS relicts, e.g. Size Handle, Handle Peek, Handle Poke (I mentioned them on the other side). In theory those thin wrappers might be expanded onto many other Memory Manager functions, eliminating the need of calling them through CLFNs. But they were simply removed from the palettes and abandoned.

  14. Since my last post somebody has uploaded LV 2.2 to macintoshgarden. I didn't have time to try it though. This and last year I have also seen a screenshot of LV 1.x in some Mac emulator at NI forums. Maybe that guy even would be willing to share his archive for historical reasons, if properly asked. :)

    2 hours ago, Rolf Kalbermatter said:

    the big round archive called trash bin

    So no longer much of a reason to request anything, I assume? 5 or so years back I was planning to ask for Picture Control Toolkit (seen your posts at NI forums), but something distracted me and that did never happen. :D Now I'm even unsure I'm ready to waste time for that old tech.

  15. Okay, it's relatively easy to get access to those extra decorations. In modern LabVIEW's they start at 986 (0x3DA) and then, when you increment the index, you go through the columns from top to bottom, looking at@flarn2006's picture in the very first post of this thread. To find the memory address of the image index, you may use any debugger or helper tool of your choice, like CheatEngine or ArtMoney etc. In Heap Peek you can get the address of the decoration object and the image index assigned to it. Then in CheatEngine/ArtMoney search for that index and pick up the nearest higher address. Now you may alter the value at that address and watch how the decor is changing on the panel.

    In fact,@flarn2006discovered not extra images, but extra handler procedures, that perform the drawing with the Drawing Manager API. It looks like LabVIEW has many of them reserved for some purpose. Or maybe they're just leftovers of the early versions. Indeed, some of them could be useful in real applications. But I still don't see how a modified decoration could survive the save without hooking into LabVIEW internals at least.

    Seems, like it works! Here's the VI with the most decorations from the first post: Extra Decor.vi

    And if anyone wants to recreate the VI, here's the script that I used: Adding Objects (Extra Decor).vi Not guaranteed to behave well on anything different than LV 2022. Also requires a couple of SubVIs from here.

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  16. Seems like NI has changed the indexing scheme in some version. For example, in LabVIEW 2011 32-bit Flat Right Triangle image is at 0xFF910460, but in LabVIEW 2022 32-bit it's at 0x43A. Moreover, those high contrast extra decorations, that@flarn2006discovered, are not sticky on the VI save - LabVIEW reverts them to the regular squares (just tested).

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  17. 3 hours ago, ShaunR said:

    I respectfully disagree.

    We should be able to use callbacks for DLL's just like the .NET callback node. However, that isn't an AI solved problem which is why I was laughing.

    I tried to be a little ironic, but failed, it seems. To clarify, I almost don't believe, LV interaction with OS native callbacks will get same enhancements that were made for .NET. The Call Library Function Node didn't get enough love since LV6 or 7.0 and a little more attention has been given to the Register Event Callback node, introduced in LV7.0. Of course, I could propose an idea at NI Idea Exchange section, but I'm pretty sure it won't receive enough kudos to even shift the priorities in the NI's internal development list.

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