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  1. Hello everyone i am relative new to labview and currently i am bit stuck need help... i want to capture data with a digital trigger on my chassis PFI0 (9178), the pulse is 20ms long and occurs on my straingauge 9237 module. The pulse comes in 10 times in a row with couple of miliseconds between it, can i measure it every time and push it inside an array like a "last in first out" memmory to evaluate it slower for the user? I am currently struggeling with the loop dividing into more then one loop approach. How to breach out from accquire->store->pl
  2. So using some of those cheap FT232RL (USB-UART converter) and DS2480B Dallas-Maxim (RS232-One Wire converter) is enought to read onewire storage devices
  3. Help: I have digital in module: DI 9425 and i would like to use it as trigger source, start with "DAQmx" rising edge but it is not working :-/ always says wrong description. In my german labview version it just says the 9425 was not chosen right (which input and so on).. Is it possible that the 9425 digital in can't be used as a trigger for a daqmx task?
  4. Hello everyone, i would like to use a stain gauge weighcell (wheatstone bridge, 1~2mV/V, 350Ohms) on my hardware to capture a pulse that is 20ms to 5ms long Is it possible to reach such low timeframes with labview running on my windows pc? I know an average of 10ms is not much for measurement systems but mine is more a dataquisition.. My Hardware: cDaq 9178 SLOT 3: NI 9237 Staingauge Input SLOT 6: NI 9425 Digital in from a 24V Lightbar Labview 2017 Student Edition
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