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  1. thank you very much. I will go to the thread.
  2. Hi everyone, is there a way to implement a Callbackfunction using the Call Library Function. I am using a function openCamera that takes a functionpointer as a parameter. I tried loading the library and retrieving the adress of the function to be passed. But the Programm crashes. Can I use the Call Library Function Callbacks option to implement the callback? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi everyone, i would like to know if there is a library for Profinet IO for LabVIEW2020-linux. I want to simulate a Profinet IO master. thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you for your replies. https://github.com/ni/niveristand-scan-engine-ethercat-custom-device/ seem like it's not supported for LabView on Linux. The goal is to use any random linux computer as an ethercat-master.
  5. The NI Industrial Communication for EtherCAT driver is only supported for windows. I will look for other possibilities. Maybe somebody have already tried to interface a Ethercat dll before and i can get some good suggestions.
  6. When I try writing to a named pipe i get error 1. But reading from the pipe works fine. I have already set the pipe to allow read/write acess with "chmod 666". Is there something else i can do.
  7. I need to develop a LabView Ethercat-Master to exchange data with a ethercat- slave. I have looked into the IgH Ethercat- Master and the Simple Open EtherCAT Master Library. The next step is to find out which Library is best suited to be used to developed the LabView functions. If there is a better library for this task or have you have already done something like this free to reply.
  8. There is an example application that acquires an image and streams it to the display. With minor changes i could send those images to the pipe.
  9. I want to write a c application the acquire images send it to the pipe. On the orther side of the pipe, i would than use the read.vi to read the images in labview.
  10. I am trying to read images from my Gige camera, but on LabView Linux Imaqdx is not available. So i tried wrapping the vendors Gige implementation. But i had some problems regarding passing handles and the callback function to receive the images. If someone have experience regarding image- aquisition without imaqdx or know a different way, i would be grateful for your suggestions.
  11. Is it possible to call a static library in Labview, without calling it through a shared library? Thank you in advance for your replies.
  12. Thanks for all your suggestion and the recommended references. Due to your help i was able to make a wrapper for some function in opencv 3.2. It is possible to use both c and c++ elements. Just needed to handle the name mangling and compile with a c++ compiler. Thank you all very much.
  13. Thank you very much. Do you know a reference targeting Labview on linux for this matter. Wouldn´t i avoid this whole mess by only using an Opencv version with a c api?
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