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  1. The myRIO does not support DAQmx as well. And it would be great if you give us your network settings and not just a "same subnet is used".
  2. Maybe this will help you creating a proberty note: Property Node - LabVIEW 2018 Help - National Instruments (ni.com)
  3. Sollte aber zu öffnen sein. Gibt es eine Fehlermeldung die kommt?
  4. Have you read the KB? This is still a thing because it is a Windows thing. There is literally nothing LabVIEW or NI can do unless they help Microsoft change this in Windows.
  5. Well, and we all are curious what solved the issue at the end. Whould you please tell us?
  6. I do not think there is any company that will provide you with a tool to scan the Executable you build. Could something similar exist for a C++ or C# Application? Like scan the Application wich DLLs and Libraries are used? I don't think so, to be honest.
  7. So normally I would start thinking about what had changed in the whole environment so that it will not work anymore. Were there an IT Firewall update?? Some Anti-Virus Software Updates? Have you or someone else changed the code? The hardware? The connection? Normally an Application does not behave different if nothing changes.
  8. They say there are a few rare cases. The mentioned one seems only be an example of one of these cases. I would say this is not a "complete list" of all cases. The error occurs even if you have no DB Browser opened parallel?
  9. And they are aware that you will need more time for that? Are you payed on an hourly basis? Is there a rational why they do not want to share the source code? Is an NDA possible so that they can share the source code?
  10. I asked this question to one of the moderators and they told me the planned release date will be 13th of August.
  11. Yes, fore sure. Even existing licenses will get this "feature". So one license fits all OSes. The restriction with user or computer based will still stay the same.
  12. Remember back than when National Instruments changed to NI and from blue to green? There was a chat and they got a hell of a shitstorm. I would asume they tried to prevent that from happening again.
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