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  1. Hi all I would like to Write/Read data between two exe application. I can use Notifier operation to Write/Read data between two Vi, but I can't use it after I build *.exe. Dose anybody knows how to do this or any example? Thanks in advance.
  2. If you use the OCX component,you can obtain the OCX Click to trigger use the Dynamic event. Other post,Here~ Hope this helpful..
  3. Hi All, I have already found out the method for solving it. I can make use of the property node to complete the function that I want. See attached image: BTW,Thanks for Michael's post. Here~
  4. Hi All, I can make use of the "New VI Object.vi" to add a Control on another SubVi,but how do I make use of the same way to delete the Control? I found out the mxwScript_Clear VI FP BD.vi(...National Instruments\MAX\Assistants\LVCGen\LV70),but is not what I want.Because it will delete all control of the front panel. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Dose anyone knows how do I use LV to get all of the client IP address in DHCP server? See attached image Thanks a lot
  6. Hi all, Is this possible? I would like to insert the item into the LV development environment. Like attach image, Is this possible? If yes. How to do this? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Henry You should use the "Find Example" in LV and key "tree" word in the text bar to find what you want. Jimmy
  8. Hi Michael, Thanks for your replay.I will try. Thanks and Happy New Year.
  9. Hi all, I apologize my English is poor. :laugh: I put a boolean button on the front panel. And I would like to create new vi via templates vi(*.vit) when I pressing the button each time. Anybody knows How to do this? Thanks in advance and happy new year.
  10. Hi all I have a difficult time finding the method in the LabVIEW.. How do I close(or quit) *.exe applications within LabVIEW? For instance, I whould like to close(or quit) notepad.exe use LabVIEW... Any example or idea.. Thanks in abvance
  11. Dear PJM, How do I get the property of Block Diagram. I can't found block diagram item in the property node list. Thanks
  12. I've attached the document about Performance and Memory Management by LV help. You can refer to the 4 page of the document. Download File:post-705-1100237457.pdf hope this can help you.
  13. I have another way to read/write a data from/into an Excel File. You can use the "file I/O>>write to Spreadsheet Files" to write a data into the excel file. Like attached image: Than you can use same way "file I/O>>read from Spreadsheet Files" to read data from an excel file. Like attached image: Hope this can help you. :thumbup:
  14. I think you have several ways to do this.....Array to String. 1)Use Array "To Spreadsheet String Functions"(Functions>>String>>Array To Spreadsheet String). 2)Use For loop and Shift Register. See attach image. Hope this can help you.
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