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  1. Got my tickets, see you all there!
  2. In case Justin is reading this, I sent a PM yesterday but haven't heard back. (no rush unless you run out of tickets soon )
  3. Seems a bit simplistic, with all these quantizations and missing higher harmonics. Who needs youtube for this? Just get the Advanced Signal Processing toolkit and do the JTFA in realtime on any music you like..
  4. Darren, I could not believe how complicated your code was, with all these case structures and scattered diagram constants. Here's what I would have done, maybe in less time, maybe not. (I should have had my computer out...) . One cluster on the FP, one cluster on the BD arranged the same way(!), placed in array, and each element modified graphically (start with all TRUE, less to modify). .... And yes, the new boolean constant in 2010 made that last step sooooo much easier!!! It's also fully scalable, for example it would be trivial to expand it to a multi-digit display using an array of
  5. altenbach


    Congratulations! Where do you find the time? (It was great meeting you in Austin.)
  6. Over the years, I stayed in quite a few places near the convention center, except at the hilton. (I only pick hotels with free internet! ). Don't forget to add about 18% tax and fees for the final bottom line. Here's where I stayed: Hampton Inn: Very nice hotel, even includes breakfast (which you don't need!). NI Week rate was about $120 this year. I paid $100 a few years ago. Regular rates start around $180 nowadays (Hotels.com today has a 24 hours special at 104/night!). Just a block away from the convention center side entrance. (Stayed here twice). Omni: Also very nice, but a few blocks
  7. Same here. I wonder how hard it was to actually get into the finals, because I definitely would have coded wires around these two guys for these particular finals tasks. Darren would have been a different problem. Since I am not a "scripter" I would have gone down in flames. That last problem was heavily biased towards Darren.
  8. altenbach


    The LabVIEW Leaders lunch in on Wednesday, noon-1pm. If you are a NI discussion forum member, you probably received an e-mail invitation. It's very informal, basically just a few tables. You don't need any special qualifications or secret handshake to attend. Last year, Laura was there (she manages the LabVIEW forums) as well as some other NI people and we had some friendly chats with others, previously only known by their forum user name. One way or another, you have to eat lunch. You can either sit in a corner and eat by yourself, eat with some random people, or join us. Lunch is inclu
  9. I guess I am one of the handful that posts irregularly here. Maybe I'll meet some of you at NI Week 2010. 'later!
  10. I have played a little bit with scratch a long time ago, and it is basically line based code with preformed graphical representations of most commands. You can have parallel processes, though, each started with it own "flag clicked" statement. There is probably more to it.... I've been on Android since early 2009 and love it. I am tempted to give this a spin. We'll see if they accept me.
  11. Be prepared for the combined effect of travel and heat.
  12. Ed, If it rains heavily, count me in. Else i'd rather walk
  13. Due to my European upbringing, I tend to use public transportation. The cap metro airport flyer 100 has a bus leaving near the convention center (Neches & 5th, but double-check ahead for the exact location) at around 3pm (previous stop is at 2:57 near Congress & 7th) for a 3:18 arrival at the airport. The '100 is a limited stop service, so even a taxi cab won't be much faster if traffic is the time-limiting factor. It seems they doubled in cost to $1. A few years ago, I only paid 50 cents. This should give you almost two hours at the airport. Plenty of time, even if there are traff
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