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  1. Without too much meaning to "sell" Endevo´s toolkit : Since I am using new GOOP3 GDS toolkit I can say that you can create classes by-reference and by-value in it. Endevos GOOP3 kernel included, together with OpenGOOP kernel. All making use of LabVIEWs native objects, so it is pretty easy to create and edit classes. Beta and Community Editions available on Endevos site under "products". You will also have a UML-modeller bundled, whitch synchronises LabVIEW code to UML diagram and forth. Mickael Holmström is a LAVA-member, I am sure he will help You. /ProximaBleu
  2. Answer: no, I can not. ETS supports only "block devices" on USB, that is drives...
  3. Just a little hypothetical question. Is it possible to use USB CompactDAQ devices with PharLap on DesctopPC target? I doubt it, because USB protocol is not deterministic protocol, but may-be it is supported anyway? Specifications: LabVIEW RT 8,5 , ASUS DesktopPC running PharLap. Thanks in advance, every suggestion will be helpful. /ProximaBleu
  4. QUOTE(MJ_ @ Sep 11 2007, 06:45 PM) Thanks, Marcus!I hope I see you shortly!/AlexeiQUOTE(MikaelH @ Sep 11 2007, 11:16 PM) Welcome ColleagueI guess you won't see me at the office that much since I took Chris Relfs position at NVSI in Sydney.But I still work for Endevo in the evenings, nights and weekends Cheers,Mikael Thanks, Mikael!But maybe, some day I'll see you!QUOTE(Tomi Maila @ Sep 11 2007, 04:45 PM) Congratulations! What are your duties? Play with LabVIEW, of course!No, but, seriously - that job gives me THE OPPORTUNITY to take step up in Testing&Measurement field.I am one of the T&M folk now.QUOTE(crelf @ Sep 11 2007, 06:56 PM) Wow! That's great! Endevo is certainly a great place - you're in good company there :thumbup: Yeah, I know, isn´t it nice?
  5. Gratulate me, I started to work for Endevo company!
  6. I can put .vit in a class, but when I try to make "new from template" the new vi vill be broken, and then, if I will try to open .vit, it will be uneditable and broken with message "This vi has been editet in another application instance". But, if I remove .vit, new vi that I made from template will be not broken anymore. Readding Template will make the same thing again when I try to make one more vi from it.
  7. LabVOOP does not support templates inside of class.. How do I suppose to create 25 methods (say) without wire same code again and again, and not to clip-paste it? e-eh..
  8. I am using subpanels often in test equimpment. Currently working application with one framework and over 20 modules loading dynamically from module repository (an llb ) and using SubPanel to show thous. flexible and nice. You have all Dynamic goodies (external vi's does not have to be build every time you try to change something, memory managment, module sequence scripting etc). Plus to this - different faces to every module, different event couplings. So far, I did 4 big projects using this feature in some ways. Althou sometimes SubPanels are tricky.. PBleu
  9. I did installed LV7.0 on DSL, running on embeded PC104, but from HD. It working fine. But I newer tryed to install an executable without development environment. My guess, that if You install RunTime, You probably can run LV app as it is on DSL. By the way, DSL feels very safe and stable to run LabVIEW. My application communicates with PCR100 (PC broadband radio), sweps between frequencies, and saves power spectrum over this band. So far, this application did not crashed. GoodLuck! PBleu
  10. 3-th October my sweet baby-girl was born!
  11. Dont forget "command.com /C" before your command!
  12. Hi! Maybe this is something with VISA, I think. I have such problem in my application, that must run for a 24 hour without stopping. Serial traffic very extensive, and i used a "daemon" to pick up data from serial port. I open one reference to port and just only once, flushing buffer do not helps much, there is no difference between sync. and async. Closing daemon, than starting it again , trying to force deallocation, does not help. When I close application (destroying threads - destroying child process) than memory been released. Maybe it is Win2K issue? /ProximaBleu
  13. If you need to open file just for editing, in notepad, f.example, commandline vill be look like this : "notepad c:/mypath/myfile.txt" so, using concateate string, you can open every textfile you need.. If you want to open it in LabVIEW, you should use functions like "OpenFile" etc. While path calculations can be automated in many ways.. Say some more .. /Proximableu
  14. I think, it depends on what format do you use in Exell file.. If it plain-text tab-separated .svc you can use "spreadsheet string". If this one is more complicated, or Exell formatted, you wil probably use installed Office package, and read it from ActiveX.. Another way is to do throu MS-ADO (Active Data Object library..), you should use ActiveX to get and to write to Exell workbook as to database. This works fine, and i think, you do not need to install whole Office for this.. /PBlue
  15. Can you specify little more, please?
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