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  1. is getting headaches with old style recursion in LV 8.6

    1. Grampa_of_Oliva_n_Eden


      take two upgrades and call me in the morning.

  2. today's new expression "to hold a grudge", learning languages is really funny

  3. Vision Acquisition Software 2010.08 makes life sweeter

  4. a geek doesn't get older, he levels up

  5. is going back to rugby tonight. After a broken fibula in 2007, an ankle+knee sprain in 2008 and a pubalgia in 2009... wander what's 2010 injury will be :-o

  6. VIPM on mac, that rocks!

  7. LAVA 1.0 is "corruption" free

  8. LAVA 1.0 is "IMAQ" free

  9. LAVA 1.0 is "scripting" free

  10. LAVA 1.0 is "inheritance" free

  11. LAVA 1.0 is "dynamic dispatch" free

  12. LAVA 1.0 "subversion" free

  13. doesn't understand NI's strategy about Linux... secrets again...

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