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About Me

I started using Labview in summer 2006 when I stumbled on the Tic Tac Toe challenge.  Intrigued, I downloaded a Labview trial version and took two weeks to put together a submission.  I finished middle of the pack, but I had a lot of fun doing it.

In November of that year I accepted a position as a test engineer that included the responsibility of developing robotic test applications.  What did they use to develop the applications?  Labview!  I've since shifted from a test engineer position to a test tools developer position, which I am enjoying much more--I don't have to waste time doing the actual product testing and writing boring reports.  smile.gif

My main interests at the moment are in figuring out how to apply general object oriented principles and patterns to Labview application architectures and reusable code libraries.  You'll typically find me hanging out in the Application Design & Architecture or Object-Oriented Programming forums.  I'm not afraid to speak up and voice my opinion on a variety of programming topics.  I always think what I'm saying is right, but I've been wrong plenty of times too.  If I've said something you disagree with, by all means post your objection!  Hopefully through open discussion we can all learn better programming techniques.

In the summer of 2010 Jon Green (jgcode) and I kicked off LapDog, an open source object-oriented api designed to help Labview developers write flexible applications.  We're looking forward to releasing our set of packages--Collections and Data Structures.  Stay tuned!  (PM me if you'd like to contribute to the project.)

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