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  1. Hot, dusty dirt road. Seems so familiar...

  2. You could also go totally out of the LV band and perform a differential upload of your results files to FTP or SFTP every so often. This keeps you from having to refactor your code, and may be a little more friendly to security.
  3. I thought this: http://screencast.com/t/Th1N0wVFm0G ... I need less caffeine, I think. Joe Z.
  4. Spring hiking... Still eight foot drifts up there http://twitpic.com/47c999

  5. The design for the w3c.org CSS page is... well. Hrm. See for yourself: http://bit.ly/lGruq #irony

  6. Terms that might now apply to me: Yuppie, Flash-free, call-free, hrm, others? :)@crelfpro Are u a luddite because you've got an iPhone...

  7. I'm a Luddite... Any suggestions for must-have iPhone apps?

  8. ... Has anyone actually measured the cost of wrapping everything in error cases?
  9. "Looking for electrical engineer, LabVIEW is a plus..." Sigh.

  10. Good luck Cat! I had my hemilaminectomy/microdiscectomy a year ago (and I no longer shovel snow...). It took about two weeks to get back to work (I wrote GenINI while I was down), but about six months to really feel right again. And yep, numbness and tingling that comes and goes to this day. Don't be afraid to ask for an anti-inflammatory if you need it... it helped me a bunch (though I was monumentally grumpy for a week from the methyl prednisone). Also, definitely look into physical therapy, and actually do the exercises and stretches! Take care, Joe Z.
  11. I haven't had time to really look into this, but here are some ideas. Static methods are not accessed via constructor, but by selecting the method in a stand alone .NET invoke node. See the old-but-probably-still-valid http://forums.ni.com...View/m-p/631352. There's no generics support in LV, so methods returning a List<> might not show up in the available invoke list. I'm not certain if this would affect the class itself. I'm not sure on the internal class visibility... can you actually make a constructor node for it in LV? Joe Z.
  12. Just curious... are you using the separate compiled code option? (VI Properties->General checkbox)
  13. Social-media-VIEW: crowdsource your measurements!
  14. As always, Wikipedia has some good info, and starting points for other reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperlink#Legal_issues JZ
  15. Really wonderful, thanks for the links! In return, Metafilter had a link to the classical quartet music from Arcanum (which I'll hopefully be able to find time to play from gog.com soon...) JZ ( I should note, the author has released these recordings for free download... http://www.benhouge.com/audio.html)
  16. Yep, the problem went away when I quit LV... If I get lightning, I'm going dark side. Sorry. Someday, Wait (ms) may have error terminals.
  17. <sigh>... I wonder which path to choose?
  18. I usually just browse through http://www.ni.com/solutions/ when I need an example. Edit: Oh, and of course, Mythbusters
  19. Spent the morning at the Polar Plunge. I'm almost unfrozen! http://twitpic.com/3m5bwq

  20. AQ's reply in another thread probably explains why subprojects can't be separated. I think the difficulty is that lvlibs look like a package management system. In reality, lvlibs really aren't very well suited to that function. JZ
  21. Supreme Court oral arguments, the podcast: http://bit.ly/btYEmC. We live in amazing times.

  22. Front fell off of brand new oven, smashed on floor. #GEfail

  23. Congratulations! And happy holidays!
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