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  1. I'll try and put something together this weekend for you. One of the licensing options is one developer license and unlimited runtime licenses on any system anywhere in the world.
  2. Check out this earlier forum entry and see if it helps. http://forums.lavag.org/Store-a-blob-of-da...tml&p=12890
  3. I am working on an application to simulate eight pieces of plant equipment. I've started down the path of traditional VIs and controls as I'm most comfortable with this approach. The simulated equipment has a simple user interface of number, enumerations, and Boolean lights. OOP could work, but I've haven't worked with LVOOP yet. An XControl could work and I've programmed one of these before. If I were to experiment with another approach other than traditional VIs, should I learn more about XControls? Would I be better off learning LVOOP instead of XControls? Thanks for your help, Karl
  4. I use Win2PDF (www.daneprairie.com). The $35 dollar program allows one to control the filename and other properties by writing to the registry.
  5. I'm using Vista Home Premium with LabVIEW 8.2.1 and 8.5.1. I can get 8.5.1 to crash every once and a while, but I'm not sure who to blame - Microsoft or NI. I'm not thrilled with how fast Vista runs, but it has enough nice features to keep me from trying to downgrade to XP. I remember the days when I thought Win2000 was great and I wasn't sure about upgrading to XP.
  6. I was also pleased to read the news. I've also helped a local school with First Lego League using the NXT. Using the NI hardware is something that I can get excited about for the High School.
  7. I've also worked with XML before - very powerful, but not pleasant to work with. With your reputation and offering such a low introductory price, I couldn't resist buying it by simply looking at the page http://jkisoft.com/easyxml. I look forward to trying it out someday soon. Thanks for creating the product!
  8. I use SnagIt for screen captures, it is probably the premier Windows product for capturing all or parts of a MS Windows screen. SnagIt allows you to create capture profiles tailored to your needs. You can then assign a hot key combination to trigger the capture. If you can figure out a way to send keystrokes to trigger the capture from LabVIEW, this might work for you.
  9. QUOTE(i2dx @ Jan 11 2008, 05:09 AM) I went with SourceGear's Vault at www.sourcegear.com. I tried Perforce but decided against it. It is far more powerful and complicated than I need. My brother switched from VSS to Vault for his company. I trust his judgement and he can help me when I have problems. I'm new to version control integrated in LabVIEW and I haven't worked too much with it yet. Although Peforce offers a 2 user license for free, the product was $800 per user when I looked. SourceGear offers one user license for free and licenses is $250 per user. I also like the SourceGear own
  10. The SQL Native Client ODBC driver for MS SQL Server/Express is extremely fast compared to the SQL Server ODBC driver. Perhaps the MySQL ODBC driver is not fast either.
  11. QUOTE(eaolson @ Oct 16 2007, 01:36 PM)
  12. I just created my first NI installer a week ago and I was also bothered by the frustrations of adding the additional install components. When it comes to building a product, one should have a controlled build environment in which the build environment can be reproduced at a later point in time for small revisions or upgrades. The discussions about unloading and reloading files then hoping the build works is risky. My recommendation and the path I will take is to use a VMWare Workstation image to build the product. I'll load whatever software and drivers that are necessary to build the product
  13. I experimented with LabVIEW's OPC client capabilities with LabVIEW 7.1 using datasockets. My first concern was LabVIEW's recommendation to use the 6.x VIs for OPC client applications. I also had trouble with reliable communications without a 2 second delay between operations. I wasn't performing the operations very efficiently and pondered the thought of spending a 2+ weeks rewriting and enhancing my code. Instead, I tried out OPCWare and had a nice solution in under 4 hours. I purchased the software that afternoon and never looked back. The OPCWare product has a nice COM runtime interfa
  14. I went with opcware.com as well. I didn't and still don't have the time to spend weeks tweaking a custom built OPC client solution. With OPCWare, I was productive in under a day.
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