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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I'm developing an application to play "Battleship" with another opponent through serial communication. I currently have the following difficulty: I have not been able to fill the Array with my opponent's ships, I can modify a position, but by changing the position, the result of the previous position returns to its original value. VI operation: For my turn, using the radio buttons, I select the coordinate and press the SEND button. My opponent answers me with a 1 if I hit or with a 0 if I failed, this data is what I couldn't keep in the array. Best regards, 3Q.vi
  2. I'm running a queue controlled multi-loop many master/many slave data parser (among other features), and gosh darn it if it isn't mostly working! However, one issue that I'm running into is an extremely un-reproducible error in the serial data read/write loop out to a USB Telegesis module. I can't seem to replicate it, and when it happens, it may happen a few times in a row, but usually upon a software reset, disappears again. This software will be running for a significant period of time without user intervention, so I can't afford to have this happen when someone's not around to fix it. Any ideas? The Error: -1073807360,Property Node (arg 1) in ...(my top level vi).vi The Code: Thanks for the help!
  3. lbaute

    Serial By Events

    From the album: Code

    Serial comm using events

    © lbaut

  4. Hello. I have a mesytec mscf-16 module and i want to control it using labview via usb. Using hyperterminal i can communicate with the module and send commands so the ftdi driver works fine. The problem is that i can't control the module using labiview. Using ni-max test panel if i send idn? command i receive idn? as response and the same happens with every other string. Any information on this subject is appreciated since i am new in programming and i don;t know my way around labview. Thx
  5. I'm using a cRIO with multiple NI modules and an S.E.A Gxxx 3G Module installed in Slot 1. For all NI modules I can programmatically read its corresponding serial number using a property node on the FPGA. However, this is not the case for the Gxxx 3G module, as no properties appear for this module. The frustrating thing is that in order to access this module from the real-time code, the module's serial number is required. For a single cRIO unit this would be acceptable, however I'll be deploying many many more than just a few and I really want to avoid manual inputs for obvious reasons. Can anyone please help me? Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, My last question before going to enjoy the weekend. How can I put a break on the serial bus which is long exactely 1ms? I tryed to use the set break function but it make a break which isn't less than 2ms. Actualy I wish that NI will give us the possibility to have a control of the micro seconds but, at the moment, such as everybody knows, it isn't possible! Bye.
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