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  1. I take images to inspect defects in bottle.Camera are not synchronized and each camera has independent task.There is no message exhchage between computers.Images not require to stream to disk
  2. Gige camera .... Don't see it from user point of view . Which system combination gives best performance ?
  3. I have a LabVIEW based application for Vision inspection system. My application consist of acquisition from 6 cameras. My question is which solution is good 1. 6 Cameras connected to single PC1 or 2. 3 Cameras connected to PC1 and other 3 cameras connected to PC2 Brief explanation on your answer is appreciated
  4. Hi, I am Certified LabVIEW Developer and looking for LabVIEW based work/project. Feel free to contact me for your requirement.For me customer appreciation is first and money is secondary
  5. Great !!! I am able to get title of active window (Didn't try with client's scada app.).Is it possible to get title of background or hidden window ? Once popup window comes and I got title of window ,Can you tell me how to reach string field and enter report name and then press enter?I think it is possible using simulating keyboard. Thanks ...
  6. Our client having Scada based exe application (Non LabVIEW exe.).This application gives popup for saving pdf report file,So they need to write name of report every time.They don't have source code of this application.Now, they want to do automation in this. Whenever this application gives pop up for report name it should be automatically name by external labview application. How it is possible using ActiveX?How to create ActiveX object for this Scada based exe? or any other ways to do this things are most welcomes .
  7. CLD EXAM preperation guide ​ ​​
  8. piZviZ

    Visa Read

    In my project i have 2 task (1).Read data of sensor (attached to arduino board) serially and display on LabVIEW. (2).Control output(just ON-OFF) pins of arduino using LabVIEW. So,for that i am using TAB in labview.created 2 TAB called Oscillospe and Input. If i first start Oscilloscope it work well. But when i come to Oscilloscope tab after using Input tab. It gives Time out error (VISA read) If i am executing in Highlight mode it works well tab--event.vi
  9. I am publishing this vi using web server.So client can give path of file(using browser) that they want to put into server. I chnaged to server ip adress . Eventhough i am getting this error..
  10. I am able to put file on FTP server when i am using published vi(URL) on my computer .But when i am trying to put file into FTP server from other PC connected in same network .Its give error.. Untitled 1.vi
  11. I am using web publishing tool to publish VI where i have put one file dioulog button.I want to load one file from client and store it inot server.How it can be possible using FTP?I dont know how to setup FTP protocol in labview ?
  12. I have developed VI using data socket for 2 PC communication.It runs fine if both VI are on same PC .But not run when both VI are in different PC.. Look at my attached VI and data socket server manager setting... Defaulreader = everyhost Defaultwriters =everyhost creators =everyhost Untitled 1.vi Untitled 2.vi
  13. Look at attach image i am able to load program into Avr controller using labview.Now i am trying to load program over internet remotely .Now when i am trying to load program over internet i am giving path into LOAD HEX button.But this path is consider as server path.. How i can transfer HEX file from client side to server side from browser.. I am using webserver. I heard that data socket protocol is used to transfer data.But how to use it in webserver??
  14. I am using Atmega8 microcontroller.And i want to program it from Labview(Load Hex file). I want to use RS232 protocol to load program into microcontroller. I heard that it is required to have bootloader program in controller for doing this thing..
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