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Found 8 results

  1. Can somebody try and help me program this process I want to make in the most simplest way you can (Kinda like with event structures) please. I need it before the 18th of September. Avance 3 (1).vi
  2. So, according to this NI document http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361L-01/lvhowto/linking_vis_to_help_files/ It should be possible to link a .chm file into your executable so that a user can choose Help > Help for This VI. Well, I followed the advice, and no dice. Here is my LV2017-64bit attempt. In the development environment, it works fine, but in the executable Help for This VI is grayed out. The .chm file is a poor excuse, and unrelated to this VI, but never mind that, it's not the problem here. LV17helpEx.chm html_help_VI.vi test_help_html.aliases test_help_html.lvlps test_help_html.lvproj
  3. Hi all, We are a group of students from the University of Cambridge who are developing a new data connectivity system for researchers like us, its up at https://rinocloud.com It currently integrates with LabVIEW, Matlab and Python. The plugin will point your data directly at our secure storage where you can automatically add metadata results for easy and fast retrieval. We’re also rolling out plotting features for presenting the data, collaboration features for project teams and an integrated lab book. We are looking for new users, researchers like us, to help us to get feedback from our product. You’ll be able to directly influence the product development so that you get a data system that is useful for you. Know more at https://rinocloud.com https://twitter.com/Rinocloud Thanks, Helena
  4. Hi I have designed an application for my graduation project,now i need to built it but i don't have the key for that !! If any one have the application builder key,and he want to help me i will send him my (.VI) file,he build it and then he send me th (.exe) file I don't know if such demand is possible but i really need ur help !! So please help me thx
  5. We are looking to distribute our code. I was wondering if people had suggestions on the best ways to generated compiled help files (chm) for a VI library. I know there are some instructions in the LV help but thought there might be an "all-in-one" tool out there or some handy hints from people that have been doing this already. Thanks for you suggestions. John
  6. I'd appreciate anyone who could give me some pointers as to how to make this (attached) VI better. I'm new to LabVIEW. Any tips or comments would be great. Please keep in mind, This does EVERYTHING it's supposed to do, and I'm quite happy with this. All I'm looking to do is make it more efficient/cleaner/better if possible. However, if there is some function I can add that will do that, I'm happy to make some changes! The purpose of the VI is to recognize notes played by my guitar and display which note is being played via Boolean. Each note has a certain range of frequencies for each octave, which I have programmed into the case structure which can be seen. The values cover a total of 8 or 9 different octaves. The only issue I've had since the beginning (and I don’t know how to fix) is that on my waveform chart, a frequency averaging around 100 Hz is being plotted, even if nothing is plugged in. It isn’t that big of a deal, but if this was going to a customer, for them I’m sure it would be. Clearly, this is going to be a tad difficult to test yourself. In order to connect my guitar, I used this cord: https://www.google.com/shopping/product/2590944652720646368?hl=en&sugexp=les;&gs_rn=1&gs_ri=serp&tok=DuO5-FOT3EN7z5tMt31Gwg&pq=guitar+to+microphone+jack&cp=11&gs_id=1k&xhr=t&q=griffin+guitarconnect&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&oq=griffin+gui&gs_l=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&biw=1600&bih=775&tch=1&ech=15ψ=lT4JUZCzJvKw0QGX0YBY.1359560370418.1&sa=X&ei=uz4JUYvSAePV0gGZjICADQ&sqi=2&ved=0CKIBEMwD If there are questions, just post here. Thanks! Note Recognizer.zip
  7. I have been asked to implement some sort of online/integrated help system into my executable. I have not done anything like this before. (In the past I have just written word docs and published them on the internal network) I was wondering what the best practices were for doing this. A few ideas I had were: Building .chm files and then linking them to controls and menus in my application. (not sure exactly how to do this). Using tip strips to supply documentation. Using a pane on the window to display help messages when requested or when hovering over certain controls. Linking to a Wiki on the corporate network. I would prefer a solution that was mainly 'on demand' so advanced users would not be bothered by obtrusive help messages. Have you implemented built-in help? What worked best for you? Thanks for your ideas! -John
  8. Hi All! For a limited time, we’re clearing out our LabVIEW 8.5.1-based LabVIEW training. Sure, it doesn’t cover all the latest and greatest LabVIEW features, but the basics still apply, and you can learn a ton! It positively reeks of value! Try it now, before it’s gone. Visit LVMastery.com to sign up! We’re no longer updating our material, as we’re focusing on creating custom training material for companies like yours. Visit EnableEducation.com for more information about that. Thanks, Ben
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