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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am just trying using Scripting to put Property Node and Method Nodes for accessing a serial port in FPGA VI. I can get these Nodes, and I suppose the property list and method are correct - but I don't know how am I to specify the serial port for these Nodes - when I select the port manually for a Node, it becomes correct. I can get the Property Node with FPGA I/O terminals (till npow I did not try this with a Method Node), but I don't know what should I put into a constant that I will connect to FPGA I/O input terminal (when I added the constant manually there, I was unable to select a serial port from I/O items menu). I can also use the Scripting to find serial ports in the target where I am putting the edited VI (it has Type String "RIO Subresource", Name "Port1", and Item ID (non-0, while its Source ID contains 0-s only). I am creating these Nodes using EIOPlaceDownEIOPropertyNode.vi and EIOPlaceDownEIOMethodNode.vi; the State input contains item="Mod1\Port1", the name is shown in the Node header line, and it is the same after assigning the serial port manually, but the manual assignment is needed to get the port name recognized. Have anyone found what function and how can be used to specify a serial port for these Nodes? Thanks in advance for any hint, Jerzy Tarasiuk
  2. I'm trying to accomplish a trivial task in an XControl: set the (Numeric) value using a method. Specifically, the method needs to increment the data value by a specific amount, and trigger a Value Change event accordingly. How do I get access to the 'value' property of the XControl from within the XControl library itself? Thank you kindly.
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