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Found 3 results

  1. I have a CSV with data like: Name Addr Number Paul 13 235 Sarah 1 15 I need the fastest possible way to get the Addr/Number pair which matches the searched name (exact match, occurs only once). The whole search will be called lots of times from a teststand - this is why I need to have it fast. The simplest is to load the csv into array once than do a loop with string compare (fastest in this case probably being the string subset). Is there any faster way for achieving this without hardcoding the name,addr/number pairs into a switch/case?
  2. I'm trying to create a better user interface for my tree navigation. The tree will ultimately have hundreds of items within it and I'm adding a search bar (simple string control). I'm looking for someway to problematically hide all of branches that don't contain the search query but I can't find any methods or properties that can do this. Any ideas?
  3. A script that I wrote runs recursively over all the vis in a project and searches a string in the label/description etc. It works just fine but the script opens each vi while accessing its reference and thus running over >1000 big vis takes ages. However, the built in find option in LV searches text in an application and it only takes seconds thus I guess it searches the serialized vis and somehow knows how to highlight the relevant control. Besides looking at the flattened code from time to time I never tried anything like that. Is the search function open source and I just need to find it or is it a LV secret?
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