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Found broken download links

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I found out that links in LAVA 1.0 content which pointed to another threads in LAVA now point to completly other threads, totally wthout sense. This is because links were coded as topics numbers and that numbers are different for new forum. Maybe it would be possible to automatically parse the old content in order to generate a list of posts with links to other threads and send this posts (as links to new forum) to their authors. Then the authors would correct the links (if they remember what they meant).

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Guys: Admins don't follow every post in every thread, so if you find issues with a thread or post, use the "Report to Moderator" button *on that post*. Then all the admins with get a PM with a link to the actual issue. I suggest that you go back to the posts that have the issues and use the buttons there so we can track them.

I'm going to close this thread to new posts.

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