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  1. You have dug really deep for this rusty thread Well, for me it's still working, but I have no access to modern LV version and I'm stick to 2009. Maybe some of the nodes are obsolete now. Have you modified anything? Show your code.
  2. Sorry, I'm not very often here for last few years. Even less on the dark side...
  3. Wow, I'm surprised anyone here remembers this rusty tool Yes, it should do the job. It is available here: http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/pl/nid/209830 Check out clock.vi example
  4. Sorry to miss your post, I'm not very often here recently. In my opinion the chain swings like it should. What could mislead you: You modified anchor position offset, so chain won't swing in YZ plane if this is what you expected. This chain is connected with ball joints. Due to cummulating numerical errors the chain may go off the plane after some time (however I'm not observing such behavior). To avoid it use hinge joint if your goal is to have bicycle-like chain. Proportions of the chain in 3D picture will be different (and more natural) than in 2D Graph, because apparently I left non-uniform scales there for x and y axes. The mesh reference becomes invalid once assigned to the object. Instead you should get the object's drawable reference and use "To More Specific Class" primitive to be able to use SetMeshParams method again (picture attached). You may use "Find Object" block to find an object by name and then get its Drawable property.
  5. For the record - my reply to the same question I received via PM: Waptia works as generic optimization algorithm - you have to provide a function on a number of parameters and algorithm tries to find such set of parameters values for which the function value is the highest. So you'd have to describe any face with a set of variables and write a function in LabVIEW which evaluates how well given set of their values describe face in the given picture. Personally I doubt Waptia is the right direction for such application and even if it is, it's only one of many blocks needed.
  6. I've created such example some time ago: https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-13861 I think it is somehow related...
  7. From the vomiting point of view it was nothing when compared to: http://www.esa.int/spaceinimages/Images/2015/02/Polish_human_centrifuge which I was also riding in during this project. Fortunatelly I wasn't sick in both vehicles
  8. Hi guys, I haven't been here for a long time... I'd like to show you what I'm very proud of: http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Space_Engineering_Technology/Clean_Space/Want_to_snag_a_satellite_Try_a_net The guy in the left side of the cabin is me LabVIEW is of course extensively involved.
  9. I haven't invested too much time in that. All I got was 3ds model loaded into separate window and mouse controller. It was old .NET wrapper to VTK (http://vtkdotnet.sourceforge.net/ as I remember). Some time ago KitWare relased their wrappers called ActiViz as open source (http://www.vtk.org/Wiki/VTK/CSharp/ActiViz.NET). I also tried it but I got only a buch .Net exceptions (also during wiring). In both cases it was a painful process of converting simple C# examples to LV (long, long, looooong horizontal diagrams) test vtk activiz.vi test vtk.vi
  10. I can't turn anti-aliasing off. Everything is anti-aliased all the time and I'm just not seeing any influence of anti-aliasing property.
  11. Some time ago I performed some benchmarks of Formula Node and the conclusion was that the difference from native code is neglectable (until you don't use arrays in the node). But it was on single core machine. I think that difference you observe comes from execution parallelism.
  12. Isn't this what you are searching for? Beside it, there is http://ipbwi.com/products It is in PHP, but it may be usable to see how the things are done.
  13. As a citizen of country frequently considered as Eastern Europe (being in fact Central Europe), I can say that we very often use this format in handwriting, but I have never seen it in any application...
  14. well, judging by the language of this poster it is rather Śródziemie...
  15. Sorry Sparkfun, you won't get my $50...
  16. To be precise: 0 <= "Random Number (0-1)" < 1 So rounding towards -Inf is a valid approach
  17. But even then it is not a correct solution for choosing a random array element. At least when you want uniform distribution. Look at the histogram made for 20-element array and 1e6 choices: Make a conclusion yourself. BTW, who said it: When you think that something is simple, it means that you don't understand the problem ?
  18. Good catch, I'll try arrange palletes better soon
  19. Here you may find lvserial library for serial communication. I used it once in application with high performance requirements. Additional advantage is that you don't have to include NI-VISA installer...
  20. Try to install newest Visual C Redistributable. In my case crashes were appearing for File Dialog in the browser. I suppose that I installed something which had overwritten DLLs of this package with older versions. Installing whole the newest version of it helped.
  21. I see that you generate your texts letter by letter. I'm not sure if it solves your problem, but if you put a space after at the end of each text generated with "Draw Text at Point", clipping disappears. Complete walkaround could be that you calculate size of text without the space, but draw it with one.
  22. + customized splashscreen How good I'm not alone... Maybe JKI should think of something like meta-package? As collection (but not physical) of packages to be installed together. A set of customized collections for different needs (possibly with auto choosing newer versions of updated packages) would be much easier to create and maintain than "one big patch".
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