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Red Crosses in Palette

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That happens when the scope of the palette vis does not allow the active vi window to use them. If you open a vi that does have scope to use them, the x's will go away.

Thx Daklu

All the VIs in the palette are public VIs of a class that is wrapped inside a library and the class is public to the library.

Therefore any VI I choose should be able to access them, and when I drop them on the BD, they all work fine!


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Those Xs also appear when the library is licensed and you don't have the license installed. ... but if you can drop them successfully, then that obviously isn't the problem. No idea what it could be.

Ok, in the palette I just noticed that the Owning Library is pointing to the .lvclass file - to which the VI belongs - but the class is actually wrapped in a library (.lvlib).

Could this be an issue?

Is it a bug?

Also when I view the palette through Advanced>>Edit Palette Set there are no red crosses.

I will try scripting the palette with the new Mnu File API and setting the Owning Library to the .lvlib file and see what happens.

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