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Experience with "Separate Compiled Code From Source"? (LV 2010)

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Hi Mikael, I include all library files in my VI Server script as well, but I am insure as to what that option actually does. It seems the global settings (LabVIEW options or project options) override when a VI/ctl is added to a library (LV2012) making me think it is redundant or a bug. Do you know setting the library to separate compiled code does?


Would you be able to post this?  I'm about to write my own script to do the same thing.  The two provided on this thread don't handle projects, libraries, and classes.  I know there are good reasons to not touch this setting on a project, but currently our whole code base is intended to be source-only.  Somehow we keep finding more VIs with compiled code intact.


Did some brief searching and didn't find anything online more complete than what's here.

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