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Editing "Windows" VI's on a Mac


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Hi all,

I use LabView 8.6 on Windows PC's to run instruments in my lab. The .vi's I've written all use DAQmx (version 9.0 I think) to access the hardware.

What I would like to be able to do is edit these .vi's on my Mac, then upload the edited versions to the Windows computers to execute. Has anyone ever done this or know if its possible?

All I've tried to do so far is open my .vi's on the Mac, and of course I get DAQmx errors and missing files (.dll's mostly). I've installed DAQmx Base on the Mac, but I can't convert all my software to use DAQmx Base on the Windows side because there are some functions that aren't supported by Base (DAQmx Events for instance).

Is there a way to 'trick' my LabView on the Mac to think its in Windows and actually load all of the 'Windows only' .vi's? Or will my software be messed up anyways when going back to Windows to execute?

Thanks for the help!

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To my knowledge and as per this thread only DAQmx Base drivers only are supported on Mac.

Therefore, you will have errors/missing files if your Windows App includes calls to DAQmx as they are two different driver sets (as you stated).

The only workaround (term used lightly) would be to run LV in a VM (or bootcamp) on Mac.

However, I can't see why you couldn't edit the non-DAQmx code on Mac, then run your changes back on Windows, no need to trick it.

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You should still bae able to edit the code (all your DAQmx VIs will be missing, but that's okay) - then when you load your VIs on the windows PC it should find the missing DAQmx VIs again (you'll obviously need to re-save the VIs once they're back on te Windows PC).

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I have done it. You only have to make sure that the LabVIEW version is the same both in Windows and MAC, and as CRELF mentioned, once you open the VIs again in Windows, the DAQmx VIs will be found. The only problem is that you won't be able to run your VIs in the MAC at all.


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I doing the same thing im using a usb-6008 daq on my macbook but my teacher is using windows so when you config your daq you have to export or copy your mac DAQmx VIs to a file and do the same on windows VIs or make two VI one for mac and one for windows. Im new in labview i just have 8 weeks using it so thats what im doing and its working.

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