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CLA Summit wants YOU!

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Calling all CLA!

Head on over to the CLA Summit 2011 Page and give your comments please.

{EDITORS NOTE}:: It's in a private group so you must join first here

CLA Summit 2010 was a huge success and this years will be better yet.

Comments like "It was worth the airfare" which came from a CLA from Italy should convince you to not only attend but also shape the content and format.

So once again


See you all soon

Norm Kirchner

Sr RF Systems Engineer

National Instruments


CLA, CTA, CPI, Defrock'd LV Champion

General RF Nuisance

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Things like this make me wish I had maintained my cert.

You can recert for free at the summit.

What dollar value would you put on the experience?

Hmmm - good question. I guess I see the CLA summit + NI-Week = rounded NI experience. NI-Week is when we get to learn about all the cool stuff across the complete NI range, the CLA summit is a deep-dive that's actually about architectural concepts (go figure). So, if I had to put a dollar value on it, I'd make it the same as the cost to attend NI-Week.

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If NI can get the CLA summit scheduled close to NI Week, maybe the week before or after it would be just great. For guys like me its not possible to convince my boss a trip to the US two times a year.
Depending on your role in your company, you might consider prioritizing the CLA Summit over NI Week. If you're the sole rep for your company, then by all means, NI Week is the greater source of information and exposure, but if others from your company will be at NI Week and can attend sessions and report back to you, it might be worth letting them take it. The CLA Summit was highly educational last year, and I'm expecting similar this year.
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