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CLD recertification

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Anyone who is a CLD has taken the recertification exam?

Would you please shear your personal experience about the exam? How much is it different from the CLAD exam, besides format?

My certification is almost expired so it is time to take the recertification exam. However, I don't know how much preparations is needed. My work has deviated from Labview to C++ for the recent one year so I don't to what degree should I resharpen my Labview skills.

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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There's a recent conversation on NI's forum, here. I passed mine last year, but it had a bunch of questions on topics I've only read about in the forums so I'd say it will take a lot of preparation. It's got the same format as the CLAD.

Good luck.


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I sat for (and passed :cool:) my CLD recert back in March. The format is much like the CLAD exam but the questions can be quite broad. Some study is definitely in order if you haven't been LabVIEW programming lately. The best preparation you can do is to take the re-certification preparation exams. Those cover much of the material.

Good luck!


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