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Installing XControl in User.lib

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How are you supposed to add an xcontrol to your user.lib / LabVIEW IDE?

If you just copy the xctl file and its support files into user.lib the user.lib palette will get populated with the support VIs, but not the control? Should it not be possible to add an xcontrol to your library of controls just as easily as adding a standard control? In my mind the xctl file should contain everything and should show up as a control on your palette when dropped into the lib folder, but is there any such functionality today?

PS. There are many x-controls that could have been part of OpenG e.g. (like the IP address string control, the intellisense string control (I think I picked that one up here once, but it is gone now)...but perhaps its due to a lack of support that they have not become that commonplace in toolkits etc.?

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Unfortunatly NI is looking at XControls as second class citizens.

I filed a bug because LabVIEW is ignoring .xctl files in user.lib during auto-indexing of the palettes, but this was rejected.

My current work is:

-Move the XControl and all of the sub-vis into an hidden directory (starting with an underscore '_')

-Create a palette file next to the hidden directory that contains the actual XControl, and any other controls/VIs I want to expose

Move those to files/folders into user.lib

I posted anIdea on the Idea Exchange about this behaviour, that definitly needs more votes (currently 9 :nono:), where JGcode mentions that he got a CAR (236395 )


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Kudos just added to that idea.

Thanks Ton.

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