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Developing application for NI USB modules

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Did you check the manual? - DAQmx will definitely work.

The drivers are free and should be included with the device or can be downloaded from NI's website.

Hi jgcode,

When I first connect the device it shows..


Then if I press enter it opens a panel something like...


In my LV application I can see the device id.but I dont know how to proceed further..



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This is one of those places where using the DAQ Assistant (on the LabVIEW Function Palette) is sort of useful. If you drop the assistant on block diagram, it will guide you through creating a simple DaqMx VI using your new card. You can then convert the assistant to code and see what had to happen to open and talk to your card. A caveat: The DAQ Assistant (imho) does not make code that should be used in anything that remotely resembles production code. Just use it as a learning tool and then re-write the DaqMx code to fit your particular application.


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I don't have it right of front of me, but you 'should' be able to popup on the io constant and select which class i.e. DO.

Hi friends,

Everything is fine now- I just needed to install DAQmx 9.1.7 software that came along with the USB module. But Ia m sure I already had DAQmx on my machine.. I dont know what happend.. unsure.gif

Anyway it is working now.

Thank you for your comments and suggestions..!!!


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