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The latest task manager vip did not load on vipm 2013.  I have LV2013 and 2010 on my machine

This is generally because the package was built with VIPM 2014 which had new features not compatible with previous versions of VIPM.

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I had created a task manager a while ago to address precisely these issues. I'm attaching the LabVIEW 2009 code for it. Please feel free to take this as the starting point and expand it further. I'd a

I have created a plugin for the Task Manager that can be used from inside an executable, thanks to Michael and his guide to Plug-in Architecture using Packed Project Libraries. If you aren't familiar

Thanks for the replies, I am aware of how to obtain this information using VI server. I just find it odd this tool does not exist. Sounds like something I will have to develop and submit to the LAVA

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Ok I am going to update to vipm 2014...

Rats!...vipm 2014 update is freezing up at the 'Checking for a newer version' dialog

Maybe I need to manually uninstall vipm 2013 first?

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hooovahh is correct, this package was built using VIPM 2014, and thus requires VIPM 2014 to install it.


viSci: That VIPM error message is VERY POORLY worded and misleading!  Also, when I upgraded to VIPM 2014 I did not have to manually uninstall 2013 first, it all went smoothly.

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I agree with the error message.  But I found that if you go to File >> Open Package File(s) and select multiple packages, one or more of which is built with 2014, then choose to Add to Library, a error comes up explaining that it was built with 2014 which is incompatible.  Not sure why this error wasn't used in more places.

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No. I'm not working on LV myself at this point, so my traditional "let me just slip this small tweak in to help LAVA conversation" fixes aren't there this round. Instead I have to convince others to work on it. But there is good news... the plan -- and let me stress plan -- is to work on several debugging-related improvements for 2014, and I'm asking that some work be done to make this task manager work better. No promises, but I am making the request.

AQ: I've now read the release notes for LV2014 in full, but I see no mention of debugging-related improvements -- but then these are the extremely low-level type of changes that don't usually get a lot of publicity.  Can you please share any insights into if any improvements in the debugging domain actually took place?  I would love to leverage any, if they exist, into this tool.

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I did stress the word "plan". It didn't make it into 2014. Looks doubtful for 2015. :-(

If you look at the 2014 new feature list, you'll only see one big ticket item -- the port to 64-bit on Mac. That ate into the dev team. There's another big project that is eating developers, making this kind of work very hard to get prioritized.



but then these are the extremely low-level type of changes that don't usually get a lot of publicity.

They might not get publicity, but if they were in there, I would've gotten them into the Upgrade Notes. I'm sorry to disappoint, but I just don't have the wherewithal to do it myself and there just aren't many developers for me to "lean" on these days.

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This is a very old thread, but I am going to make this one last post here to direct anyone still monitoring this ancient discussion, to the actual support page for LabVIEW Task Manager.  It is relevant to do so now, because I don't want anyone to miss out on today's announcement that this tool will be featured in a NIWeek 2017 Technical Session!  Here is the announcement on the support page:  

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