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Use First Tag as Prefix Issue

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    • By HelenaDomo
      Hi all,

      We are a group of students from the University of Cambridge who are developing a new data connectivity system for researchers like us, its up at https://rinocloud.com

      It currently integrates with LabVIEW, Matlab and Python. The plugin will point your data directly at our secure storage where you can automatically add metadata results for easy and fast retrieval. We’re also rolling out plotting features for presenting the data, collaboration features for project teams and an integrated lab book.

      We are looking for new users, researchers like us, to help us to get feedback from our product.  You’ll be able to directly influence the product development so that you get a data system that is useful for you.

      Know more at https://rinocloud.com 
    • By Sadraque Viana
      Hi all,
      I wonder if anyone could review my CLD Sample Exams codes, giving me a few tips. I plan to take the CLD exam soon.
      Best regards,
      CLD1 ATM.zip
      CLD2 Boiler.zip
      CLD3 Car Wash.zip
      CLD4 Sprinkler.zip
    • By jgcode
      This is obviously an IPB thing - not sure if feedback is given by LAVA to Invision Power etc...
      But it would be good if you could either:
      Edit tags directly without having to delete the whole tag
      Not having to delete all tags to the right of a tag to edit that tag
      Separate the first tag into it's own textbox so it can be easily edited

      The reason being I have a use case where I update the first tag (which is displayed with the Topic Title in the list) as a topic changes (over time) and I have to deleted all tags to edit it, the reenter all other tags. Boo.
    • By jgcode
      I really like the idea of the auto-generated forum post from an article for some of the following reasons:
      It synchronizes an article's comments to the forum
      It makes the article more visible

      However, I do not like how it posts an entire copy of the article with missing images etc..
      Real article:

      Forum article:

      Is there a way to show a smaller snippet of the article or just a link to the article - just like theblog feature does?

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