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Shortcut Menu Utility VIs for OpenG?

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Combined with the Variant Configuration File VIs, you could persist an operator's preferences without a separate "configuration options" screen. :thumbup1:

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I am curious as to your application where you need a changeable menu at run-time?

Ah. I don’t use it to change the menu at run time. I use it to make adding/chnaging options very easy. If I needed a new option, say display the X scale in photon energy instead of wavelength, I would just drop a boolean in the Options cluster and name it “Display X axis as photon energy”, and go change the display update code to read that option. Job done. No need to manually configure a runtime shortcut menu, then write code to interpret the tags and set the appropriate state parameter in the shift register (with all the additional potential for bugs/misspelling). Also, if the Enums are type-defs, the menu will automatically adjust to changes in the type-def, without me having to manually update the runtime menu.

Basically, it avoids doing something (defining the options) twice, in the code and in the menu setup, and avoids the necessity of custom interface code between the two.

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