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creating user libraries

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Is creating user libraries as simple as saving all my vis in user.lib folder or there is something more involved in it. I would also like to save all my controls so like I pick the controls from Modern, Silver palletes, I have another pallete which contains all the controls I design. Please guide me in the right direction, appreciate being the member of lavag.

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Populating the user.lib palette is indeed as simple as saving into the user.lib directory. However, if by "creating a user library" you mean creating a distribution package for sharing your VIs with other people, then jgcode is right: VI Package Manager is your best tool for packaging and distributing a block of VIs... and, yes, there is a free version that does the basics that will probably suffice for you.

As for the controls in the palettes... Tools >> Advanced >> Edit Palette Set...

That will launch the palette editor. Create a new palette in the front panel palette (by right clicking) and then set it to sync a particular directory on disk. Any controls you save to that directory will be picked up the next time you restart LV.

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