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Mike Le

CLD Car Wash Solution for Review (LV8.0+)

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Attached is my solution to the Car Wash example.

I completed it in 4 hours, but found it much more challenging to finish in the time constraint than the Boiler.

This is my first attempt at solving with a producer/consumer architecture.

Any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated!

CLD Exam 3 - Car Wash - 80.zip

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The code looks good to me it functions as expected, good documentation and style.

My question is were you able to build this code in 4 hours?

If so then you are in a great position to pass the CLD

If not then you should probably practice coding quickly.

Of all the CLD test takers that I've talked to TIME is the thing that everyone wished they had more of.

Quick drop has been the best tool for me in increasing quickness.

I see that you code was written in 8.0 so if you want to use quick drop and don't have access to 2009 or later

then I would download the evaluation version and you will have 30 days to practice with it.

Also I don't think that putting FP images in your code adds any benefit as far a scoring is concerned.

Good luck and let us know how you did


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Hi Mark,

Yes, this code was completely done in 4 hours. I did not spend any time building the front panel, as the exam has recently changed to provide the front panel ahead of time.

I actually coded in 2011, but back-converted to 8.0 so more people could review. I just discovered Quick Drop and am still getting used to it, but will definitely practice more before the test! I've already noticed an increase in speed and I think it'll get faster as I get more familiar with the shortcuts.

I tossed the FP images in because I had a lot of spare time after finishing the code. It was the last thing I did, after correcting flags from VI Analyzer.

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I will take CLD in the next week, for the practice, I take CAR wash experiment and I have completed in 5 Hours.Can anyone give me any suggestions regarding this?


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