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reset the Serial Port enumerator

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Hi guys,

Every time I connect RS232/USB converter to my USB port, windows sets a new COM number to my device. Now this number became too high and, even though it shouldn't create problems, I would like to reset it and start again from COM2 and go on (the COM1 is the physical RS232 on board of my desktop). Do you know how can I reset this enumerator?

Thank you in advance.

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Thank you asbo for the links, I've already read them and I've done a tool that do exactly what it is described on that posts automatically. I think it can be useful for the other users of this group. My software is specific for FTDI converter but I think it can be adapted for any other type of converter easily.

Attached the zip with my code!


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I've made a new version of this software, the difference of this one from the previous is that I've introduced a recursive function to clean the FTDI registry keys instead of the step-by-step clean function which presume you have to know the number of indent keys inside the root key you have passed. I leaved both of the solutions on the project to let you to choose which solution is better for your usage. Switch from one solution to the other is easy, simply change the function FTDI - regKeyCleaner_recursively with the FTDI - regKeyCleaner_byStep.

The feed-backs are welcome.


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2 hours ago, Mustafa Acar said:


           Thank you, for project but I have a problem. When ı run your program. This error appear. 

"Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW:  Remote registry access denied."

Run the program as Administrator.

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3 minutes ago, Mustafa Acar said:

Actually, I want use in my VI . How can I do it ?

What is your issue?

Put COMPorts_EnumCleaner.vi onto your block diagram and you are ready to go.

In all cases you need Administrator privileges. If you want to run the code from within LabVIEW (by running the VI), you'll have to start LabVIEW as Administrator too.

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